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Name: Dawn
Location: Birmingham
Submitted: October 04, 2015 15:59:28
Comments: 2013 Edwin inducted into the Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame......2015 Andre Hatcher will collect this award.....presented to him by long time friend Bill Randle. Proud moment
Name: Dawn
Location: Birmingham
Submitted: October 04, 2015 11:06:49
Comments: Detroit , Michigan , 4 October 2015....The Rhythm & Blues Music Hall of Fame ceremony and being presented with his father's award from 2013 Is Andre Hatcher ......and presenting this to him is Bill Randle. So proud of them both
Name: Dov
Location: Surrey
Submitted: September 18, 2015 16:02:58
Comments: Hey Edwin long time now, thinking of you and of course miss playing the drums with you. I've never met a front man as brilliant as you, thank you for all those times together.
Name: Francisco Javier Facio
Location: Puebla, Puebla, México
Submitted: June 13, 2015 06:34:22
Comments: Edwin, un grande de la Música Disco....Nos dejaste un gran regalo con tu voz, y un gran vacío con tu partida, pero ahora estás cantándole al Señor....Descansa en Paz, y gracias por el legado tan hermoso que nos dejaste....Eres una estrella que brillará por siempre en el firmamento....
Name: john birch
Location: mansfield
Submitted: May 31, 2015 23:39:57
Comments: Thank you for the songs Edwin,was very nice to hear how you came to live over here and what a nice story that your brother was saying about you and the story of Motown x
Name: geoff martin
Location: Gloucester
Submitted: May 26, 2015 21:36:34
Comments: Met this great man at isle of Wight scooter rally,never forget the power of his voice and the passion he had for vespas n soul,r I.p to my legend :)
Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: April 02, 2015 11:26:22
Comments: Fond memories of you today. Twelve years since that sad day we lost you. Always remembered, never will forget you. Love mary xxx
Name: Freda Kevin Victoria Matthew K
Location: Birmingham
Submitted: April 02, 2015 09:51:12
Comments: Cannot believe it's 12 years. We all miss you and speak of you frequently. Hope your looking down on us and guiding us with all our other loved ones up in heaven. Fondest memories even in difficult situations. RIP. X X X X
Name: Barry & Ginny
Location: tamworth UK
Submitted: April 02, 2015 08:33:44
Comments: 12 years since you passed on and your star shines as bright as ever
Name: Kendalls
Location: Birmingham
Submitted: January 21, 2015 23:42:05
Comments: Remembering you today as always, Happy 73rd Birthday wish your were still here to share the good times. Hope your rocking it up there, sure your watching over us all. RIP, much love Freda, Kevin, Victoria & Matthew xx
Name: Amanda greig
Location: London
Submitted: January 21, 2015 22:15:23
Comments: Happy birthday daddy/grandad Sending love from all of us xxx Came up to visit a while back, will come and see you soon. Love you xxx forever in my thoughts xxx
Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: January 21, 2015 08:40:04
Comments: Wishing birthday thoughts to a very very special person Love always Mary xxx
Name: Phil
Location: Great Yarmouth, UK
Submitted: January 16, 2015 21:08:11
Comments: I saw this man at my local, then, disco. He made the place and people dance and love the music. Proud and loved it. RIP. He showed that music is worldwide. I am proud to have seen him live, and also proud that although there are all genres of music that the UK is the centre of music. And he said on stage that he loved London and England, now the UK. But in my opinion soul and Mowtown was U.S made. RIP Edwin. Met you once and loved it.
Name: Adele Naylor
Location: Shipley
Submitted: December 17, 2014 17:26:11
Comments: I was honoured to meet n kiss the great man in the 80s n 90s i will forever keep the faith R I P SOUL BROTHER
Name: Marty
Location: Dublin
Submitted: November 28, 2014 13:08:14
Comments: Your songs continue to play a big part of my life. Thank you mate and RIP!!!
Name: Malcolm Chisholm
Location: NW England
Submitted: July 06, 2014 21:55:14
Comments: Edwin Starr's music played a big part in my teenage years, the 1960s. Thank you, Edwin, and RIP
Name: Siobhan Moore
Location: California, USA
Submitted: June 17, 2014 11:43:03
Comments: You are one of my personal favorite singers. I grew up listening to you on the radio. Today I purchased your songs '25' and 'War' on ITunes. Man, you had a wonderful voice! and I miss hearing it. Keep on groovin, keep on shining! Rock on! ;)
Name: Steve
Location: South Wales
Submitted: June 03, 2014 15:16:32
Comments: Super Starr came down to Wales on many occasions. Superb voice and a fantastic man. Edwin - you will always be special to so many people - we miss you greatly but you will always live on.
Name: sarah hemmings
Location: stoke on trent
Submitted: April 05, 2014 08:37:58
Comments: Hi hun sorry it's late been thinking about you a lot lately i remember you saying about my baby girl being 1 of your youngest fans back in the day well she's going to be 18 on tuesday & we are going to see angelo to round of a week of celebrateing her birthday, i know you will be looking down on her & celebrating up there among the starrs with all our other loved ones just wish you could of been here with us hun, we miss you loads & finding it harder to write this this year more than others. well keep partying hun love from us all xx
Name: Kendall
Location: Birmingham
Submitted: April 02, 2014 20:33:20
Comments: Remembering you today as always, 11years have gone by so fast, wish your were still here to share the good times. Hope your rocking it up there, sure your watching over us all. RIP, much love Freda, Kevin, Victoria & Matthew xx
Name: mary andrews
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: April 02, 2014 09:07:41
Comments: Thinking of you today Edwin with very fond memories of a very special person. Love Mary xxx
Location: Surrey
Submitted: February 16, 2014 00:37:39
Comments: Just watched an old top of the pops rerun & there you were, singing Happy Radio, from 1978 I think, 36 years ago & it sounded like yesterday, what struck me most is the likeness to Jaiden,your grandson, he has the look of you, another wonderful legacy, I wish you could have met him Edwin, you would be so very proud, as he will be of you, be always peaceful xx
Name: 718
Location: Nottingham
Submitted: January 21, 2014 14:25:42
Comments: In my thoughts more so today because it's your birthday. Think about the times we shared always. Happy Birthday with all my love x
Name: Amanda
Location: London
Submitted: January 21, 2014 10:30:29
Comments: Happy birthday daddy/ grandad Love you millions, keep shining. Love from Amanda, Jeffrey and Jaiden Starr Xxxxxx
Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: January 21, 2014 09:57:25
Comments: no card to send just special thoughts and memories of a very special friend. Love Mary xxx

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