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Please report any problems to Name: Rikki Rok
Location: United Kingdom
Submitted: Mon, 06 Jun 2011 19:50:37 GMT
Comments: Hey I just wanted to let you hear the remix I did of H.A.P.P.Y Radio a few years ago.--- soundcloud.com/rikki-rok/rikkirok-feat-chiara-h-a-p-p-y ---Unfortunately nothing happened with it so far but there is still hope :-) I hope you are all well xx

Name: JJ
Location: pokerknave.com
Submitted: Mon, 09 May 2011 17:33:41 GMT
Comments: I looked after you when you played Walsall 5th Night club back in the day you were brilliant and a true gentleman. RIP

Name: martin
Location: wales
Submitted: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 09:03:30 GMT
Comments: we still think of you as our number one starr luv always fletch lyn russ and liz xxxx

Name: frank and diane byrne
Location: manchester.
Submitted: Tue, 05 Apr 2011 11:49:14 GMT
Comments: well it 9 long years without our dear friend edwin we miss you so much everyday. make em have it up there in soul heaven.goodnight and godbless you.

Name: Fay L Jones
Location: Oldham
Submitted: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 22:57:21 GMT
Comments: Edwin your always in my thoughts miss you so very very much cant believe how time fly's by so quickly seems like only yesterday you where here laughing and joking with us. Love you always Edwin

Name: Barry & Ginny
Location: Tamworth
Submitted: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 16:37:22 GMT
Comments: Never far from our thoughts.

Name: mark collins
Location: isle of mann
Submitted: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 11:18:28 GMT
Comments: what a nice man lots of good times he was all ways a happy man just like his sounds sad he is goon but still in my heart

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 08:56:28 GMT
Comments: remembering you with great affection you left a void nobody can ever fill such great times. miss you. Love Mary xxx

Name: sarah hemmings was darby
Location: stoke on trent
Submitted: Sat, 02 Apr 2011 02:03:24 GMT
Comments: still can't believe it's 8 yrs hun we still miss u lds i miss hearing u sing & the hugs when i got chance see u u alway's made time 4 my family hun keep the faith up there & i promice 2 keep it here going play your cd later & dance like never before rip edwin luv u lds xxx

Name: clyde
Location: third rock from the sun
Submitted: Fri, 28 Jan 2011 00:58:57 GMT
Comments: thank you EDWIN. guess most never understood WAR!!

Name: Fay L Jones
Location: GB
Submitted: Sun, 23 Jan 2011 00:28:14 GMT
Comments: I Wish I could send a card to heaven to show that I still care. Your never far from my thoughts and always in my prayers Happy Birthday Edwin Love n Miss you more today than yesterday but not half as much as tomorrow. Fay x

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 10:42:19 GMT
Comments: Could not get on to this site yesterday tried loads of times. Yesterday would have been your birthday just wanted to say happy birthday to let you know thinking of you. Love Mary xxx

Name: adder
Location: carlisle england
Submitted: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 19:18:26 GMT
Comments: great singer a proper gentleman seen him perform at the gretna soul club in carlisle in 1970 my girlfriend hazel (rip) got his autograph for me on his promotions flyer still treasure it to this day will always love the soul music

Name: james moss
Location: sheffield
Submitted: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 00:37:50 GMT
Comments: Been into northern soul now for 34 years now since i was 13 and just want to say thank you for enriching the life of an ordinary guy with your music.My personal favourite song of yours was always s.o.s but just discovered i have faith in you and cant stop playing it. You seemed like a real gentleman RIP

Name: george day
Location: west hampstead london
Submitted: Sun, 10 Oct 2010 14:11:48 GMT
Comments: still think about the good times we had in spain and our meetings for the chinese meals in town. god bless george

Name: daryl knott
Location: flint mi
Submitted: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 12:11:45 GMT
Comments: What a stroong` soilder And a wonderful Man.Who always win his battle Hi`to bettie bubba angelo anette patty from Daryl knott.

Name: daryl knott
Location: flint mi
Submitted: Sun, 12 Sep 2010 12:11:41 GMT
Comments: What a stroong` soilder And a wonderful Man.Who always win his battle Hi`to bettie bubba angelo anette patty from Daryl knott.

Name: Rick McAfee
Location: san Diego
Submitted: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 00:40:36 GMT
Comments: What a fabulous format to keep such a select group of friends and musicians in touch. I'm requesting all of the members of Starrchild to forward contact info to me. We are a small group that have a great heritage not only with Lilian & Edwin, but also with Sly and others. Michael Willars is battling cancer and it would be good if we could unite at this difficult time. I'm finishing the construction of a new studio in San Diego, and it would be good to record some tracks with Michael, Jimmy, D.A., Kevin, Efren, Luke, Bob, Glennis & Rick while we can. Call if you can 619-249-8784 or e-mail mcafeeplace@hotmail.com

Name: Joy & Carole
Location: United Kingdom
Submitted: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 11:04:55 GMT
Comments: WOW what a great show last night in Truro Cornwall it transported us back in time we felt 16 again. Whilst missing Edwin thanks go out to his brother who was fantastic. Edwin was definatley there in spirit & how proud of his brother hr must be. Dont leave it too long before returning miss you already

Name: Richard Parkin
Location: Burton on Trent England
Submitted: Wed, 30 Jun 2010 18:40:32 GMT
Comments: Etched in my mind is the time I had the great pleaseure of meeting Mr. Edwin Starr. I was attending a car related open day when a Green Bentley swung in to the Car Park. I was holding a cup of Coffee then I heared the words `Hey man where's my coffee?` his words booming across the Car Park and a great smile on his face. He was promptly provided with his cup of coffee and we were rewarded with a chat with the great man. I was honoured to meet the man who I had seen perform so well on stage. A true Starr.

Name: sarah darby
Location: stoke on trent
Submitted: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 12:56:23 GMT
Comments: Another yr has gone by & we still miss u so much you became a friend over the time & were so sweet 2 my daughter who was only 5 when she 1st saw u play live we still play your music in our home all the time & not a day goes by we don't think of u & i can't go around the house without seeing u because there is a pic of u every where keep the faith up there hun & we will keep it down here & we hope u r keeping our other loved 1's that we have losted entertained our love we send 2 u every day sarah xxx

Name: Mark D
Location: New York
Submitted: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 05:26:31 GMT
Comments: When I hear this song it stirs up much emotion in me Edwin Star put his heart and soul into those words turning lyrics into stone cold reality. I applaud this man for giving us such a powerful dose of common sense War kills and does nothing else. Thank you Mr. Star and may you rest in peace our brother.

Name: Tib Fodor
Location: Redcar UK
Submitted: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 17:06:56 GMT
Comments: I had the amazing good fortune to sit behind Edwin Starr at a Bill Withers concert in Newcastle many years ago it was heaven hearing both voices as Edwin sang along. I also met Edwin Starr at the Arc in Stocton on Tees and he happily posed for photo's and signed my Edwin Starr record collection after the show.Saw him at Wigan Casino many years ago too. He was a fans man and I'm sure everyone who ever saw or met him will have nothing but the most respect and fond memories of a taleneted much missed perfomer and gentlemen. A legend in every sense of the word.

Name: The Kendalls
Location: Birmingham
Submitted: Mon, 12 Apr 2010 20:19:45 GMT
Comments: Edwin gone but not forgoten!! It only seems like yesterday we were all together playing yet it has been 7 years. We keep on keeping the faith with the lessons you taught us and carry on the legacy. I know you will be rocking it up there. RIP love the Kendalls (The Team)

Name: Barry
Location: Tamworth
Submitted: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 15:22:07 GMT
Comments: Best thoughts always Barry Ginny Rob

Name: David Anderson
Location: Watford
Submitted: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 15:05:11 GMT
Comments: I will always remember Edwin with the highest respect I met him at a roadshow when he showed some interest in one of my songs a song that an artist I was manageing was singing we arranged to meet at Edwins house and then hi managers house and blew me away when he sang accapella my songs in a way Ive never heard them sung before a pure genius the plan was for me to write and supply songs for Edwins new recording deal and album then sadly we lost a real star RIP Edwin you will always be an inspiration to me and a real gentleman very sadly missed. Dave

Name: Fletch
Location: Wales
Submitted: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 12:54:37 GMT
Comments: Another year gone so quickly cant believe its now seven years since we heard that fab voice we played your songs last night at midnight to remember the one and only Edwin we well never forget Edwin the singer or Edwin the Man God Bless Fletch Lyn Russ and Liz xxxx

Name: Fay L Jones
Location: Oldham
Submitted: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 11:26:46 GMT
Comments: Can hardly believe thats it is seven years today since you left us seems like only yesterday. You are always in my thoughts and prayers and precious memories are held dear within my heart. never to be forgotten. Forever your friend Fay

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: Fri, 02 Apr 2010 09:31:39 GMT
Comments: THinking of you today such a sad day the day that you left us but you will always be remembered love Mary xxx

Name: frank byrne
Location: manchester
Submitted: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 22:33:35 GMT
Comments: well where all the years gone still thinking of you edwin hope you got them rocking up there. goodnight and godbless.frank and diane.

Name: Paul Barron
Location: Worksop
Submitted: Fri, 19 Mar 2010 22:22:38 GMT
Comments: As a Dj I was lucky to have worked with Edwin at least 6 times he was in my 30 years of working with Star PA's undoubtably the greatest male live performer I had ever seen his natural pleasure gained purely by singing to people who liked it (or normally loved) just oozed back from his heart up through his throat and into that microphone I have a DVD of Edwin working live at Zoots Leicester. start to finish maybe 30 minutes of pure Smiling Edwin Gold ! I hope if I can I will share it with you...I think Edwin would like that Regards to All God Bless you Edwin and THANK YOU Paul Barron

Name: Jeff Grover
Location: United Kingdom
Submitted: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 21:21:43 GMT
Comments: A big thankyou to Edwin for all the years of pleasure from the Twisted wheel in Manchester to the Scooter Rallys. God Bless You Edwin. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Name: Paul
Location: Spain
Submitted: Mon, 01 Mar 2010 12:28:58 GMT
Comments: Had the privalage of meeting Edwin on a number of occasions in my old town of Chester in England. Had the occasion to sing a duet with him in a club called Quaintways in Chester and I am also the proud owner of a CD he personaly signed for me. God bless you Edwin.

Name: al avallone
Location: california
Submitted: Fri, 19 Feb 2010 04:01:38 GMT
Comments: Saw War video on Youtube live and his 1969 video. I wish I could have met him. I love motown and sing those songs at karaoke. He is truly missed but never to be forgotten. Died on birthday of Marvin Gaye.Have his single 25 miles.

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 17:50:31 GMT
Comments: Happy Birthday Edwin. Missing you as much as ever. Love Mary xxx

Name: Fay L Jones
Location: Oldham
Submitted: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 00:23:46 GMT
Comments: No card to send to you but a candle is lit a silent prayer spoken and blessings sent to heaven for my dearest friend. Edwin your always in my thoughts. Love and miss you more today than yesterday but not as much as I will tomorrow. Good nite God Bless Friend. x

Name: Hilary
Location: crewe
Submitted: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 21:34:33 GMT
Comments: he needed no gimmicks he was a pure perfomer saw him at Wembley Arena which was full to the rafters and he had everyone of the audience in his pocket. Once in Great yarmouth after a a long weekend of acts and very little sleep he did a performance on the sunday afternoon we were all exhausted and waiting to go home Edwin came on stage and within10 minutes he had everyone dancin on tables our exhaustion long forgotton we were just evigorated by his pure performance. A legend

Name: Tat2Mark
Location: Springfield MO USA
Submitted: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 05:01:09 GMT
Comments: I am a child of the sixties/seventies generation and grew up with his hit 'War'. Even now- almost 40 years later- the lyrics still ring so true. The world is a sadder place without the likes of Edwin Starr to remind us what really is important.

Name: amanda
Location: london
Submitted: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 13:36:31 GMT
Comments: Hi daddy i Just wanted to wish you a happy christmas it really is not the same without you. wish i could talk to you or tell you in person how much i love you. Not a day goes by when you are not in my thaugts. Forever in my heart.Lots of love hugs and kisses love amandaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: trevor phipps
Location: netherton england
Submitted: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 00:10:42 GMT
Comments: i saw edwin at old hill plaza 1n 1973 he was fantastic that night playing to full house.after he had finished i went backstage for his autograph for my girlfriend he was more than happy to sign when he dotted the i in edwin he used a star sign instead of a dot he also gave me his home address and said wait for a couple of months for me to get home and drop me a line what a man how many of the so called star would go out of there way today to do that i would go more than twenty five miles to see him if were only possible but i do not need to because i have my memory of the great man who was the (edwin star)

Name: bob leslie
Location: uk
Submitted: Mon, 19 Oct 2009 21:38:19 GMT
Comments: Quite simply on of the best attended many concerts and other nights and even got to sing on stage in Jersey - what a night!!!! The music and the man lives on.....

Name: Evgeniy
Location: Moscow Russia
Submitted: Thu, 24 Sep 2009 13:24:57 GMT
Comments: We need a license to Edwin Starr's `WAR` track for the movie trailer. Hello My name is Evgeniy and currently we are preparing a movie trailer for the Russian comedy and we really would like to use track `WAR` in our trailer Please let us know how we can do it legally. This is our company `shandesign ru` We are looking forward hearing back from you. Thank you in advance.

Name: Yvonne
Location: Leicestershire
Submitted: Wed, 09 Sep 2009 15:21:40 GMT
Comments: Met you once at a Motown weekend and went to several of your concerts. Just love your music and although you are no longer with us your music will live on forever.

Name: Will
Location: Ottawa
Submitted: Fri, 21 Aug 2009 20:22:56 GMT
Comments: loved his music.. it introduced me to soul.

Name: Daneil
Location: Smethwick
Submitted: Wed, 12 Aug 2009 22:41:29 GMT
Comments: Edwin was a friend of my dads and he came down and let me sit in his car I was 5 or 6. He was one of the best men that ever lived.

Name: Darrell
Location: Liverpool
Submitted: Mon, 03 Aug 2009 17:32:46 GMT
Comments: Just been listenning to Contact lost control of my feet for 3 minutes what an artist had the pleasure to see him perform at Sidmouth Folk week one of the best nights ever thanks Edwin forever a star.

Name: Dan
Location: Midlands
Submitted: Thu, 16 Jul 2009 18:07:14 GMT
Comments: Hey everyone does anyone know if Edwin ever recorded his version of Tracks Of My Tears or was it only ever a live number? Would really appreciate any help finding it if he did!! Thankyou!!

Name: Doug
Location: Norwich New York
Submitted: Thu, 02 Jul 2009 22:44:24 GMT
Comments: Just scored a Twenty Five Miles CD today. Wanted it forever. Wore two lps out. Listened to `If my heart could tell the story` and tears just flowed from my eyes. God he hits something in that one that kills me.Motown was never better.

Name: Chris Paine
Location: Norfolk
Submitted: Tue, 02 Jun 2009 20:32:29 GMT
Comments: I was lucky enough to know him and worked with him on two ocassions we met up in portsmouth sometime later and went for coffee. He was one of the finest and most likeable guys in the business (and man - we he and his band hit the stage christ- could they perform). He will be sorely missed. He had soul both on the inside and out. Glod bless him.

Name: miss jodie jordan
Location: polesworth uk
Submitted: Wed, 29 Apr 2009 21:55:58 GMT
Comments: what a wonderful man edwin was. i was in his girl band that he put together in 1998 he took us round the uk on radio and tv.there were 5 of us in his band we were 14 and still at school so it fazed out after a year unfortunatly. but edwin gave us a year of fun especially at the recording studios and oo tv we had a complete make over. so thankyou edwin! even tho we were from a small village in polesworth you made us feel huge and special and it was a once in a life time opportunity.rip love jodie jordan uk xx

Name: John
Location: New York
Submitted: Fri, 24 Apr 2009 17:34:25 GMT
Comments: Edwin Starr was a great man who made great music.

Name: Martin
Location: Wales
Submitted: Thu, 23 Apr 2009 08:47:47 GMT
Comments: another year has flashed by sorry we missed your anniversary but be sure we wont ever forget the nicest man in showbusiness every time we listen to music or talk about goodtimes you are mentioned with love and respect. Fletch Lyn Liz and Russ

Name: frank byrne
Location: blackley manchester.
Submitted: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 11:48:31 GMT
Comments: got married on the 7th march 2009 and it just a shame that edwin was not around to come and join us on the day. however we no he was there in sprit godbless you and make em havit up there in soul heaven. goodnight and godbless love frank and diane.

Name: Graham
Submitted: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 09:43:56 GMT
Comments: Although your gone the legacy of the great music you made plus the memorys of seeing you in concert will keep you forever in my heart and soul R.I.P. EDWIN.

Name: Paul Hamerton
Location: Southampton
Submitted: Sun, 05 Apr 2009 07:39:28 GMT
Comments: R.I.P Dear friend you are deeply missed at all of the music breaks that i go on. Luckily i still have your great music and the fantastic All the way live cd to keep me going. I never met a better Gentleman than you love to all your family and friends.

Name: sarah darby
Location: stoke - on - trent
Submitted: Sat, 04 Apr 2009 05:24:54 GMT
Comments: Hi hun well a nother year has passed & we still haven't been able to bring ourselves to go back to butlin's for the motown weekends as we use to do for our birthday treat & to see you but would love to go see the team just so we could remernace over the good times we had there with you & them my daughter was 6yrs old the first time she sat on your knee & had her pic taken with u & she is going to be 13 on the 8th of april & we have arranged a big party for her but all she wishes she could do for her birthday is see you again & her grandad who died 25 day's after you did but i told her aslong as we play some of your songs you will be there watching her all your family friends & fans miss you loads hun so keep singing up in heaven & if we listen close enough i'm sure we will hear you hun thank you for being such a gentle man every time we saw you & being so kind to my little girl you will alway's live on in our heart's & through your wonderfull music especialy where are the sounds which alway's smile & think the sound is you hun them are the sounds we love all our love alway's sarah & charlie xxx

Name: Chuckie
Location: The Team
Submitted: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 17:32:21 GMT
Comments: There hasnt been a day when ive not had you in my thoughts today more than most of course.Im blessed to have so many good and happy memories Edwin. You would have loved the album.For me you are all over it anyway as you taught us to do what we do!!.You are still so sorely missed. Love & Peace Chuckie

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 11:14:12 GMT
Comments: missing you so very much six years ago today the dreadfull news that you were no longer with us. You left a space nobody will ever fill. Missing you and remembering you always. love mary x

Name: Kendalls
Location: Kings Heath
Submitted: Thu, 02 Apr 2009 08:31:38 GMT
Comments: Edwin remembering you today and everyday with fondest love. Freda Kevin Victoria and Matthew xx

Name: J
Location: US
Submitted: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 06:19:40 GMT
Comments: God Bless You! May You Rest In Peace. Thank you for all of the wonderful heartfelt music you have brought to all of us in the world. You will never be forgotten! :)

Name: Owen Griffiths
Location: Pershore Worcestershire
Submitted: Mon, 16 Mar 2009 19:50:22 GMT
Comments: An absolute legend from I'm so into You and Jealous to Contact

Name: Mary Clark
Location: United Kingdom
Submitted: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 21:16:39 GMT
Comments: Does anyone remember Edwin Starr palying at an outdoor summer festival in Morecambe in 2002. I've been telling my 19 year old nephew whose a musician about it. He was there too but can't remember it. I'm beginning to doubt my memory now but I'm sure I'm right. Please someone help!!

Name: Joey
Location: Los Angeles
Submitted: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 04:06:22 GMT
Comments: This website rocks. Hello everyone. Are there any music download

Name: Elizabeth Curran
Location: London UK
Submitted: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 23:20:25 GMT
Comments: A very happy 67th birthday to you Edwin Starr. I was just remembering how incredible you were at a gig at the Camden Jazz Cafe back in October 2002 and decided to look on your website and here it is your birthday. Thank you for the joy of your music and your message. You will live on forever xxxxx

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 20:57:18 GMT
Comments: Happy birthday Edwin missing you Love Mary xxx

Name: amanda
Location: London
Submitted: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 15:47:50 GMT
Comments: Happy Birthday daddy today is your day and i hope wherever you are enjoying yourself. Yours will be the brightest starr in the sky tonight. Much love always amandaXXXXXXX

Name: Lilian
Location: Nottingham
Submitted: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 12:17:36 GMT
Comments: Happy Birthday Agent OO Soul your starr will keep burning forever from Lilian and the Team

Name: Kendall
Location: Birmingham
Submitted: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 09:11:50 GMT
Comments: Happy 67th Birthday Edwin gone but never forgotten with fondest thoughts and much love Kevin Freda Victoria & Matthew (The Team) xxxx

Name: mike
Location: texas
Submitted: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 21:00:17 GMT
Comments: edwin was and is an inspiration to me. i am 60 years old and still remember the 60's as if it were yesterday. war good God what is it good for absolutely nothin. REST IN PEACE MY BLACK BROTHER.

Name: Hayley
Location: California
Submitted: Thu, 01 Jan 2009 00:01:43 GMT
Comments: yeah.. some of you have seen him.. went back stage with him.. thats cool... but... whats even cooler... is he's my Grandpa... blood related... oh yeah.. beat that...

Name: Carole
Location: london
Submitted: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 00:57:53 GMT
Comments: Edwin you would be so very proud of your girl 21 strong beautiful and full of love.Thank you for giving me a treasure that fills my heart the look in her eyes is all you the smile is yours too. You are in her thoughts and the memories are close to her always she loves you is proud of you & always will be her very own star. I look at pictures and smile alton towers on the boating lake her gazing at you as a wee baby you holding her as if she would break remembering you together pulls at my heart in way nothing ever will or can memories to cherish. I am so sorry you did not get to share more of her she would have captured your heart as she has mine.Rest peacefully knowing she is safe I keep her near and watch over her.I thank you with my heart for giving her to me a truly wonderful legacy you were a star on the stage and in her you live on C XXX

Name: amanda
Location: london
Submitted: Thu, 09 Oct 2008 13:36:55 GMT
Comments: Hey dad only me as u no it was my 21st the other week and i so wished you could have been here to celebrate with me.cant believe i actually made it to 21!! I had a fantastic time i went out for a meal with mum and friends then had a big party u would have loved it. i miss u so much but u are always in my thaughts and in my heart.lots of love forever and ever amanda xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Name: frank byrne
Location: blackley manchester
Submitted: Wed, 08 Oct 2008 21:47:34 GMT
Comments: so many years passed but there not a sunday at the alliance in blackley when we dont play edwin.s songs if there a stage in heaven he will be on it loud and proud. goodnight and godbless . frank and diane.

Name: Simon Fennell
Location: Nuneaton
Submitted: Mon, 06 Oct 2008 17:46:35 GMT
Comments: Can't remember the year..probably late 80's. My neighbour Graham had a car for sale but no room on the drive for it so he asked if he could put in front of my home. At the time my mate Frank was staying whilst he got some accommodation sorted out. I arrived back from a days work and Frank says: You'll never guess who came to your door today to enquire about the Jag. Edwin Starr! It was great to know that he had knocked on my front door but always wish that I had been there to open it! God bless Edwin!

Name: Manfred
Location: Klagenfurt - Austria
Submitted: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 06:14:30 GMT
Comments: He was really a `STARR`

Name: Mohamed
Location: Walsall England
Submitted: Sun, 17 Aug 2008 01:48:51 GMT
Comments: I would like to say that he was a great singer and loved his song `War` and that his message should be heard all over the world. War is good for nothing

Name: Robin
Location: Belgium
Submitted: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 19:11:39 GMT
Comments: Thanks for the music

Name: Paula
Location: Thunderbay on.canada
Submitted: Mon, 07 Jul 2008 02:36:27 GMT
Comments: Edwin it was 1965 a long time ago but you were my world and I yours. We lost each other in the mid 70's but I have never forgoten. I found you again when they announced your passing on the news. Never knew you had moved to uk. Am glad you seem to have had a full life you deserved it. I miss you and wish I had found out your location before your demise. You were the most gentle and loving man I have ever met to this day. I will love you forever. Paula

Name: iain
Location: jamaica
Submitted: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 17:27:44 GMT
Comments: the man always had time for you you called out `edwin` he would stop he would listen he never rushed off like many so called celebrities william was a gent.i asked him once why he didn't do `if my heart could tell as story` `you are right man it's such a good tune`next night he sang that tune & thanked me on stage for returning him to it...now that's a compliment.i also loved thw way he would stop the band/backing tapes & then just do an accapella of s.o.s. or time or backstreet or whatever it was at the time just to prove to any doubters that the best singer ever to not sign to motown was in the house.i aslo asked about the early days in detroit & the taking over of ric-tic by motown.they(motown)did it just to get edwin as when they got the labels & the artists they were all dropped except edwin.he of course went on a hit worldwide with `war` not a favourite of mine but it is with many.these days i have my favourite two motown releases/re-issues in `soul master & 25 miles` and a good selection of vintage detroit vinyl & i can play one or more nightly & thank mama hatcher for giving the world her son edwin(william)starr the voice of detroit impersonated but never bettered...thanks edwin for your time & your soul

Name: di
Submitted: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 19:08:43 GMT
Comments: Thanks Mr. Starr!

Name: stevehunt
Location: manchester
Submitted: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 23:11:18 GMT
Comments: Thanks for the reply. Does anybody know where exactly in Nottingham Edwin lived? I would like to make a pilgrimage/tribute to the man and his last home.

Name: Barry
Location: Tamworth
Submitted: Fri, 13 Jun 2008 17:14:50 GMT
Comments: Re:Where did Edwin live. Edwin lived his last days in Nottingham prior to which he lived in Polesworth (Pooley Hall) Warwickshire for some years

Name: jared
Location: USA
Submitted: Tue, 10 Jun 2008 21:59:42 GMT
Comments: The song war was the best song ever written.I will always remember you.

Name: steve
Location: manchester
Submitted: Mon, 09 Jun 2008 18:32:44 GMT
Comments: Does anybody know if Edwin ever lived in the north? I know there was a memorial service at manchester cathedral and i thought he had lived in lancs but i've been told he lived in kidderminster or someone near birmingham. Can anyone help me? God Bless Edwin.

Name: paul carvell
Location: worcester
Submitted: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 10:43:42 GMT
Comments: Still remember all the times that we spent over the years.A true friend that was there even in the early hours.Dream Big or dont dream at all thats what you told me.love you man.Paul

Name: fletch
Location: wales
Submitted: Fri, 04 Apr 2008 14:13:54 GMT
Comments: Whenever we went to concerts we would say wouldnt it be great if the curtains went back and Edwin was there...we still say it and mean it you will always be remembered and I will playsome tunes and raise a glass to a great singer but more to the point a real gentleman God Bless Fletch Lyn Liz and Russ

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 20:45:18 GMT
Comments: They say time is a great healer but the pain today is as strong as ever. Miss you so much you left a space no one will ever fill. Love always. Mary xxx

Name: Steve Peak
Location: Blackpool
Submitted: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 20:12:47 GMT
Comments: 5 years can't believe it's so long and yet seems so short. Still ecthed in my mind are all the great times we enjoyed with the best live band backing the best live singer. We were there at Skegness right up to a week or so before the death of a true legend. No-one even comes close miss that huge smile miss chatting to you miss the concerts just a big big hole that can never be filled. Your still a very big part of my life even in death. Nice to see Bev has already added to the guestbook no doubt the rest of the Team will do likeso. Love you bigman!

Name: The Kendalls (Team)
Location: Kings Heath
Submitted: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 17:55:36 GMT
Comments: Cant believe its been 5 years now without you we are so grateful for those precious years we shared with you. You will never be forgotten because you are always around us and always in our thoughts memories last forever. With love Kevin Freda Victoria & Matthew xxxx

Name: Bev on sax
Location: UK
Submitted: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 10:10:29 GMT
Comments: Hey Boss although it has been 5 years since we all sat and laughed together your legacy is testament to someone so special and talented. I hear your voice and your music all around and your Team are still keeping on keeping the faith! xxx

Name: 718
Submitted: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 09:01:17 GMT
Comments: Who knew what sadness this day would bring 5 years ago. You are missed more with each and every passing day. Memories are a keepsake and keep you forever in my heart but there is always a wish that you were still here.

Name: Fay L Jones
Location: OLDHAM
Submitted: Wed, 02 Apr 2008 00:00:27 GMT
Comments: It ain't fair as you one of your song titles go. That you are not here with us today. I still remember as if it was only yesterday when we got the news you had passed away. But happy loving memories of a very special friend remain in my heart always and help ease that hurt away. God bless dear friend As I look at the night sky I know that the brightest Star in the sky is you. Love and Miss you. Fay L Jones

Name: sarah
Location: stoke - on - trent
Submitted: Thu, 27 Mar 2008 16:34:46 GMT
Comments: I carn't believe it's nearly 5 yrs since we lost edwin. he past away 8 day's before my birthday & 5 day's before my daughter charlie's. we use to go see him at butlins in skegness it was our birthday treat not been since he went.U are still loved & admired hun & your music will alway's live on through your fan's & loved one's. all our love goe's to you in heaven hun xxx

Name: Pat Williams
Submitted: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 05:55:23 GMT
Comments: Cool site.

Name: Colin Hurley
Location: Birmingham
Submitted: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 12:41:22 GMT
Comments: Edwin i remember when we met in Tamworth..i am proud to say i tuned your car (Austin 2200 if i remember correctly). Your music will be remembered by all.Your personality and Kindness was refreshing..Thank you. Colin

Name: Mike Brown
Location: East Yorkshire
Submitted: Wed, 06 Feb 2008 10:23:39 GMT
Comments: I first became aware of Edwin Starr asa teenager when watching the video to the 1989 dance track `Got To Keep On` by the Cookie Crew I remember watching thinking `who is this man dancing around all over the place!?` A short time later I began as a D.J in Ye Olde Corn Exchange a pub in Hull City Centre. I would be asked on a regular basis to play `Contact` & `H.A.P.P.Y Radio` it was that man again!! One Friday night a bloke who had been enjoying Edwin's music came up and asked me if I had any Northern Soul tunes by Edwin. I had a looked on a few Northern compilations and found `S.O.S Stop her on sight` which I though was a belter! Since then I've started collecting Motown & Northern Soul. Songs like `25 Miles` `Agent Double-O Soul` and `Headline News` are all stonkers! Even today I still play his tracks on the radio show that I do at any given opportunity and I can imagine that I will do so for many years to come. Edwin's music has been with me through my life and I'm sure his music will live on forever! Rest in peace Edwin.

Name: mary andrews
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 14:16:40 GMT
Comments: happy birthday edwin remembered today as always. Missed as much as ever. Love mary

Name: Fay L Jones
Location: Oldham
Submitted: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 00:53:25 GMT
Comments: Remembering Edwin as always today on what would have been his 66th Birthday. How times passes by you are missed more today than yesterday and always in my heart. Your Star is shinning brightest in the night sky watching over everyone. Whist you continue singing in the lords heavenly choir. God Bless. Your friend always. Fay

Name: dave addison(adder)
Location: carlisle
Submitted: Wed, 02 Jan 2008 15:13:36 GMT
Comments: 1979-1980 gretna soul dance hall carlisle what a performer!got his autograph signed to adder from edwin starr.a very very treasured momento.still dancing to his music at our gretna revival nights!magic!

Name: Dee
Location: West Bloomfield MI
Submitted: Sun, 16 Dec 2007 00:06:31 GMT
Comments: Starr's song WAR has even more meaning to me now as I see our country once again headed the wrong way. He was very talented and brought a lot of fun and energy to my growing up years.

Name: Jim Brent
Location: Dartmouth
Submitted: Mon, 03 Dec 2007 13:02:26 GMT
Comments: During the 70's I worked for The Kruger Organisation as a Tour Manager. I had the pleasure of touring with Marvin Gaye The Jacksons The Temptations Barry White and many others. Almost all the artistes I toured with were nice people and we had a lot of fun. However the fondest memories I have are the 3 tours I did with Edwin or `Edvin` as Lillian would call him. We had fun and became friends. Edwin was professional to the core. He has played the biggest gigs and blown them away. But my biggest memory of Edwin the man was in Preston Lancs in 77/78. We were staying at The Post House but were playing 5 nights at Baileys in Blackburn. On the bus going to the gig on a very wet and windy Tuesday evening my Anvil case fell over and caught Edwin's ankle. By the time we got to the gig it was like a balloon. To make matters worse there were 32 people in the venue. I suggested I tell the audience what has happened and we call the gig off. Not only did Edwin play the gig he did an encore. We went to hospital and his ankle was broken. Edwin wouldn't have a plaster cast and he played every date of the tour. For the rest of the tour he would tell people `ask my tour manager and remind him he broke my motherf....ing ankle!` Edwin was the hardest working most professional act I ever had the pleasure to work with. He was a caring and compassionate man and I will treasure his music and our friendship forever.

Location: CHESHIRE
Submitted: Fri, 19 Oct 2007 11:28:51 GMT

Name: Pete
Location: USA
Submitted: Thu, 20 Sep 2007 02:57:59 GMT
Comments: The most memorable performer I have seen...The real deal!! still look at the old polaroids..Wigan Casino maybe 1979/80??? Ouch I looked young!!

Name: Ron
Location: NH USA
Submitted: Tue, 18 Sep 2007 03:13:38 GMT
Comments: Wow... I can't believe Edwin Starr is dead. He died so young. Why do all the good people die so young and the horrible people leave for so long? It's just not right... What a loss. :( Edwin Starr you were a great singer. Thank you for the years of satisfaction from your music. It truly filled me and my friends with joy.

Name: Roni
Location: Bournemouth England
Submitted: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 21:01:31 GMT
Comments: I went in my youth to a club 18-30 reunion in Brighton England at which Edwin was featured. Unfortunately his rig was in a crash en route and he was on stage alone in a sweat shirt with a music tape. He lasted 5 minutes with the tape and stopped it. He asked us all to clap in rhythm and he did the whole show acopella with us as his instrument. It was the most electric involved and engaged show I have ever been privilidged to be a part of. The man was amazing a real trouper!

Name: cath
Location: Northern Egland
Submitted: Wed, 01 Aug 2007 19:11:37 GMT
Comments: I cut my Discodance club teeth in the early 80's with Contact and Happy Radio- I was priveledgd to see Edwin perform live twice in the year before he left us- here in northeast england in Stockton- met him got an autograph- what a wonderful gentle man !!I have just bought the 25 miles DVD and have been watching it tonite- so many wonderful memories !Thank you Edwin !

Name: SmileyRose
Location: UK
Submitted: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 11:31:27 GMT
Comments: I loved this guys disco songs. An old favourite of mine is Eye to Eye Contact. I can just picture me still having a boogy to this song at our local Saturday disco. :)

Name: johnsy
Location: plymouth england
Submitted: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 20:39:16 GMT

Name: sue may
Location: bewdley worcestershire
Submitted: Fri, 13 Jul 2007 02:47:54 GMT
Comments: So glad you are going on love especially to Steve(chuckie) hope you are happy. Love sue may aa xxxxxx now farming

Name: Clive Norris
Location: Sheffield
Submitted: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 22:48:40 GMT
Comments: Sad loss - top man

Name: sarah darby
Location: stoke - on -trent
Submitted: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 12:54:47 GMT
Comments: I carn't believe edwin has been gone 4 yrs. I can be in a night club or a pub & 1 of his songs is played i don't know if to get up & dance or cry but i know deep down he'd want me to dance. I spend part of my time in a wheel chair & every time i saw him he told me you can still clap your hands & stamp your feet so keep with the beat & he always came to me he never let me stand in the queue with the other fans i tried once & he told me off. that's what a loveing person he was. So no matter where you are if you carn't dance just tap your feet to the beat he'll hear you.

Name: George
Location: Brierley Hill West Midlands
Submitted: Wed, 06 Jun 2007 18:31:35 GMT
Comments: I was fortunate enough to perform on stage with this giant of a man and must say it was the highlight of my 20 year showbiz career. He will surely be missed by me.

Name: sid
Location: dorset
Submitted: Sun, 03 Jun 2007 17:18:21 GMT
Comments: seen the great man and the 20 odd peice band many a time at butlins and love and miss him but always wondered with a backing band that size it must of been a bugger when he sang in the bath. .. god bless yer mr starr .. or should that be sir

Name: Ian Sheppard
Location: Winsford Cheshire U.K.
Submitted: Wed, 16 May 2007 13:31:47 GMT
Comments: I had the privilage of meeting the man on 4 occasions. the first time was at Madisons night club in Nott'm when he asked for backing singers I was up on stage like a shot and had a brilliant experience. The second occasion was 3 years later when I saw him shopping in the CO OP in Tamworth I was working for the RAC and tried to persuade him to join but he was already a member.I saw him again 2 months later at the Palaise in Nott'm Another brilliant night unfortunately he didn't need backing singers this time.I Finally I got to have a good chat with him on Trowell services on the M1 when I did manage to sign one of his backing group up to the RAC and upgraded the great man to a new service we had called The Reflex. He always had time for everybody and is greatly missed by myself and other freinds I have spoken to .MISS YOU EDWIN agent double O soul

Name: joy
Location: staten island ny
Submitted: Wed, 09 May 2007 14:25:39 GMT
Comments: I remember being about 9 years old when 25 miles came out and thinking this guy has something special. War was an awesome song too! When Contact and HAPPY radio came out I was in the disco dancing up a storm. I always love Edwin Starr and still listen to his music today. He had an incredible voice and sound.

Name: Don
Location: Queens NY
Submitted: Tue, 01 May 2007 16:28:47 GMT
Comments: A much overlooked song now played at many single dances helping to bring people together. `HAPPY Radio` is a staple and fixture on the dance floor. `I Just Can't have You` is a soul-stirring ballad right up there with Philly soul classics. The touch of the electric-sitar and Edwin's soaring voice puts it over the top. Many blessings.

Name: Mike Goldsmith
Location: Maine
Submitted: Fri, 27 Apr 2007 15:13:57 GMT
Comments: Im doing a report on Edwin Starr i know he died in 2003 but I need some information please send me information.

Name: Craig Lowe
Location: Chesterfield England
Submitted: Thu, 26 Apr 2007 19:43:25 GMT
Comments: Edwin is sadly missed by me i am glad i was luck enough to have seen this guy perform live in the uk. and being a Northern Guy also glad he came onto and was a part of The Great Northern Soul scene in the uk. God Bless your soul Edwin and may your legacy long live on.

Name: mike
Location: Tennessee
Submitted: Wed, 25 Apr 2007 08:00:47 GMT
Comments: I have been a Edwin Starr fan since approximately 1967. Being a white boy growing up I did not feel the soul in music. Ive always loved Agent 00 Soul and Oh how Happy. But when 25 miles came out it made me realize how cool soul music was and I am now a soul music fan and kinds a soul music historian. Also I think maybe War and Stop the war now could be re released now. Those songs are timeless because of all the wars in the world always going on. Mr. Starr was years a head of his time with his music. I'm sorry he is no longer with us. God bless his Soul.

Name: dadgey
Location: Cannock England
Submitted: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 13:33:47 GMT
Comments: Me my eldest sister and my brother were probably some of the original fans of `The Master` in the mid to late 60's. He regularly called people on stage including my sister Pat at the Club Lafayette in Wolverhampton circa 1969. That was the first of many occasions she did that - I never had the nerve. It's hardly believable that Edwin was far more appreciated over here than he ever was in the States which is why he eventually made his home here not a million miles from where I live. I was working at a place called Market Deeping just outside Peterborough when I heard the bad news on the radio. I eventually had to explain to the guys I was working with why I was so subdued that day. Thankfully his music will live on forever and the favourite tracks in my collection are `My Weakness is You` `Back Street` `You've Got my Soul on Fire` and of course `25 Miles`. Nice to have met you Edwin. RIP.

Name: Steve Peak
Location: Blackpool Lancashire
Submitted: Thu, 12 Apr 2007 07:17:14 GMT
Comments: Just over 4years and hardly a day goes by without some thought of the Soulmaster. Really miss going up and down the country to Edwin and the Teams gigs. From Ayr to Bognor and Blackpool to Skegness [just a week or so before his untimely death]we would travel the length and breath of the country.He really was a one off always smiling always time for the fans consistently good performances whether it be in Bistro French to a 150 Colne Village Hall to 500 or 10000+ at the likes of MEN Arena. What a truly great all round guy was upset when Marvin Gaye died but stunned and shocked when Edwin passed away. Still hurts still get a bit upset when one of his records comes blaring out of the radio to me the saddest loss to soul lovers in the UK. Thanks Lilian for keeping him round here for so long so that we could enjoy the Legend that was and will always be Mr Agent00Soul Edwin Starr.

Name: Chuckie
Location: The Team
Submitted: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 18:00:23 GMT
Comments: 4yrs already Edwin - i have few words - where would i begin? People who know us guys in The Team also know how we feel. You are truly loved and missed..... Chuckie (Gtr - The Team)

Name: paul kari and little angelo
Location: worcester
Submitted: Thu, 05 Apr 2007 11:28:33 GMT
Comments: Still too hard to take in.All i can say is the same as i wisperd to you at your grave. Thank you.

Name: Barry and Ginny
Location: Tamworth
Submitted: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 19:10:49 GMT
Comments: Your starr is still shining bright. Best wishes your Webmaster

Name: The Kendalls
Location: Birmingham
Submitted: Tue, 03 Apr 2007 13:10:30 GMT
Comments: Hi Edwin Cant believe its been 4 years you are still missed loved and remembered everyday. Always with us - Kevin Freda Victoria & Matthew (The Team) Still keeping your music alive xxxxxxxx

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: Mon, 02 Apr 2007 17:26:56 GMT
Comments: rembering you on this sad day as always. Never to be forgotten. Love Mary xxx

Name: Blondebloke
Submitted: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 15:41:32 GMT
Comments: You are on my mind as I plan the journey to one of my fave gigs. Thank you for the music and the fun still goes on!xx

Name: Riddle
Submitted: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 13:37:28 GMT
Comments: R.I.P. Edwin i a lyrics of one his songs.. its called TIME.. thank you :)

Name: Paulette Ward
Location: New Orleans
Submitted: Fri, 02 Mar 2007 16:40:20 GMT
Comments: Thank you! `25 Miles` is one of my all-time `greatest hits`!! My husband is deceased now but I'll always remember how hard he laughed when `25 Miles` came on the radio one day and I was dancing and singing my way all around the house. He'd never seen that side of me. I owe it all to Edwin Starr. That's for lots of years of wonderful music!

Submitted: Tue, 27 Feb 2007 20:42:36 GMT
Comments: Edwin was a truly wonderful performer i had the honour of him inviting me on stage with him to sing 'War'at Butlins in Minehead just weeks before he sadly passed away. I had seen him many times perform with his fabulous band. You could see they all enjoyed their time on stage always getting the audience to sing along with them all. Edwin was A True star!!!! I have just returned from another fabulous Soul weekend at minehead but miss Edwin and his band. I hear the Team still perform they were amazing i hope that one day i get to see them at the next Soul weekend at Butlins Minehead. Say Hi to Patrick.. and thank you for giving me the opportunity to say these few words :)

Name: Olly
Location: Rugby Warwickshire UK.
Submitted: Sun, 11 Feb 2007 17:02:36 GMT
Comments: I just wanted to add that I had the honour of singing live on stage with Mr. Starr when he played at the Gas Street nightclub in Rugby. I'm not too sure of the date (I think it was late 90's ~ I still have the flyer somewhere) but I remember I was very fortunate to be at the very front of the stage in front of Edwin and being a DJ I knew his songs word for word. He heard me singing along to 'contact' and invited me up on stage saying hey you can sing come up and sing with me. All I can say is that it was a night I will never forget. Nobody believes me when I say I sang with Edwin Starr but I did and no one can take that away. I still play his music whenever I am DJing as a mark of respect. May his music live on forever!

Name: Jerry Wright
Location: Lincoln
Submitted: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 22:06:16 GMT
Comments: In 2000 I had the great pleasure of Sound Engineering Edwin and his band at Butlins Skegness. My boss said it was the best sound he'd ever heard the place was rocking. Only got to chat to Edwin for 2 minutes what a polite professional guy....God rest his soul Love to his family xx

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 21:50:28 GMT
Comments: tiday is your birthday but no card to send just a special thought of you as always. love mary xxx

Name: Amanda Greig
Location: London
Submitted: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 12:01:37 GMT
Comments: Happy Birthday Daddy God rest your soul.I miss you so much you are always in my heart. Love you forever amanda

Name: 718
Submitted: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 10:50:21 GMT
Comments: A birthday card I cannot send but as always on this day my thoughts turn to you.I am sure that the heavenly choir are singing Happy Birthday to you on this your special day. Missing you & wishing that you were still here with us.xxxx

Name: graeme mcmaster
Location: scotland
Submitted: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 23:43:51 GMT
Comments: my wife and myself went to see edwin a good few times he would always talk to all the fans and walk amoung them he would always let you take a photo of him with you at his side he realy loved all his fans he was so thankfull for the suport that we all gave him over the years in the uk the venue was always full and the dance floor jam packed and wow what a peformance he always put on full of flare love and pure showmanship god the hairs on my neck are staning on end as i think about them. thank you edwin and god bless

Name: Coney Island Chuck
Submitted: Sat, 20 Jan 2007 14:59:53 GMT
Comments: Edwin Starr--agent 00 soul is gone!! RIP

Name: John
Location: Houston Texas
Submitted: Wed, 10 Jan 2007 20:13:38 GMT
Comments: I grew up in the turbulent sixties and the radio stations were independent then not this clear channel stuff. And there were these brave jocks laying out Edwin's tracks and people were being moved by it I know I was. Even today I still love his War song. It was such a gutsy song of the day and then other strong songs followed. Thanks Edwin and the band - sometimes you touch people you don't even know...

Name: Julie Holub
Location: Fairbank Iowa
Submitted: Mon, 08 Jan 2007 02:56:22 GMT
Comments: Hello! I am visiting your web site because I recieved a article about finding the most popular song for your birthdate. My birthdate is September 3 1970 and your song War fit my birthdate. Very interesting being I have never heard of you before. If you are still performing Best of Luck to you in your singing career. ~Julie Holub

Name: sophie
Location: belper
Submitted: Fri, 22 Dec 2006 23:18:18 GMT
Comments: heya i miss u uncle edwin i miss the castle to lol.hope jean and lilian are ok hope 1 off them get back to me r.i.p uncle edwin love sophie (tinys daugter) love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxr.i.pxxx

Name: 718
Submitted: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 10:49:42 GMT
Comments: Its that time of year when your thoughts turn to friends and loved ones who are no longer with us so this is to say Miss You forvever in my heart and Christmas is not the same without you. X

Name: Dov
Location: The land of drums
Submitted: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 02:01:58 GMT
Comments: Still laying down the groove just the way you like it Edwin and I think of you everytime I do. Its just not the same without you though how could it be - you were THE MAN - and you still are in my heart and no-one can take away the confidence you gave me. I realise how fortunate I was to play with you. Miss you dearly... Dov

Name: 718
Location: UK
Submitted: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 20:30:56 GMT
Comments: Just read for the 1st time Edwin's PERSONAL LIKES and would have to disagree on his favourite car being a Lexus. He came to this make of car late on in his love of cars. His favourite always used to be a BENTLEY

Name: Jakki
Location: Worksop Notts
Submitted: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 13:02:47 GMT
Comments: I was fortunate to see Edwin 17/18 times. I met him on several occasions - he was a lovely pleasant friendly extremely talented man who cared deeply about his fans. I actually danced once on stage at his request when I could - I now have MS and dancing days well and truly over. I had 3 heroes. Edwin Starr Marvin Gaye and My dear dear Dad. Dad was buried on April 2nd - Marvin's birthday and the very day that EDWIN died. God bless them all.xxx

Name: craig strong
Location: Nottingham
Submitted: Sun, 15 Oct 2006 01:57:37 GMT
Comments: I had the pleasure of first meeting Edwin soooooo many years ago when he did a show at The Dungeon on Stanford st in Nottingham ( i had recently hitch hiked to London with a school mate and bought SOS on Polydor from a shop in Potters Bar) and was thrilled to meet him! Tonight whilst doing a set for Kev Roberts birthday doo at The regency rooms in Ilkeston i met his widow and former manager and took the oportunity to play some of Edwins classics including I have faith in you baby and Back Street it bought back some good memories! Thank you.

Name: Bev
Location: UK
Submitted: Sat, 07 Oct 2006 22:52:46 GMT
Comments: Whoops! always late as only you know! 3 years on now Edwin but you are very much as active as ever in the hearts and minds of all your guys. As the others have told you we are still keeping on keeping your faith xxx

Name: J
Location: CT
Submitted: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 12:55:47 GMT
Comments: We miss you Edwin!! RIP buddy.

Name: Ellen Wigglesworth
Location: in a Nouse
Submitted: Sat, 02 Sep 2006 23:59:50 GMT
Comments: i saw you in ziggys ages ago. member me?

Name: paul
Location: texas
Submitted: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 20:35:20 GMT
Comments: have looked everywhere for the music to `prince of pain` from the movie `blue juice`... does anyone have it or know where I can get it? it was in the movie only for a moment...

Name: Jan
Location: Washington USA
Submitted: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 15:02:33 GMT
Comments: Please please re-release War the time is right and we need the inspiration!!!!! I have loved your music for 30 years thank you.

Name: foxy
Location: tamworth
Submitted: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 17:14:35 GMT
Comments: Reading all these loving tributes to you has choked me up it's so sad you had to go. You are my soul hero and a legend in my lifetime I am so very proud to have met you. I will keep the faith and request your songs at every event I go too. Looking forward to seeing the Team in september with all his other fans and friends in tamworth. xxxx

Name: RikkiRok
Location: Norwich UK
Submitted: Mon, 07 Aug 2006 23:43:24 GMT
Comments: Hi everyone! I am currently doing a mega remix of HAPPY Radio that I would love to be able to promote in the clubs and send it out as a promo to radio stations etc everywhere. I just want to ask the fans if they think this would work. I have always loved happy radio since i was little and as shapeshifters are now using chic in their tracks - i wanted to use one of the most fantastic soul singers ever. At the moment i have a girl doing vocals - a fantastic souly singer who does it justice - although i would love to know if there is any chance of getting hold of the original acapella of edwins or this song? any help would be most helpful my website is www.rikkirok.co.uk - please feel free to listen to any of the songs on there i have remixed and created. - the streetplayer ones on there are my inspiration for doing this track. Thank you all in advance Rikki (` ) - please email back for more info.

Submitted: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 05:24:21 GMT

Name: alison
Location: BRADFORD
Submitted: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 15:34:43 GMT

Name: Natasha Bartlam
Location: polesworth
Submitted: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 08:40:59 GMT
Comments: rest in peace and god bless you Edwin.x

Name: 718
Location: UK ENGLAND
Submitted: Sat, 01 Jul 2006 21:48:47 GMT
Comments: 718 I still remember and will never forget.

Name: Darth Vader (Tomek)
Location: Poland
Submitted: Thu, 08 Jun 2006 11:54:29 GMT
Comments: Jeste¶ genialny!! `War` wymiata na wszystkie strony!! You were and are one of the best!! I love your song `War`!! Your lyrics are still important!! POZDROWNIENIA Z POLSKI

Name: jonny shortland
Location: Surrey UK
Submitted: Mon, 05 Jun 2006 21:40:27 GMT
Comments: Edwin. Saw you at Butlins a few years back now. I ached for days after the dancing. My wife and I will always love your stuff and look forward to seeing the Team soon. And then we can show our kids what real music is all about. How can a man with all that energy Rest surely not but in peace? Yes!(War? Hwohh!)God bless you Edwin

Name: frank and diane
Location: manchester
e-mail: dnwar5-at-aol.com
Submitted: Fri, 26 May 2006 20:36:32 GMT
Comments: it.s three years since you left us all to go up to soul heaven.there not one day goes by when we dont think about you. goodnight and godbless you edwin . frank and diane.

Name: Jack
Location: Poland
e-mail: xbitdesigns-at-gmail.com
Submitted: Sun, 21 May 2006 20:47:18 GMT
Comments: I'm only 18'y old but i really like Your music. Best wishes !

Name: mmm
Submitted: Mon, 15 May 2006 11:40:15 GMT
Comments: ok http://knife.cabspace.com/

Name: alec mcbride.
Location: Scunthorpe Nth lincs England
e-mail: alec.mcbride-at-btopenworld.com
Submitted: Wed, 26 Apr 2006 21:04:18 GMT
Comments: Always enjoyed your music and always will.

Name: Nerull
Submitted: Tue, 25 Apr 2006 19:31:50 GMT
Comments: Edwin was the best ever

Name: Lilian
Location: Nottingham
Submitted: Wed, 12 Apr 2006 12:45:05 GMT
Comments: Thank you Edwin. You are always on my mind. Because of you The Team (your band) is still going strong. And your songs will be with us all the time. Lilian

Name: StevO
Location: North Warwickshire
e-mail: sowenos-at-uk2.net
Submitted: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 23:53:27 GMT
Comments: I want everyone out there to know how awesome you make it feel to play those tunes and make that connection. The Man lives in us all. God Bless and yeah we know we're always gonna Keep The Faith. Special thanks to Poole for putting us there on the day of the third Anniversary. Love and Respect StevO

Name: H
Location: portsmouth- ish
Submitted: Sun, 09 Apr 2006 19:42:29 GMT
Comments: fantastic gig at the modrapheniacs scooter rally 1st April 06.It blew everyone away awesome very emotional too will see you again at the gosport festival you HAVE to do more scooter rallies I.o.w would be a good one Edwin will love it! god bless.

Name: Fletch Lyn Liz and Russ
Submitted: Mon, 03 Apr 2006 13:47:50 GMT
Comments: We raised a glass to Edwin yesterday listened to some old tracks and remembered all the good times he gave us.Looking forward to Tamworth in September.Respect Fletch

Name: Chuckie
Submitted: Sun, 02 Apr 2006 22:11:33 GMT
Comments: 3yrs Boss! I dont think there has been a day when ive not thought about you and the impact you had on me. i will continue to represent your name with the pride and respect you deserve on and off stage.Love Always...Chuckie (The Team)

Name: Kendall
Location: Birmingham
Submitted: Sun, 02 Apr 2006 20:56:47 GMT
Comments: Edwin its 3 years now since you left us how time slips by always in our thoughts still cant believe your not here missing you loads. Visited your place today for peaceful thought. Hope your keeping the faith up there! Kevin Freda Victoria & Matthew (The Team)

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
e-mail: mary_j_andrews-at-fsmail.net
Submitted: Sun, 02 Apr 2006 11:31:53 GMT
Comments: Today the 2nd. April another year since that very sad day that you left us. Missing you so much cannot believe even now that I will never be able to hear your voice again. Always in my thoughts. Mary xxx

Name: Fay L Jones
Location: Oldham
e-mail: fay.lj-at-ntlworld.com
Submitted: Sat, 01 Apr 2006 23:36:31 GMT
Comments: Here we are three years ago since the day the lord called you to his side time sure has passed us by it only feels like yesterday since we last spoke. The pain eases a little. How I wish you were still here with us We all miss your bright beaming smile and soft spoken words of wisdom. You were the best friend I could have ever had and I miss you so very much. God Bless. Fay Kenny Vicky and Ben

Name: John E.Downham
Location: Glasgow
e-mail: jedownham-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Fri, 24 Mar 2006 20:00:44 GMT
Comments: First met Edwin in Blackburn (Cavendish) in 1976(ish) with my next meeting in Glasgow some twenty years later. Such a nice genuine man. Last saw him perform in the Glasgow Concert Hall alongside Martha Reeves and Freda Payne in a mini-Motown revue. Edwin's rendition of Smokey's `The tracks of my tears` which was an awesome version moved me to tears. Although now three years on I felt I had to leave a message to add my own personal tribute to a man who has/had featured in my life both as man and boy. From my earliest recollections at the scout hall dance `Stop her on sight` the under-rated ballad `Stay with me` whilst with Bradley and beyond. Edwin thank-you.

Name: Craig Brittle
Location: Melbourne Australia
Submitted: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 10:40:36 GMT
Comments: I met Edwin on many occasions when I was running a Rolls Royce dealership in Solihull Birmingham in the UK. I remember Edwin bringing in his brown Corniche fixed head and also his German Bitter. I had numerous lengthy chats with him and remember when he lost a fair amount of weight in the late 80s early nineties only to look fit and healthy. I am sad about hearing of his death as I always found him to be an absolute gentleman and he was always happy to spend time to chat about life and things in general. My condolences go out to his family. Craig Brittle Melbourne Australia

Name: Andy Wilson
Location: Sheffield
Submitted: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 00:58:59 GMT
Comments: The mark of the man was shown in one performance at Wigan. He had all but completed his set delivered in his usual full on style... then he stopped said something about the PA not working down one side - it probably wasn't working at all but how would we have known? His voice filled the place with or without a PA. So what did Edwin do? Ask if we wanted him to do it again... as if he needed to ask! And it seemed as if `we` needed to ask - he was in his element a packed house at his feet hanging on every word clapping on time - it was hard to tell who was getting the most pleasure but that's how it is when performer and audiance are at one. Top man sad loss. Respect

Name: david holmes
Location: The Royal Forest of Dean
e-mail: david4poetry-at-msn.com
Submitted: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 12:30:28 GMT
Comments: Edwin's Music lives on and that ensures he will always be in our hearts

Name: Andrew McFarlane
Location: Parbold
e-mail: andymac-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 23:15:56 GMT
Comments: Just a quck one. Can anyone conform that Edwin enjoyed doing Wigan Casino dates because of Wigans Pie Cafes where platters of wigans Famous Pooles Pies abounded in the 70's at very reasonable prices ? The only evidence I have so far to support this rumour is that he did pile on the pounds once he moved to the UK which might suggest that a diet ofhot fresh pies were on the menu once Edwin had moved to Blighty.

Name: Fay L Jones
Location: Oldham
e-mail: fay.lj-at-ntlworld.com
Submitted: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 16:19:46 GMT
Comments: Memories of days gone by will always keep you in our hearts and thoughts. Our card to you is your music playing in the back ground. Happy birthday Edwin Love and miss you always and forever. Fay Kenny Vicky and Ben and families.

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
e-mail: mary_j_andrews-at-fsmail.net
Submitted: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 10:02:20 GMT
Comments: happy birthday Edwin how I wish it was possible to see you and send you a card as I used to. Missing you so much. Always in my thoughts. Love Mary xxx

Name: Squirrel
Location: Essex. u.k.
e-mail: SSquirrelshouse-at-aol.com
Submitted: Sat, 21 Jan 2006 08:59:43 GMT
Comments: We are thinking of you on your birthday Edwin forever in our thoughts and prayers. A lovely man who will live on though his music. Sadly missed by all who knew him.

Name: chris the brickie
Location: work
e-mail: pilkydamned-at-aol.com
Submitted: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 18:55:32 GMT
Comments: not as good as the Damned website.....are you awake

Name: go
Location: australia
Submitted: Tue, 03 Jan 2006 13:12:59 GMT
Comments: Here we go 06 Iam sitting in the most isolated city in the world Perth Western Austrailia.Headphones plugged in Edwin blasting heart pumping feet moving it's going to be a great year keepers of the faith.peace

Name: LYNN
Submitted: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 19:43:34 GMT

Name: glen stacey
Location: reading uk
e-mail: glenstacey-at-msn.com
Submitted: Thu, 15 Dec 2005 19:57:49 GMT
Comments: saw edwin at ryde ice rink 2002.he was amaizing! great band too.not sure if it was the team or not sorry.they were great thoe.glen stacey

Name: Alex
Location: Ukraine
e-mail: star-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Sun, 23 Oct 2005 13:22:31 GMT
Comments: This website rules it really does. I loved Edwin Starr and I have to say that this website is the best I

Name: brian (dj foxy)
Location: southampton
e-mail: ebonyfoxdisco-at-yahoo.com
Submitted: Mon, 03 Oct 2005 23:26:40 GMT
Comments: just a thank you for all the hard work you put in at northampton over the weekend ,you were all awesome
and right on the button ,i dont know if you had dots for all the tunes ,but you were better then some of those crackly old records they came from and liilian it was pleasure talking to you
love to all

Name: Paul T.
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Submitted: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 10:58:46 GMT
Comments: Edwin may no longer be with us, but his music will live with us forever. I always loved the well-known soul and disco classics, but I

Name: Paul T.
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Submitted: Sun, 02 Oct 2005 10:57:18 GMT
Comments: Edwin may no longer be with us, but his music will live with us forever. I always loved the well-known soul and disco classics, but I

Name: eze
Location: uk
e-mail: nwaolu-at-yahoo.com
Submitted: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 16:09:38 GMT
Comments: remembervr thery very sad day you left us. You are missed more than words can say. You will never be forgotten. eze olu

Name: karl halms
Location: norfolk england
e-mail: karlhalms-at-tiscali.co.uk
Submitted: Sun, 18 Sep 2005 19:51:27 GMT
Comments: what a loss to the music industry

Location: INDIANA
Submitted: Sat, 13 Aug 2005 01:19:58 GMT

Name: Andy Till
Location: manchester
e-mail: www.andytill.com
Submitted: Mon, 08 Aug 2005 01:21:43 GMT
Comments: EDWIN STARR IS THE MAIN SINGER! I got to support him when I was playing bass in another soul group back in 2003.
He was great,and to play the same stage was a dream,even though I was only support!
Thanks to Edwin and everyone who worked with him!
Thanks Edwin!

Andy Till

Name: Neil Clarke
Location: Chester England
e-mail: nrcuk-at-aol.com
Submitted: Fri, 20 May 2005 19:36:42 GMT
Comments: A true great. Saw Edwin live on stage many times in the 70s but will never ever forget the Giants of Motown concert at the NEC Birmingham in the early 90s. Edwin was first on & what a performance to get the crowd going. Best ever live performance ive seen by any artist. A true great sadly missed.

Name: sandra
Location: fife
e-mail: sandrawall101-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Tue, 17 May 2005 22:44:22 GMT
Comments: Was what i thought a fan after meeting the man some 20 years ago and on several occasions after that the most memorable being in Edinburgh and Edwin introducing me to The Four Tops.Some fan though when i typed in his name only to find out he had passed away i had no idea and now feel like crap for not knowing that such a great man and talent is no longer with us. Please forgive me. Always remembered

Name: tina
Location: sydney austraila
e-mail: possemhunter-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Tue, 03 May 2005 23:38:29 GMT

Name: Andy Court
Location: Cardiff
Submitted: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 17:26:53 GMT
Comments: I met Edwin in Watford in 1984 when he was touring with Martha Reeves and the late Mary Wells. I was honoured to receive a signed photo of him then and three years ago when he performed in Cardiff with Martha and Freda Payne. I shook his hand and had a chat with him. Another genius has now left us...God Bless you Edwin...your memory will live on forever.

Name: Dave Silver
Location: Back in England
Submitted: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 17:10:23 GMT
Comments: Missed your anniversary man But you know me Still think about you,and as you can see, I'm not the only one Keep on walking!

Name: Paul Lorenc
Location: Leicester, England
e-mail: lorenc88-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 09:11:28 GMT
Comments: I thought that 'WAR' was the best song ever made and can't go a single day without lstening to it. I want to become an Edwin Starr tribute band when I grow up and he is the person that inspired me the most. I was really touched by his music and if it wasn't for Edwin then I probably would not be here today. His music helped me through a rough time of my life and I wish he was still here today so I could show him my appreciation. Thank's Edwin. You are my idol. Love from Paul Lorenc. May your soul rest in peace.

Name: mary
Location: shrewsbury
Submitted: Sat, 02 Apr 2005 13:01:39 GMT
Comments: Two years since that very very sad day you left us. You are missed more than words can say. You will never be forgotten. Thought of with lots of affection. love as always Mary

Name: Chuckie
Location: The Team
Submitted: Sat, 02 Apr 2005 12:17:42 GMT
Comments: 2 yrs Boss! - Much Loved Much Missed.

Name: Fay L Jones
Location: Oldham
e-mail: fay.lj-at-ntlworld.com
Submitted: Sat, 02 Apr 2005 02:38:57 GMT
Comments: Two years have passed since you passed away and never a day goes by with out you name being spoken with love and affection. A silent tear often falls as we remember the good times we had together. Aways in our hearts your friends Fay and Dennis. Good Night God Bless LOve you Uncle Edwin Ken, Vicky and Ben and Families. We all love and Miss you more everyday

Name: Brian Jolley
Location: St. Helens UK
e-mail: brijsax-at-yahoo.com
Submitted: Sun, 27 Mar 2005 11:55:34 GMT
Comments: I've seen Edwin perform numerous times and met him personally on 3 occasions. He was a proper 'Northern Soulie'! As some of you may know he had diabetes, KTFlist.com ... the home of the Northern Soul keeping the faith mailing lists managed to raise £145.00 to contribute to 2 of his favourite diabetes charities as a mark of respect. RIP Edwin...catch you on the big dancefloor. Keep The Faith

Name: Johnny Boy
Location: Italy
e-mail: theturkishstallion-at-yahoo.com
Submitted: Mon, 14 Mar 2005 13:20:38 GMT
Comments: war!!!!!!

Name: henry lowe
Location: nottingham, uk
Submitted: Sun, 06 Mar 2005 11:59:56 GMT
Comments: what is it good for?!?!? absolutely nothing!!

Name: Pablo Karlsson
Location: Sweden
e-mail: pablo.karlsson-at-gmail.com
Submitted: Sat, 05 Mar 2005 12:41:12 GMT
Comments: Does any one know where to find music scores for the song

Name: les wheeler
Location: peterborough
e-mail: julielesluke-at-ntlworld.com
Submitted: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 14:33:41 GMT
Comments: It's been a long time these past 2 years but time is a healer of sorts ! What i am about to say will hopefully read correctly, even if my spelling is not the best. In november 2002 my friend and i made contact with Edwin and Lillian regarding a remix of one of my favourite songs

Name: Glen Miller
Location: Preston
e-mail: glen.miller1-at-btopenworld.com
Submitted: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 01:54:49 GMT
Comments: I first saw Edwin along with Jr Walker at Blackpool Mecca Alldayer Back in 1981 I was blown away by his performance that day. Little did I realize at that time, I would go on to work with the on Five different occasions Over the next 15 years as a Club DJ. One time at bury Roxy I messed up his backin tape on and couldn’t find his tunes. I could only stand in total embarrassment and amazement. As Edwin the STARR just sang Accapella for 20 mins With only 50 people in the club... Afterwards we meet over a drink I tired to apologize. But Edwin Just Smiled and said don't give a thought! HIS Signed photo stands tall in my bedroom were I bless him every day

Name: Kai
Location: Los Angeles, CA
e-mail: babyluvkai-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 21:13:30 GMT
Comments: Hi. I not like most of Edwin's fan having grown up in the 60's and 70's. I grew up in the 80's but I have been told I have an old soul. I was introduced to Edwin's music when he was on the soundtrack of one of the best 80's movie, Adventures in Babysitting.(It took place In Chicago. It was such a funny movie and there was a scene where they had to sing to sing the Blues. I think Edwin's music is more R&B but I like to think it is Blues tome.)Anyway from the moment i heard

Name: Mark Vrkljan CD1
Location: Edmonton Alberta Canada
e-mail: markv1960-at-telus.net
Submitted: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 04:11:22 GMT
Comments: Thankyou for having this site so well displayed. Having grown up in the sixties and seventies I really enjoyed the many artists that motown was producing. Mr Edwin Starr will be remembered as a true speaker of soul and we will remember him for that for quite some time. Thankyou Mark

Name: natalie
Location: sheffield
e-mail: nataliesheff-at-yahoo.co.uk
Submitted: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 12:53:22 GMT
Comments: i saw edwin perform at my works do a couple of months b4 he passed away. he was fabulous. war live was the best thing i ever heard. he's a true superstar. i feel honoured to have heard him sing

Submitted: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 23:14:26 GMT

Name: Squirrel
Location: Essex
e-mail: SSquirrelshouse-at-aol.com
Submitted: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 14:57:10 GMT
Comments: Just wanted to remember Edwin on his birthday,forever in our thoughts.God bless him, we know he is in our hearts and souls. Truly missed, a legend who lives on though his music.

Name: Fay L Jones
Location: Oldham
e-mail: fay.lj-at-ntlworld.com
Submitted: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 10:58:21 GMT
Comments: No card to send Just our silent prayers, and thoughts of you today as always and forever. Remembering happy times, Always in our hearts and minds. Fay and Dennis. Kenny, Vicky and Ben and Families We love you Uncle E

Name: mary
Location: england
e-mail: mary_j_andrews-at-fsmail.net
Submitted: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 10:48:53 GMT
Comments: today is your birthday just because I cannot send you a card as I always used to does not mean I am not thinking of you. happy birthday Edwin love as always Mary xxx

Name: louis m romero
Location: new york, NY
e-mail: louis.romero-at-cliffordchance.com
Submitted: Wed, 05 Jan 2005 20:57:17 GMT
Comments: Its been almost a year since the Lord called you, thanks for the memorable music between 1969 and 1979. I never let the DJ's forget to play

Name: david owen
Location: wales:great britain
e-mail: davidowen41-at-btopenworld.com
Submitted: Tue, 04 Jan 2005 23:36:24 GMT
Comments: i don`t know what drove you to this dedication,like geno washington to ..you know NORTHERN SOUL.But i love your dedication and your ahhhhh ,what is that you did.Met you in Bangor Sometime,you looked like you were aboutto let the people down,god why did you take the heart of our concerns away from us.My what a mighty fine man,was he any race? radio h.a.p.p.y i hope your proud ...ahhh a leader as a mentor. what a strong man,and a missed inspiration. just thought of you again ,and feelt sorry for myself,god bless your ( mind )....your soul.i love you bringing home the mesages...your heart,aah wish i heard you more,if youre' listening you sang what you have to do for love.....tenty five miles. inspiration to determine people to have respect for people..including love. creature blesss you.

Name: DJ Paul K Motley
Location: Northampton
e-mail: paulkmotley-at-ntlworld.com
Submitted: Wed, 22 Dec 2004 12:28:40 GMT
Comments: Always a pleasure and an inspiration to work with. A very talented star whose voice was pitch perfect, he had a most tremendous presence both on and off stage.

Name: Mick Twomey
Location: Nottingham
Submitted: Sun, 05 Dec 2004 22:58:47 GMT
Comments: A great site. I saw Edwin perform on a number of occasions over the years. For me he was

Name: Theo Loyla
Location: Birchington, Kent
Submitted: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 12:24:25 GMT
Comments: I wrote a long piece about my friend Edwin and his contribution to the Disco Aid song

Name: Peter Wallace
Location: Liverpool UK
e-mail: petermichaelwallace-at-yahoo.co.uk
Submitted: Sat, 06 Nov 2004 07:26:45 GMT
Comments: My girlfriend and I met Edwin at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall in March 2003 and he was so inspiring.  So gentle and cool, he had so much style and patience with life.  Reading he had died only weeks later was a real shock to us and something we couldnt stop thinking of for months.  We still do even now. Here is the interview from the night.

Name: Neil Hardingham
Location: Norfolk England
e-mail: soundcityukltd-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Fri, 05 Nov 2004 15:02:38 GMT
Comments: I have been a mobile dj since 1978 -at-still going strong. There is never a wedding reseption go by with out playing some EDWIN STARR, (THE KING OF THE DISCO SEEN)HAPPY RADIO -at- CONTACT just the best. The STARR will always shine.

Name: Brian Goddard
Submitted: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 14:53:07 GMT
Comments: also you fans can get thecd A Tropical Soul Adventure on french amazon ,i will be spinning it to death, but be quick its changing hands in america for £50 thanks to edwins distictive style .

Name: Brian Goddard
e-mail: ebonyfoxdisco-at-yahoo.com
Submitted: Thu, 04 Nov 2004 14:47:06 GMT
Comments: went to butlins ,aint the same since edwins gone, however roy g hemmings and his band made up for it big time by doing twenty 5 miles, i work with roy on occaisions and he has told me edwin was a real gentleman and down to earth that is part of his legacy

Location: Toronto, Canada
e-mail: robertbrown178-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Fri, 22 Oct 2004 00:45:26 GMT
Comments: I have a Fender Precision bass which belonged to the bass player in Edwin Starr's band the player wasn't able to make it across the Canadian border but the bass did.If anyone knows who this bass player is contact robertbrown178-at-hotmail.com thank-you

Name: Michele Queyroy
Location: California
e-mail: archbuildersacrossnations
Submitted: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 06:44:58 GMT
Comments: Finaly put on a name and a face to my favourite tunes! Good souls always transitioned...to early. Keep the spirit alive!

Name: Steve Peak
Location: Kirkham, Nr Blackpool, Lancashire
e-mail: Motown-at-blueyonder.co.uk
Submitted: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 06:51:31 GMT
Comments: Still miss you mate, life is not the same. Steve

Name: Taff
Location: Darwen, Lancashire, UK
e-mail: evans4a-at-ntlworld.com
Submitted: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 19:15:40 GMT
Comments: Saw Edwin perform a number of times mostly on Scooter rallies. A true Soulmaster with a voice that could rip out your eardrums if you stood too close to the stage. Always found time to speak to people. His song

Name: Roger
Location: Cambridge, UK.
e-mail: rogeradavies51-at-yahoo.co.uk
Submitted: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 15:55:21 GMT
Comments: My wife & I used to see Edwin at Butlins(I was the sad one with loads of albums etc.to be signed,)my prize possessions are a photo of Edwin and me; and a £20.00.note he signed for me.He was Such a Brilliant performer and a really nice, genuine,kind person.I'm so glad we saw him again 2 weeks before he went to the Great Soul venue in the sky.KTF--Roger.

Name: jake
e-mail: -----------
Submitted: Sun, 19 Sep 2004 14:48:51 GMT
Comments: i think u should put your music on your website

Name: joe demicoli
Location: malta
e-mail: shakers_02-at-yahoo.com
Submitted: Wed, 08 Sep 2004 23:33:39 GMT
Comments: Can anyone help me out please. I recall a slow song which had the lyrics

Name: 379
Location: Lebanon, Tennessee, U.S.A.
e-mail: olemose-at-bellsouth.net
Submitted: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 01:25:24 GMT
Comments: RIP, Edwin Starr we all will miss you and your music >.> i wonder where i can lyrics for War... <.< lyrics.com didnt have them if anyone has them email them to me

Name: Patrick
Location: Bangkok
e-mail: djpat2000-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 08:13:37 GMT
Comments: Having had the pleasure of working with Edwin at many special events and parties over the last few years as a DJ, I can surely say he's THE BEST. His band are also one of the finest group of musicians I have had the pleasure to listen to.

Name: tom
Location: texas
e-mail: tomdenolf-at-mac.com
Submitted: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 10:11:21 GMT
Comments: does anyone know ALL the lyrics to '25 miles'? i need 'em bigtime! email them if you would. thanks.

Name: sarah darby
Location: s - on - t
e-mail: fatbottomedgirl7-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 18:12:31 GMT
Comments: Edwin was a gentle giant, with a heart of gold & a voice that had everyone mezmerised.My 8yr old daughter keeps reminding me that even though he's not here in the flesh he's still her in our heart & his music. So rest in peace babe knowing you were loved by your family, friends & fans & that you live on through them.

Name: sandra
Location: essex england
e-mail: sandra.m-at-tesco.net
Submitted: Sat, 12 Jun 2004 10:39:18 GMT
Comments: Edwin kept us keeping on when the going got tough Edwin gave us manna throught music from dawn till dusk edwin made us know that together we have freedom. This is my beloved brother with whom i am please. May God rest his soul until such time as we are reunited.

Name: Jarrad N
Location: Regina, Sask
e-mail: nem_eth-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 21:57:40 GMT
Comments: I love the music and i was wondering who to contact about using the song "War" in a Anti-Racism video. Any Help would be great. Thanks.

Location: ROCHESTER, N.Y.
Submitted: Sat, 29 May 2004 01:30:22 GMT
Comments: Edwin, you are greatly missed! The recent passing of the gifted soul singer Johnny Bristol, leads me to believe that you and Johnny can now perform concerts in heaven. Your music lives on for us every day, and is timeless and absolutely wonderful.

Name: freddie fowler
Location: nottingham
e-mail: fredfowler-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Fri, 07 May 2004 15:54:12 GMT
Comments: I went to the nec in birmingham on a saturday hoping to meet edwin starr,but you where there on the sunday.Two weeks later you where gone.I wanted to thank you personly for one of in my opinion the best songs you ever sang tmg 692 b side to way over.If my heart coul tell the story ausome god bless you edwin.freddie

Name: paul pvc carnall
Location: portsmouth uk
e-mail: paulvcarnall-at-yahoo.com
Submitted: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 21:03:54 GMT
Comments: i year gone and sadly missed you were my sunshine on a cloudy day the soundtrack to my youth godbless pvc

Name: mark stone
Location: leicester england
e-mail: markymarkstone-at-aol.com
Submitted: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 19:54:17 GMT
Comments: loved u edwin since i was a kid,lucky enough 2 see u live a few times .rest in peace agent oo soul you were unique

Name: frank
Location: manchester
Submitted: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 20:58:17 GMT
Comments: went to see dancing in the streets the show was brillant but guest what there was one star missing you got it our friend edwin.rest.in.peace.

Name: the rare groover
Location: southampton
e-mail: vinetime2-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Sun, 04 Apr 2004 17:58:35 GMT
Comments: edwin,watched you play on tv many times,different shows ie don't forget your tootbrush,to name one of many. i only wished i had seen you play live,sadfly i will never get that chance. friends tell me he was a true singer who gave every performance 1000 percent! the music lives on,thank you edwin starr, a true motown LEGEND the rare groover

Name: Kevin, Freda, Victoria and Matthew
Location: Kings Heath, Birmingham
Submitted: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 23:07:45 GMT
Comments: Dearest Edwin, As time unwinds another year, we'll speak your name with love and pride. We'll smile through tears to hide the pain, only loved ones can explain. Your memories are our treasures and these will last forever. Always fondly remembered, Kevin, Freda. We've seen your shining star Uncle Edwin, love always Victoria and Matthew. REST IN PEACE with a LITTLE PEACE ON THE SIDE!!

Name: MalcandLes
Location: Biggleswade,Beds UK
e-mail: malcolmandleslee.shaw-at-ntlworld.com
Submitted: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 22:06:56 GMT
Comments: We went to visit Edwin's grave today it was a very emotional moment for us both you know what I mean Edwin was such a big thing in our lives even though we only saw him 5-6 times a year. Dancing in the street was not the same this year even Martha said that so Rest in peace Edwin Until we meet again. All our Love Always Malc&Les

Name: Fay L Jones
Location: Oldham
e-mail: fay.lj-at-ntlworld.com
Submitted: Fri, 02 Apr 2004 17:15:08 GMT
Comments: A silent player a silent tear. For our dear friend, I cant believe that a year has passed by since you left us. We take heart from the many precious memories we have of the friendship we shared for so long.Happy times your memory lives on always in our hearts. Fay and Dennis Jones. God Bless Uncle Edwin. Kenny, Vicky and Ben.

Name: Norma Tobin
e-mail: Norma-at-tobins1.freeserve.co.uk
Submitted: Mon, 22 Mar 2004 19:51:07 GMT
Comments: Cannot believe a year has nearly has gone since you passed away, another soul legend has been taken from us to join you up there in Soul Heaven the wonderful "Johnny Bristol".

Name: scott/paul
Location: merseyside
e-mail: riker_2-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 21:00:35 GMT
Comments: Thanks Edwin..."we lost THE AGENT.. ...Heaven gained..An ANGEL..

Name: Robert Maher
Location: UK. London
e-mail: robmaher-at-btinternet.com
Submitted: Wed, 10 Mar 2004 21:37:54 GMT
Comments: A true soul legend and awesome live performer. I like to think of you in heaven singing with Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye. I managed to see you in concert twice, the experience will stay with me forever. Much missed!

Name: John
Location: Garforth England
e-mail: john.grimes7-at-virgin.net
Submitted: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 20:43:44 GMT
Comments: First saw Edwin in 1969 and again at the Grand Theatre Leeds in 2002, though the years have past the majic was still there. The perfect performer who will be sadly missed. God rest from all at Kippax Scooter Club

Name: keithgunton
Location: lancashire
e-mail: keithgunton-at-amserve.com
Submitted: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 23:47:46 GMT
Comments: he was the starr of the show,the back street was the place to go,he made headline news when he stopped her on sight,the team were the band and they were always tight,he made contact with everyone on happy radio,everywhere he went the soul fans would go,modest he was,the soul master too,he made us oh how happy,my weakness is you rip edwin we'll miss you he was the starr of the show, he was the starr of the show,the back streets were the place to go,

Name: Debra Noble Alexander
Location: San Diego
e-mail: debbisnacks-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 22:13:21 GMT
Comments: I was shocked to know that Mr. Soul has passed on, but his music will live on. I vividly remember him from the 125th St Apollo Theatre. 25 Miles is a song that will always put my hips in motion. RSVP - You will be missed! Blessings to the family.

Name: Ash Saywell
Location: sheffield, UK
e-mail: soulmanash-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 18:21:23 GMT
Comments: A true 'Soul Master'. First seen in '69 at The Wheel last seen at Sheffield Arena '99. Always a pleasure and so good live. A singer who wasn't too big for his fans and who truely loved us Brit Soulies. It must be 'Hell up in Harlem' without you. Rest in peace Agent Double O Soul xXx

Name: Dwayne
Location: Maryland/Florida
e-mail: Souljah6996-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 21:14:48 GMT
Comments: I had no idea that Edwin Starr had passed away. I found out accidently, while watching a section of the GRAMMYS. I haven't heard the majority of his songs, but I do own one of his CD's. My absolute favorite is "War." He was definately a good artists, but he was one that was hardly ever recognized- that's so sad! But I know that through all of his fans, his legacy will be kept alive. R.I.P Eddy Starr!

Name: Ross
Location: Glasgow
e-mail: ross.cairns-at-ntlworld.com
Submitted: Sat, 14 Feb 2004 13:03:41 GMT
Comments: I had the pleasure of meeting Edwin on a number of occasions but there is one that sticks out in my mind. He had just played a show in a club in Glasgow that I was promoting and I was driving him back to his hotel. Halfway there he decided that he wanted some Chinese food. It was the early hours and our choices were limited so we stopped off at a Glasgow 'institution' called the Canton Express....awesome food, not so awesome decor. Waiting in the queue to order, one of the many very drunk punters turned around to see Edwin and with disbelief shouted 'F**k Me! It's Edwin Starr and he's in tha Canton.' Within seconds at least 30 drunks were singing WAR. Edwin led the chorus. Very funny.

Name: Tim Trinity
Location: Monreal Canada
Submitted: Sun, 08 Feb 2004 11:08:16 GMT
Comments: I just found out that Edwin Starr passed away... he will live on because we have his music...Rest in peace and God bless you Edwin Starr. PS My friends and I would often sing along with Edwin Starr's records like WAR... never on our own mind you... we just did not have the power in our voices to do it alone!!! From your fans in Montreal

Name: Misterpop
Location: Manchester UK.
e-mail: popplewell.snr-at-btinternet.com
Submitted: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 00:24:50 GMT
Comments: I met Edwin on a number of occasions.The first time I saw him was at the Twisted Wheel in 69/70 then I think he played the last night there in 71.A couple of years later he was working with my brother at a night club in Bury.I was asked if I would like to go along and meet him.(What do you think my answer was).Needless to say I found him very friendly guy and was made up to meet him again a couple of years later when one of my nephew's was old enough to go and see a live show.Again he was charming and posed for pictures and had a short chat about this and that allthough he was obviously a very busy person...When my son became old enough to see what the soul scene was all about I took him and his mates to an Edwin Starr show and would you believe he not only remembered me but came out and sat at our table and bought a round of drinks while signing autographs and giving me a brand new poster for "Missiles,we dont want to die"that even his band had'nt seen....What can I say except Edwin....yes you are surely missed.You where a great performer,and your passing has left a void that only a real gentleman like yourself could fill..Ian.----Favorite song."You hit the nail on the head" 20 years ahead of its time.

Location: 145-32 LAKEWOOD AVE #2R JAMAICA NY. 11435
e-mail: ventura11-at-mac.com
Submitted: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 08:18:33 GMT

Location: BRISTOL, UK
e-mail: mykgarton-at-blueyonder.co.uk
Submitted: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 12:05:24 GMT

Name: Fay Jones
Location: Oldham
e-mail: fay.lj-at-ntlworld.com
Submitted: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 02:30:18 GMT
Comments: From a Friend to a Very Special Friend. Today would have been your 62nd Birthday,how time passes us by. No card to send to you this time,just a silent prayer and a toast to our dearest friend, We love and miss with all our hearts. God Bless and Happy Birthday. You will Always here in our Hearts and thoughts. Fay and Dennis Jones Kenny, Vicky and Ben.

Name: brian (dj foxy)
Location: southampton
e-mail: ebonyfoxdisco-at-yahoo.com
Submitted: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 21:20:30 GMT
Comments: well done lillian for putting the uk top band on the site , angalo keep carrying the torch , fans start emailing those scooter clubs and holiday camps for the team , edwin would want this ,a geniune team player

Location: BRISTOL
e-mail: mykgarton-at-blueyonder.co.uk
Submitted: Sat, 17 Jan 2004 22:40:06 GMT
Comments: It would have been Edwin's 62nd birthday on Wednesday 21st January 2004. Will be thinking of him and remembering the good times he gave to us. Thank you Edwin. We miss you so much. You will always be a super"starr".

Name: Dale Bywater
Location: Long Eaton, Nottingham, England
e-mail: bywats-at-aol.com
Submitted: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 22:42:57 GMT
Comments: I had the honour of meeting Edwin when I was working as a car salesman doing an indoor display at the Victoria Centre shopping mall in Nottingham. He was out shopping with his wife and his manager(and needed a little respite), so he decided to take a look over our cars. At the time, his wife had a Hyundai Coupe (Tiburon as it's known worldwide), and that was the car we were displaying so he made his excuses, let the two of them carry-on shopping and came over for a chat. Being an avid fan of all things 'Soul', you would expect that I would have instanly recognised him and paid him the homage he deserved..... Not me, I tried to sell him a new car, and it was only when I asked him what he did for a living that the 'penny' dropped and i felt so humbled!!! We chatted for about 10 minutes about his music and he signed the back of one of my business cards(which is all I had to hand at the time) To have had an opportunity to meet such a legend and to have been part of his life for 10 minutes leaves me with a tremendous felling of happiness. Night, night, God Bless Edwin. Dale.

Location: BRISTOL
e-mail: mykgarton-at-blueyonder.co.uk>
Submitted: Thu, 01 Jan 2004 19:48:26 GMT
Comments: Since Edwin died I have played his songs a lot more and I have also discovered some of his older stuff. The man was a brilliant singer and top rate performer. I just cannot understand why he was not a major artist. I saw Edwin "live" many times and I don't know if there has ever been a better entertainer. He was genuine, a real STAR. I last saw him at the Bristol Bierkeller on Sunday 10th November 2002 and only 60-70 people turned up. Edwin put on a show and said that each one of us would still get what we paid for. I don't believe there's another singer on the planet that would have did that. He did it for us as individuals and he meant it. Thanks Edwin, and as Ian Levine has said, some people just don't know what they will miss now you're gone. sleep well Edwin, we're on our WAY OVER THERE.

Name: Geoff Lawler
Location: West Kirby, England
e-mail: geoff_lawler-at-yahoo.co.uk>
Submitted: Wed, 24 Dec 2003 01:26:16 GMT
Comments: I only heard of Edwin's death yesterday (22nd December 2003) when I read a list of singers who had passed away this year : Johnny Cash, Nina Simone, the other Righteous Brother that nobody can remember (not Bill Medley), and Robert Palmer. These all made the news in the North West of England. But not Edwin - what a pity, because he was easily the best of this bunch. I have most of his records, and saw his live performance at FFS (Hoylake) many years ago now. He was quite brilliant ! War, 25 miles, Stop Her On Sight. It doesn't come much better does it ? Geoff Lawler (alias Drew Peacock) (alias DJ Geoff Young) 23/12/03

Name: Marco
Location: Switzerland
e-mail: marcodj62-at-hotmail.com
Submitted: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 23:19:54 GMT
Comments: I am lookin' for video - appearance of "Contact" and "Happy radio" because I remember very well these wonderful songs of Edwin...and I will be very happy to have some videos... If you can help me, please contact me by email. Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!!! Marco

Name: Jimi Brent
Location: Las Vegas, NV
e-mail: jimi-at-jimibrent.com
Submitted: Fri, 19 Dec 2003 22:32:13 GMT
Comments: Oh Brother Edwin, The world still has not learned its war lessons. I wish you were still here to sing "War" for the people. Nobody could sing that song with the feeling that you had. We miss you! Jimi Brent

Name: Alice Fay
Location: LA
e-mail: arjareet-at-msn.com>
Submitted: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 07:50:02 GMT
Comments: Remember 119-21 Cortland in Highland Park, MI? Dwight? Bill Walton? and the guys in the band?

Name: John Paul Andolina, Jr.
Location: Rochester, N.Y.
e-mail: rlysndmn-at-rochester.rr.com>
Submitted: Sat, 06 Dec 2003 21:05:32 GMT
Comments: The 2003 P.B.S. special with Edwin Starr was a chance of a lifetime to hear a wonderful artist. "Twenty-Five Miles" is truly on of the greatest soul songs ever, timeless and classy. We all miss you Edwin, but your music is timeless, and all the memories of you are everlasting.

Name: Gemma Causon
Location: Birmingham, UK
e-mail: 98gemcau-at-ninestiles.bham.sch.uk
Submitted: Wed, 03 Dec 2003 15:49:35 GMT
Comments: My dad runs Edwin’s Football Team "Starr's Team 2003 F.C" and if Edwin could see the squad now, he would be proud of them all. The 1st time I met Edwin was at a band member's (Kevin Kendall) birthday party quite a few years ago and I did not really know who Edwin was. But now as I sit I’m my I.C.T lesson I have my Edwin Starr All The Way Live CD playing to the whole class. I was unfortunate not to see Edwin sing live but a few months ago my dad arranged for the band and Angelo to play for the football team and their families. It was a great night with Angelo on lead vocals and we all really enjoyed ourselves while raising money for the football team at the same time. My dad has probably said this but THANK YOU for such a memorable night. I went to the Tribute Concert in Tamworth a few weeks later and although I didn’t know many of the artists that joined The Team on stage I had great fun singing along. I can’t wait for the performance at the Alexander Theatre. God Bless XXX

Name: Chris H
Location: Sheffield UK
e-mail: chris.hardy-at-sheffield-ha.nhs.uk
Submitted: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 10:37:10 GMT
Comments: Sad to hear of the death of another Soul Brother - Arthur Conley on Nov 16 aged 57. Sweet Soul Music and Funky Street were great dance favourites often played alongside Edwin's music on the floor.

Name: Jayne Dignam
Submitted: Sat, 29 Nov 2003 00:43:40 GMT
Comments: Went to Edwin's concert at the Philarmonic in Liverpool in March 2003. Fabulous show - he wanted to have longer on stage! Unique for any concerts I've been to. Then, he came out and met people and gave signatures! I treasure my signed copy of his last cd - stonking music to dance around to. God bless and thanks for the memories. Shame it couldn't be repeated.....Edwin Starr truly a great legend.

Name: Rod Lucas
Location: Kent
e-mail: rod-at-rodlucas.com
Submitted: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 14:34:46 GMT
Comments: I had the pleasure of interviewing Edwin on my radio show BBC Radio Kent in the early 80's. He went down a storm and I had to extend the interview time he was so good. Much missed - and another real pro performer leaves us. Keep Laughing Edwin Rod Lucas

Name: Steve Peak
Location: Blackpool, uk
e-mail: Motown-at-blueyonder.co.uk
Submitted: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 22:16:35 GMT
Comments: This still hurts real bad, I went to see The Isleys at Bridgewater Hall, Manchester. £30 a ticket, it was a good show and thats all it was, Ernie didn't sing many of the classics and my mind kept drifting not to a show but a party everytime Edwin was on stage. I've paid much less and had the time of my life again and again over the years with Edwin and The Team. Oh! mate, I just miss you so much.I walk into a room were your songs are playing, watch a movie with your soundtrack on it, a lump comes into my throat and I hold back the tears. YOU, were the man and I just find your departure so hard. I wish it had been you on that stage!

Name: brian
Location: southampton
e-mail: ebonyfoxdisco-at-yahoo.com>
Submitted: Sun, 09 Nov 2003 20:10:00 GMT
Comments: hi lil time marches on , please put the teams gig dates on edwins website as i for one would still go to see them, are they backing geno now?

Name: Stefan Widera
Location: Cologne, Germany
Submitted: Sat, 01 Nov 2003 09:52:20 GMT
Comments: Edwin was the real Soul Master. I once saw him here in Germany, performing on an Oldies-/Cabaret-event where luckily long-forgotten acts appeared. But Edwin made this night memorable with his astonishing show. And as he sang his Northern Soul classics like Stop Her On Sight, Headline News etc he gave us young and dancing Mods a smile. Unforgettable. Thanks.

Name: Marshall Thompson The Chi-Lites
Location: Midlothian,IL
e-mail: Chi1111-at-aol.com
Submitted: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 13:48:41 GMT
Comments: He Was One Of The Best Entertainers Ever. God Has Blessed Him With The Talent And Now He Is Home.WE Will Always Love Him. Peace. God Is Good.
Marshall Thompson - Leader Of The Chi-lites

Name: Simone
Location: Derby
e-mail: jimmyjoskin-at-yahoo.co.uk
Submitted: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 18:31:53 GMT
Comments: The tribute concert was a real credit to Edwin, I was choked up when "Stnd By Me" was sang. I think its safe to say that all his fans will do just that and remember the "LEGEND" with warm affection, great admiration, and wonderful happy memories! Well done to all the many talented people on stage it was "Wicked"!!!

Name: Simone
Location: Derby
e-mail: simone-at-ward1998.freeserve.co.uk
Submitted: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 18:30:17 GMT
Comments: The tribute concert was a real credit to Edwin, I was choked up when "Stnd By Me" was sang. I think its safe to say that all his fans will do just that and remember the "LEGEND" with warm affection, great admiration, and wonderful happy memories! Well done to all the many talented people on stage it was "Wicked"!!!

Name: Marilyn Jamison
Location: St. Louis, MO USA
e-mail: mrsmib-at-sbcglobal.net
Submitted: Wed, 22 Oct 2003 20:10:27 GMT
Comments: Edwin was a great man. I met him only once in Canada but I was in awe by his presence alone. Angelo, keep the faith and stay strong. ONE LOVE, MARILYN, TAMICA & DERRICK

Name: Slade
Location: Australia
e-mail: Domsmyth-at-aol.com
Submitted: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 14:00:15 GMT
Comments: Saw Edwin at the Twisted wheel many times 66 onwards any mates like to E Mail me feel welcome

Name: Fletch, Lyn, Liz and Charlie
Location: Rhondda, South Wales
e-mail: montyboyo-at-aol.com
Submitted: Sat, 04 Oct 2003 20:15:46 GMT
Comments: What a great day, from Angelo setting the tone to the big finale, a great array of talent, not least the fab team who kept it all together and the great guests who 'came there to party'and did! we talked to most of them and they signed the girls Edwin shirts, a day we'll never forget, roll on the next time.lottsa luv to you all. xxx

Name: brian (dj foxy)
Country: uk
Submitted:Wed Oct 1 23:24:38 2003
Comments:thanks lillian (it was nice to meet you).angelo,the team and all those people who gave their time .edwin was looking over you ,the majic was there,the memorial show was fantastic. angelo edwin lives through you,carry that torch

Name: lorraine hall
Country: england
Submitted:: Wed Oct 1 19:10:01 2003
Comments:I went to the tribute concert full of apprehension, but excitment as for me it was the first time I would be seeing The Team without edwin and I know we were there to celebrate edwins life but it was sad to realise this was it, he was not there, but all the celebraties were brilliant, everything was done so tastefully, I know edwin would have been proud and as for myself I felt privalaged along with my friends to have been part of this momentious occasion, Well Done everyone, you were just grand

Name: Brie (Homepage)
Country: USA
Submitted:: Wed Oct 1 10:53:48 2003
Comments: I love your music and concert on PBS. Although I am of the Hip-Hop Generation,..... you are OUTSTANDING! you are truly missed.... Brie

Name: Aileen & Steve (Homepage)
Country: UK
Date:: Mon Sep 29 16:12:51 2003
The Tribute concert was a fantastic occasion, it was a real honour to be in the presence of so many wonderful artists. Edwin would have been so proud of Angelo and the Team.

Name: richard galvin (Homepage)
Country: uk
Date:: Thu Sep 18 18:24:51 2003
I'm so sad i can't make the tribute conerts on the 28th but will be thinking of Edward on that day: playing his music and thinking of the great night outs he gave me. We got lucky to be in the world the same time as the Soul Master.

Name: Pele (Homepage)
Country: UK
Date:: Thu Sep 11 14:09:48 2003
Hi, I used to work for Edwin as a kind of Roadie for a year or two with a friend, and i can honestly say he was an absolute Gentleman. When we toured Edwin even paid for us to stay in the same hotels as him and the team. He always treated us exceptionaly well, in fact we were probably the best looked after roadie's in the music industry. We once payed at Clariges and Edwin had a huge argument with a Maître d' after he had treated us like s*&t. He was a good man

Name: Lawrence Madden (Homepage)
Country: Manchester
Date:: Wed Sep 10 14:06:55 2003
Edwin was a true soul master, an underated soul singer. He will be missed by every true soul fan. Saw him perform numerous times, and he always delivered a great performance. Rest in Peace

Name: Dennis Rufolo (Homepage)
Country: USA
Date:: Mon Sep 8 21:49:41 2003
Edwin has one of the best soul records ever released "Stop Her On Site",a very underated record!!

Name: Colin Wood (Homepage)
Country: UK
Date:: Thu Sep 4 21:28:56 2003
A terrific soul superstar that will be sorely missed by all soul fans the world over. You touched all our hearts Edwin - rest in peace great one.

Name: H
Country:uk/ south
Date: Wed Aug 20 02:50:33 2003
scooter rallies from 1986 onwards, 25 miles was the one for me,with a numb bum from a small seat,and too many miles travelled!!!,that song made the last part of any rally worth it...and it still will hope your spirit comes to the isle of wight 2003,your soul will always be with every scooterist. keep on keepin'on.

Name: Steve T
Date: Tue Aug 19 17:08:19 2003
Hi. I have a couple of items for sale: 7", Grapevine, HIPPO 107, P/S, £0.95 CDs, Can't Stop Thinking About You, CLIX 309, German 2 Track, £1.95 If anyone is interested please e-mail SteveThorn3-at-activemail.co.uk Many thanks.

Name: rachel
Date: Mon Aug 18 15:00:44 2003
Edwin played at one of my summer balls whilst i was at college and was fantastic. I,ve also seen him at a local nightclub and Butlins. He was the greatest performer. Have a little question for everyone, i'm sure i've heard a version of disco inferno by edwin starr on the radio, but can't find it on any albums! Have i just made this fact up, or is it under a different title, the chorus def went 'burn baby burn, disco inferno'Help!

Name: Chris Butler
Country: England
Date:B Sun Aug 17 19:54:52 2003
Edwin, what can I say?? I had the privilage of seeing you only once, I showed you my Tamla Motown tattoo and you gave me a thumbs up, and that did for me!! God rest your soul, but every now and again, come see about me and make me burn up the dance floor!!

Name: Roy Allen
Country: UK
Date: Wed Aug 13 18:22:56 2003
Edwin may be gone but his Soul Music will live forever!!! I have seen the man played his music and danced a hole in my soul, Ex DJ Ex Twisted Wheel dancer ??? Roy45Allen

Country: ITALY
Date: Tue Aug 12 23:55:25 2003
Bumpin' in once again simply to tell you that your sweetest music will feed my happiness forever....I've never got the chance to meet you,still i met you so many times. A big hug from an old northern owl

Name: Barry
Country: UK
Date: Mon Aug 11 21:20:19 2003
You were honestly the best!! U had great concerts truly the best! Butlins was wicked with you there and i will never forget that wekend! RIP forever you will really be missed by everyone who knew you!!

Name: sean delay
Country: united kingdom
Date: Fri Aug 8 15:21:58 2003
'Agent Double-0-soul' will always live on in our memories

Name: Bob Lorentz
Country:United States, Nevada
Date: Thu Aug 07 04:40:48 2003
I am so pleased to see this tribute to my old boss. In 1982, I was the keyboard player for The Team, Edwin's band during his U.K. Tour. I was new to the L.A. music scene, only moving from New York the previous year. Greg Parker (guitar) knew me from a previous gig and invited in to audition for Edwin.
I remember rehersals at Edwin's house in the Valley, as well as recording "You Hit The Nail On The Head", a rockin' update to "I Heard It Through The Grapevine". God, it took me forever to get rid of "white boy rhythm".
We played two weeks of dinner theater in the U.K., one in The Golden Garter up North, then at Bailey's in Watford, along with two other one nighters at the Dominion Theater in London and a soul all-nighter up at the Hinckley Leisure Centre in Leicestershire.
The Dominion show was the best, with Edwin performing something quite radical and surprising to us onstage: during "You Hit The Nail On The Head", he began shutting down parts of the band and came to each of us (me last) and singing new parts to each of us to play, creating a whole new grooving vamp to end the show. I was so nervous I made sure I heard it right by singing it back to him, then turned to the keyboard, said a short prayer, and got it right the first time! What a time!
Thank you Lilian and Barry for a great tribute to Edwin. I hope you continue to honor Edwin's memory for many years to come!
Bob Lorentz
Boulder City, Nevada

Name: steve
Country: england
Date: Wed Aug 6 19:11:21 2003 Comment: Saw you live at Wigan Casino, i cried with you, awesome nite.

Name: Tussin
Country: UK
Date: Wed Aug 6 17:11:09 2003
You will be truely missed, one of the ultimate soul legends. How can anyone now hear 25 miles and not shed a tear and dance even harder.

Name: dj foxy
Country: uk
Date: Sun Aug 3 22:55:41 2003
went down to butlins the yesterday,thought about edwin and the goodtimes we all had together, i picked a brochure up and noticed the team are there next year (thanks lil).its a pity they were not advertized as edwin starrs team" iam making my way up to tamworth from southampton just to show my respect to the greatest showman ever, has jimmy james been invited ?,the two of them used to wind each other up to the crowd at butlins .see ya all at tamworth later!

Name: Baz and Pete
Country: England
Date: Fri Aug 1 15:48:54 2003
U r the guvna at soul music and always will be espicially "war wat is it good for?" RIP god bless we will miss you at Butlins!!

Country: UK Coventry Date: Tue Jul 29 09:33:05 2003
Comment: Edwin will be sadly missed. Met him at the Tamworth after a cool gig. I was listening to many track played live at a local night club Carays in Coventry on a Friday night (70's night) 25/07/03. Lot of respect shown. 2 Legends lost recently Edwin & Barry White. - Thanks Alistair of Coventry UK.

Name: Tony Burns-"Stan"
Country: England Date: Mon Jul 28 20:27:15 2003
Comment: The great man will be sadly missed by one and all,but his legacy of wonderful music lives on for everyone to remember him by.I was fortunate to see him live several times,once seen never forgotten!

Name: Clay McMurray
Country: USA Date: Fri Jul 25 21:15:20 2003
Comment: Lilian, You did a wonderful job with Edwin's career and as his old friend and stablemate I miss him deeply. Thru your efforts Edwin Starr is FOREVER and with your continued effort of marketing and exposing his talent he will live in the hearts of his worldwide friends and fans for years to come. God bless you both.

Name: Steve Clarke
Country: Date: Fri Jul 25 20:00:31 2003
Comment: Whilst working as station engineer for local community radio station in Tamworth (Palce FM OR Centre FM) I had the prevallage to meet Edwin a few times one night he came into the studio to be interviewed by Barry John, I filmed the whole show and at the end Edwin signed my copy of "Happy Radio" what a gent he was it will be a moment I will never forget, god blees him soul will live forever

Name: Giles Palmer
Country: UK Date: Sat Jul 19 17:05:28 2003
Comment: Edwin, You will be very sorely missed. You entertained us at Newport Essex in June 2000. A night not to be forgotten. What a proffesional and a gentleman. Could'nt please more. Always a smile and boy oh boy, you were as dynamic in 2000 as when you were a mere lad. All our love xxxxx

Name: denise law
Country: england Date: Thu Jul 17 00:02:06 2003
Comment: very much missed but never forgot. excellent to see him live such a star

Name: david holmes
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Wed Jul 16 20:19:48 2003
Comment: The world has lost a great disciple for peace and one of its greatest soul singers. I was fortunate to see the Dancing in The Streets tour twice what a fantastic show we will remember you Edwin with great affection thank you for your music R.I.P.

Name: Gemma
Country: england
Date: Sat Jul 12 19:52:11 2003
Comment: i am 14 and i love edwin starr. This is a good website.

Date: Sat Jul 12 00:02:12 2003

Name: Robert Burns
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Jul 10 10:23:24 2003
Comment: Saw Edwin in Aberdeen in 1984, great gig, half of the audience were up on stage dancing with him. Sadly missed, but never forgotten.

Name: P.C
Date: Sun Jul 6 03:50:00 2003
Comment: Just thought i'd let the initial "fuss" pass. God Bless "Big 'Ed" or "soul master" as was known on tour to a select few. From a humble roadie, who loved the guy for over 20 years. Sleep on "Cloud Nine" boss. Respect

Name: Frances Laing
Country: Britain
Date: Tue Jul 1 22:00:13 2003
Comment: Had the priviledge of seeing Edwin in Cheste this year. Of course he sang 'war, what is it good for'. Before starting the song he said 'this is more relevant than it has ever been'. Thankyou.

Name: Percy
Country: UK
Date: Sun Jun 29 12:20:16 2003
Comment: He was the man. The very best.

Name: Roy B.
Country: England
Date: Mon Jun 23 15:47:20 2003
Comment: To Linda and all the staff at Edwins HQ(that's Beeston C.C.)thanks for always making me and the rabble from Grantham welcome at the gig.See you in July,work permitting,KTF,Roy.

Name: Richard
Country: Australia
Date: Sun Jun 22 10:18:02 2003
Comment: I remember the first time I heard 'My Weakness is You', in a crowded club full of people smiling, sliding and twirling to that unstoppable chugging rhythm. I was instantly hooked. Edwin still fills dancefloors Down Under, and will do so for many years to come. I only hope that he realised the love and respect he inspired before he was taken from us. Thanks for all the good times, Edwin.

Name: Shagnasty
Country: UK
Date: Sat Jun 21 20:20:01 2003
Comment: Such a great performer, I had the opportunity to see the man on several occasion, always a great show, always.

Name: Harvey Grace
Country: U.K
Date: Sat Jun 21 15:49:04 2003
Comment: I'm only 16 but I have to say that this is one of the greatest songs in the world. RIP

Name: Lawrence Madden
Country: Manchester
Date: Fri Jun 20 15:10:06 2003
Comment: Edwin Starr a true soul master, his memory will live forever. Sadly missed by all true soul mates. Great live performer, if you never saw him you never lived. R.I.P

Name: Cookie Holley
Country: USA
Date: Mon Jun 16 21:55:02 2003
Comment: You'll never be forgotten!

Name: David Southampton
Country: U.K.
Date: Sun Jun 15 12:06:42 2003
Comment: Through my friend Bev Edwin's Lady Sax artist, I had the privilege of meeting Edwin and the Team on several occasions, his music will live on in the hearts of the millions that grew up over the past 40 years, Soul & Blues lovers the world over who have loved the sound that was and always will always be Edwin Starr. Edwin Your music will live forever.

Name: James Fullard
Country: Dudley. UK
Date: Tue Jun 10 17:00:54 2003
Comment: Having heard the sad news of a the great singer, took me back to my earliest memory, of seeing Edwin Starr & his Band. that was back in the late 60's at a local dance hall called the Plaza ballroom in Oswestry Salop (UK), his voice and the atmosphere was fantastic, he was a number of Soul singers coming up north Wales area at that time. then just by chance with now living in the West Midlands saw his name up on a billboard, I bought tickets immediatly from the ticket office of the local civic

Name: Zoe Palmer
Country: England
Date: Fri May 23 16:56:05 2003
Comment: So sad that Edwin's gone. Spent many hours singing and dancing along to his music, whether at home or a scooter rally. He made my (now) husband's day at Camber Sands 2001, when Edwin agreed to come along to our chalet and serenade him with Happy Birthday, on the day my husband turned 30. Cheers Edwin, never forget the memories of you singing and the look of wonder and surprise on Mark's face. God bless and rest in peace. Miss you. Zoe and Mark, Surrey District SC

Name: Richard Dawson
Country: england
Date: Thu May 22 10:39:54 2003
Comment: The ultimate showstopper, met Edwin several times on the rallies always gave you time and a show that never seemed to stop. Theres no substitute.

Name: Jeff Grover
Country: england
Date: Wed May 21 22:46:01 2003
Comment: Thanks for the many years of happiness that you have given to me and many others.The tribute that your band played at the I.O.M. was second to none.I as a scooterist would like to thank you for over thirty years from the twisted wheel 1972 till I.O.W 2003
.God bless you Edwin long may your Star reign. Love and respect Jeff Grover

Name: Graham & Jackie Clark
Country: England
Date: Fri May 16 18:24:00 2003
A great leader once made 4 words immortal "I HAVE A DREAM" with Edwin Starr he needed 5 "WE CAME HERE TO PARTY".Edwin's / Team last song at Butlins Skegness was Celebration and this is what his fans should be doing now, remembering all the great times they have had on the dance floor, Call & Respond music never sounded better, move over Otis Redding heaven has a new lead singer.

Name: chris baker
Country: england
Date: Fri May 16 18:10:35 2003
great man only saw him once at the casino blew my mind! much respect

Name: Graham Clark / Jackie Clark
Country: England
Date: Fri May 16 17:55:05 2003
A great leader once made 4 words immortal I have a dream.With Edwin he needed 5 We came here to party.Edwin / Team last song at Skegness Butlins was celebration and this is what Edwin's fans should be doing now, remembering all the great times they have had on the dance floor,call and respond music never sounded better, move over Otis Redding heaven has a new lead singer

Name: Dione
Country: Warrington, UK
Date: Wed May 14 22:47:29 2003
So shocked to hear of the loss of Edwin. I've met him and seen him perform (par excellence every time) on so many occasions at scooter rallies and throughout the UK at soul events. God bless you and may you rest in peace. Dione x

Name: Alan Barnes
Country: England, UK
Date: Wed May 14 22:35:23 2003
He was the first live artist I ever saw (at age 15).That night I couldn't believe I was witnessing a legend. From then on Edwin was one of the inspirations in my love of soul music.Having seen him perform over 30 times, I can honestly say he was a true 'soulmaster', always giving 100%.The world will be a much sadder place without his talent but it will live on in the legacy of his music. May he RIP. Alan Barnes (THE VIADUCT SOUL CLUB)

Name: paullightly
Country: england
Date: Tue May 13 22:02:43 2003
I have sang danced cried and worked with u and your music for the last thirty five years thanks for those memories god bless u soul brother r.i.p

Name: Michael Hughes
Country: Wales
Date: Tue May 13 04:30:34 2003
Edwin Starr is truly one of the greats of soul music. his lyrics show a true understanding of lifes struggles, and his music, WOW!!. I had the pleasure to witness his talent in the mid nineties when I was in the audience at Lancaster univerity in England. The way he was able to excite that crowd was the talent of a true pro!!! he put young bands to shame to say the very least! A true legend

Name: federico
Country: italia
Date: Tue May 13 00:55:39 2003
UN MITOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!War means distuction of innocent life!!!

Name: ROY B
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Mon May 12 14:14:51 2003
Thanks to Jean and all the crew at Edwins HQ(thats Beeston CC)for a great NS night last Friday.You always make the Grantham rabble welcome,much appreciated by all.See you at the end of May. Cheers,ROY B.

Name: ian lapsley
Country: uk
Date: Sun May 11 23:34:42 2003
Sadly missed - a true soul legend - regards Stars/Escape Corby.

Name: Rita Thomas
Country: England
Date: Sat May 10 14:05:36 2003
Edwin has sadly departed but his memeory through his music will live on forever

Name: paul lighly
Country: England
Date: Fri May 9 13:43:17 2003
we will miss you so fifth avenue

Name: Janet Barber
Date: Fri May 9 05:41:57 2003
May God Bless and Keep You Always..... A Starr is born into eternity

Name: Gary Gilchrist
Country: United States
Date: Fri May 9 04:02:22 2003
From Gary and David Gilchirst, Our heat felt condolences go out to Edwin's family. I never met Edwin personnally, but David did on a a trip to England in 1999. Lilian, I have not seen you since 1972. Hope hear from you soon. Gary

Name: Bettie Williams McCoy
Country: U.S.A.
Date: Fri May 9 02:45:14 2003
For many years I have regretted leaving Edwin, NOt knowing that It would be forever. I will always miss him. Prior message to, most Importantly, my condolece to his Mother and Lillian Kyle. I am so very sorry. R.I.P. Edwin Love Bettie Lansing, Michigan

Name: Lou Ragland
Country: America
Date: Wed May 7 18:35:36 2003
I Thank you Edwin for taking me to England and introducing me to the soul fans. Of all the entertainment folk I know, you were the only one to help me, I will never forget! Rest In Peace, Lou Ragland

Name: Dirk Porath
Country: Deutschland
Date: Tue May 6 00:14:08 2003
Als ich heute abend vom tot des edwin starr gelesen habe hat es mich fast erschlagen. er war mit abstand einer der besten soul sänger der welt. mein tiefstes beileid für alle die ihn liebten und kannten. Dirk Porath aus Germany

Name: Byron Woods
Country: USA
Date: Sun May 4 15:33:45 2003
In tribute to one of the greatest singers around, Edwin Starr...Brother you will be missed! I have always enjoyed your music and I am glad that we had a chance to talk about it last year via e-mail. My singing partner Dianne Madison recently sang background vocals with you on the PBS special and she shared with me the wonderful time she had performing with you. She said you kept them laughing, I felt like I was there enjoying the groove too!Brother Edwin, Forever Music!! Love from the member

Name: Tony Spooner
Country: USA
Date: Sun May 4 09:21:54 2003
God Bless you Edwin. Your music is awesome and thru it you will continue to live on Rest In Peace

Name: Lee
Country: UK (OLDBURY)
Date: Sat May 3 13:37:32 2003

Name: JODY
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Fri May 2 15:51:09 2003
my name is jody and i come from wigan im only 18 years old and recently found out that i share my birthday with the great edwin starr, i didnt grow up on the soul scene but my mum and my auntie started to educate me on soul music, i must say i didnt know much bout edwin starr but i wished i had done. wot else can i say sorry about your loss. will promise to learn more of the great man luv jody

Name: roberta ashcroft
Country: england
Date: Fri May 2 15:44:34 2003
sorry to hear of the sad loss of edwin starr, grown up with the music always loved the sounds of back street, agent double o soul, my weakness is you and the unforgetable war and all the way up to the 80s sounds of contact one of the best and will be so sadly missed by so many. never will be forgotten to all his family we share your loss everyones will be thinking of you. luv roberta ashcroft in wigan

Name: wagsy(keith henry)
Country: england
Date: Fri May 2 15:35:32 2003
was so gutted to hear of the passing of the brilliant edwin starr. met edwin at a scooter rally was brilliant as always. he was one of the good guys did so much for northern soul so many memories from the music. you will be sadly missed edwin from wagsy in west brom

Name: mandy ashcroft
Country: england
Date: Fri May 2 15:24:34 2003
thankyou edwin starr for all the brilliant music that u give to us. u where one of the best soul men ever and you've always kept the faith. we've seen you so many times that we all felt that we all knew you. thankyou edwin starr you will be missed by so many music lovers all over the world. from mandy leon lewis levi and jody from wigan

Name: Stephen Connelly
Country: London, England
Date: Fri May 2 14:27:41 2003
As another great soul act once sang I'm on my way to a better place. Edwin; respect to the man who helped put SOUL on the map, you will sorely missed and will always be remembered. God Bless rest in peace.

Name: Taff (Martin Evans)
Country: United Kingdom
Date: Thu May 1 23:11:05 2003
Heaven is no longer missing an angel. Met Edwinn many times at rallies & events, last time at the Isle of Wight scooter rally 1998. A true performer. May your music like your Soul live on forever.

Name: M. Bhoy
Country: Canada
Date: Thu May 1 19:29:25 2003
The legend may have moved on to a better place but at least the rest of us left behind still have his music. Keep the Faith!

Name: Betty Williams
Country: U.S.A.
Date: Thu May 1 04:38:31 2003
I was a live-in companion of Edwin's for several years in Detroit and Los Angeles. Not enough tears... He was really wonderful to me. My condolences to Terry,Patty,Angelo and most of all Andre. Extending beyond the pain, my eternal love. Lansing, MI Name: DeeLynne Meyers
Country:Prescott AZ
Date: Mon Aug 25 15:36:48 2003
Well, Edwin was and will always be a spicial man!! I know him in the 70S. I also know he brother Terry Starr,The whole family where great.. He will be deeply missed... And if Terry you are outh there email me I would love to hear from you.. Dee-Dee (Starwood)

Name: andy(SMUDGE)smith
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Sun Apr 13 22:21:12

Name: Tony & Sue
Country: England
Date: Sun Apr 13 21:33:15
Went to see Edwin last year on his Dancing in the Street tour, the man was breathtaking, God Bless Him and his Family, he will be sadly missed

Country: ENGLAND
Date: Sun Apr 13 20:55:51

Name: Paul & Jenny Dunn
Country: Oxfordshire UK
Date: Sun Apr 13 20:54:17
Edwin you were the greatest live act to grace our scene. We will sorely miss you.God rest your soul.

Name: Mal & Gloria Lace
Country: England
Date: Sun Apr 13 20:45:46
While we listen to Edwin's music and continue to dance to his record's his memory will never die. Rest in peace a true star! Thanks for the memories

Name: Colin Dawson
Country: England
Date: Sun Apr 13 19:34:06
Edwin the king of soul. You will be sadly missed around the soul scene. A legend for over 40 years , heres to the next 40 years. A starr in your own rights. Colin

Name: Tina McBain
Country: Tamworth, UK
Date: Sun Apr 13 17:55:00 2003
From Tina's point of view, he was always there to advise and encourage. Again a wonderful man. It is very sad that we never got round to recording the Oh Happy track we were going to release as a charity single, but the memories will stay of the day we spent with Edwin at Polesworth, talking about and planning the project.
Fianlly, I think it is a great gesture that Tamworth Soul expert, Leigh Smart has renamed his new club - The Northern Starr Soul Club as a mark of respect to Edwin. I cannot think of a finer tribute.
Our love and thoughts are with Edwins family and friends at this time. Tina & Ian

Name: Malc & Sue
Country: England
Date: Sun Apr 13 16:38:33 2003
"If My Heart Could Tell A Story" WOW Just 1 of many,many,many great records Edwin made.We all had Faith in you.Our thoughts go out to Family and Friends.We will Miss You.....

Name: Jane
Country: UK
Date: Sun Apr 13 16:16:09 2003
I wish to send my deepest sympathy to Edwin's family..... I have seen him twice in concert and is was the best live performer ever. He will be so much missed but his music will live on

Name: Lynn and Maureen
Country: Watford, Englan
Date: Sun Apr 13 14:52:04 2003
My mum and I had both the priviledge and pleasure of seeing Edwin live on many occasions. Truly and unequivocally Edwin gave it everything -150%. His passion, energy and enthusiasm was unwaivering. His music second to none! A wonderfuly warm man who could walk on stage and captivate the audience within a few bars, without any backing - awesome and unrivalled talent. My mum's treasure possession is a fabululous photo of Edwin and her just as he left the stage at the Jazz Cafe after one of

Country: usa
Date: Sun Apr 13 07:37:33 2003

Name: Champaigne R. Hill
Country: U.S.A.
Date: Sun Apr 13 05:42:43 2003
We have lost yet another GREAT ARTIST, Edwin's songs " WAR " & "25 Miles" says it all for everyone. Too bad people still don't pay attention to those two songs. Edwin, you are an ANGEL now, may God shine the light on others still down here, More Important, Let them see His light that has been shining since ????.You may not be with us anymore, but Your Inspirations will always be. Thanks So Much for sharing with us. I've been Forever changed by your gift given to me. Your Precious Voice

Name: Mysterymod
Country: London, UK
Date: Sun Apr 13 01:25:30 2003
You were, are and always will be superb.

Name: richard
Country: england
Date: Sun Apr 13 01:25:11 2003
Another great soul ledgend has left us, we were proud to have him in our country. The Real Agent 00 Soul... Keep the Faith. Richar and Dolores. N.Yorkshire.

Name: Heather
Country: England
Date: Sat Apr 12 22:46:01 2003
What else is there to say than a star 4 ever. Loved on the soul scene by scooterists everywhere..

Name: Michael B. Sutton
Country: USA
Date: Sat Apr 12 19:39:36 2003
Thank you Edwin Starr for paving the way at Motown for up and coming artists back in the day. If it hadn't been for artists like yourself we would not have had the opportunity.

Name: Dave Preece
Country: England
Date: Sat Apr 12 01:48:52 2003
Edwin Star was the best perfomer I have ever seen.I have seen him many times and most recently at the st'albans Arena with Martha Reeves and Freda Paine.He was awesome .I have a tape of him at the new years eve party with Jools Holland and Jools commented how he was the only star that did not need the monitors as he was powerful enough without them.I have never wept over a celebrity until I heard of Edwins death. His music will live forever , God Bless his soul and "Keep the faith".

Name: LEE u know me!
Country: U.K.
Date: Fri Apr 11 23:45:36 2003
EDWIN I know u can hear me!!! Since I have known u ,U have never ceased to amaze me ,U have always treated me like a friend & a friend u are indeed!! I owe u my sanity cos' u came into my life at the right TIME!!!All the people close to u can depend on me.I will do my ut most to please them JEAN, LILIAN, ANGELO, DAVEDABUS,PADDY,INGRID,DONNA,KEV,CLIVE,DOV, CHUCKIE,CARLTON,STEVIE,ROB,JAMES,BEV,ANDY,DEANO,I luvs ya all!! couldnt wish to work with a better crew!! SEE U ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!

Name: John Nadin
Country: Great Britain
Date: Fri Apr 11 23:41:02 2003
A great soul singer who I have had the priviledge of seeing perfom live . I am only 6 years his junior and can rememember him at Ric-Tic. I feel his music will live on as that of the other greats in this field. Badly missed.

Name: Colin Roughley
Country: Florida USA
Date: Fri Apr 11 20:42:21 2003
I couldn't believe it when I heard the passing of the Soul Master. I'll never forget seeing Edwin for the first time at the Casino in the 70's. He was just an awesome performer and cool to come into the crowd to sign autographs. The world has lost an amazing human being. I feel sad for the people who never had the chance to meet him or see him perform live.

Name: Alan Edge
Country: Derbys, England
Date: Fri Apr 11 20:40:05 2003
Edwin, you were one of the truly great soul artistes,ever,a gentleman to the last, who gave so much pleasure to us all with your songs it will be so hard to believe we won`t see your talent perform again. Your memory and music will live on with us all and you will always remain in our minds as a true champion of the Northern Soulscene. Rest In Peace.

Name: Anita Sudano
Country: the netherlands
Date: Fri Apr 11 18:50:35 2003
It's sad to hear that Edwin is not around us anymore. I had the luck to perform with Edwin a few years ago when he was in the Netherlands during a show called "Goud van Oud" where I did the backing vocals. He was a very nice person and very professional. Gave me some very good professional advice and it was fun to work with him. May he rest in peace. Although his body is not among us anymore, his spirit and songs will live in our minds and ears forever! Anita Sudano Singer from

Name: David Sullivan
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Fri Apr 11 18:41:25 2003
Edwin was my favourite artist and a lovely person. Stop Her on Site, Contact and Happy my favourite 3 all time songs. Edwin played at my house many times. I greatly miss him-but his songs keep him alive in my heart.

Name: Faron
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 11 18:33:55 2003
R.I.P Many thanks for some great memories.

Name: chris
Country: england
Date: Fri Apr 11 18:30:13 2003
as the great man said WAR what is it good for???? absolutely nothing.

Name: mark
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 11 17:30:19 2003
25 miles what can i say one of the greatest soul two of them all, May you rest in peace!

Name: Sid&Jacqui Hudson
Country: england
Date: Fri Apr 11 17:23:00 2003
The people of Dunstable,Beds loved you.The greatest of performers who touched our Soul on and off stage. A kind gentle man who will shine in our hearts forever. Love Sid&Jaqui

Name: Kenny Lee
Country: DUDLEY UK
Date: Fri Apr 11 16:20:33 2003
Edwin, on behalf of us all in the Black Country you were the real-deal. When I look into the sky these clear nights, I see one TRUE NORTHERN STARR Thanks for being a friend. Your music and live shows touched our hearts and will live with us forever, no-one can ever take away those memories. Heaven will be a better place now your there -God bless you Kenny and Liz

Name: Fay L Jones
Country: Oldham
Date: Fri Apr 11 13:40:42 2003
Many roads we travelled together Charles E Hatcher and I. A Star Yes in every sense of the word. But my best freind first and last.God Father to my children.Loved for the Man himself. Cherished with Love and Affection REST IN ETERNAL PEACE. GOOD NIGHT GOD BLESS HATCH. Memories Keep forever FAY L JONES OLDHAM MANCHESTER

Name: Bill & Dawn Randle
Country: U.K
Date: Fri Apr 11 12:34:38 2003
We have lost a member of our family who can never be replaced, and whilst we loved you as Edwin Starr it was Charles E Hatcher who took a piece of our hearts.Where you will stay forever. Rest in ETERNAL PEACE knowing that you will always be a part of our lives. BILL & DAWN

Name: tamlamotown45-at-aol.co.uk
Country: notts. uk
Date: Fri Apr 11 12:21:44 2003
allready signed the book once... but want to know will war be rereleased..... it must be, i know edwin would have wanted it.......somebody do it please..pj

Name: JJ Barnes
Country: U.S.A
Date: Fri Apr 11 06:58:55 2003
Two One of the most hardest working showmen in the business. A tropper til the end your family has all my condolence. Edwin u will always be a shining Starr in my life love your good friend JJ Barnes

Name: Shenton Dixon
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 10 23:35:34 2003
Started out as a fan and then we became good friends. Working with you on the Dancing in the st. tour 98 was an honour and a privilege. I have many wonderful memories of you. You was a consummate pro. whose humble and kind Am going to miss our crazy phone calls and that laugh. R.I.P. shenton dixon

Name: Shenton Dixon
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 10 23:18:37 2003
Started out as a fan and then we became good friends. Working with you on the Dancing in the Streets tour of 98 was an honour and a privilege. I have many wonderful memories but the one that sticks out was on one particular night the management was thinking of cutting one of your songs as you clearly were under the weather but you wouldn't have it. The fans have paid there money and you were not going to short change then. Well this particular night after you sang this number you had a extradi

Name: sandra and jerry lynch
Country: notts england
Date: Thu Apr 10 21:24:59 2003
you;ll always be our "darling darling baby" From the bottom of our souls,your music lives on. Goodnight godbless edwin.xx

Name: fran & goldie
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 10 21:03:22 2003
wer'e helpless! theres nothing we can do! cause you know our weakness is you! Always have faith and love in you!

Name: Antony Tuffs
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 10 18:20:20 2003
I went to see Edwin Starr at Jumpin Jaks in Dunstable with John Blakemore last year. Edwin was a genius on stage, he will be remembered as a legend. Rest in Peace Edwin Starr

Name: Paula
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 10 17:55:53 2003
A very special person whom I was privileged enough to meet. A true Star with that wonderful voice ! With love Paula x

Name: Oisin Lunny
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 10 14:03:49 2003
A sad loss for music lovers but what a legacy you left behind. You will be remembered always. KTF

Name: Misty and Family
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 10 11:31:30 2003
Edwin, you put so much light into my life and my childrens, our tears are still falling for you. Just glad that we had the chance to meet you and see you perform so many times, glad I managed to see you at Skegness this year, our final hand shake,our hearts go out to your Family, The Team, Lillian, Dave and Dawn and all who had the pleasure of being around you. GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN.YOU WERE THE BEST.X X X

Name: Steve Peak
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 10 09:02:11 2003
I have already put my respects on the guetbook, but I have just had an E-mail from Martha Reeves. She says she is deeply saddened and heavy hearted at this sad news and has asked me to convey this to all Soul Supporters out there. Martha also says that she will be visiting Angelo and family in May in London to pay her respects. She signs off, Love and God bless to you all.

Name: DJ Gary(wolverhampton)
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 10 04:54:23 2003
I had the great plesure of working with Edwin a few years ago, As always he was a true profesional and a gentleman. He will be a sad loss to the music and entertainment industry. God Bless you Edwin thanks for giving me and many others some great memories

Name: Mal & Jo MS Entertainment Grou
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 10 00:59:46 2003
To a Dear friend who will be deeply missed and remembered for all the great times that we had together. The world is now a sadder place, sincere wishes to the family From:Mal and Jo Sprawling M.S.Entertainment Group.Ashford Kent.England

Name: George Williams
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 10 00:46:41 2003
I will always remember with great afection all of the wonderful time that we have spent together on the road. And the meny happy hour's that we had together just getting away from it all.You are a truley missed friend and collegue. Sympathy goes to all your lovely family God Bless George Williams.

Name: Thirsty Cattle Scooter Club
Country: Austria
Date: Thu Apr 10 00:20:56 2003
we are sad to know that you will never lift up our souls with your marvellous concerts. you are out of our eyes, but we will never forget you! Rest in Peace! keep the faith! see and hear ya in heaven!

Name: Rob Taylor
Country: Tamworth
Date: Thu Apr 10 00:04:18 2003
Edwin, I just wanted to thank you for all the time, support, encouragement, enthusiasm and words of wisdom you have given me these past two years, not only as an artist but as a friend. Although our friendship was short I will treasure the memory forever."And I know your shining down on me from heaven, like so many friends we've lost along the way" Much love Edwin. Rob

Name: john
Country: walsall
Date: Wed Apr 9 22:43:30 2003
If my heart could tell a story it would say how much we will miss you edwin always my soul master rip.

Country: ENGLAND
Date: Wed Apr 9 22:13:15 2003
We had the pleasure of having a meal with Edwin at the Ocean Treasure resturant in Oldham, a couple of months ago, as always a true gentleman and a lovely man.We met him two years earlier at Brannigans Manchester on both his and my partners birthday and two years later he not only remembered the night he remembered our names, that meant the world to us being big fans of his for years. Goodnight godbless and keep the faith. Frank and Diane, forever fans.

Name: christine
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 9 21:50:27 2003
my sister and myself saw edwin starr live at Preston,he was absolutely fantastic,what a performer, i was sweating with dancing and singing so much. He was an incredible man, loved by all his fans. Commeriserations to all his family for such a sad loss of a wonderful entertainer, who provided such a lot for northern soul and motown. love christine, carol and jane.

Name: Maggie+Kev
Country: Sheffield,UK
Date: Wed Apr 9 21:31:44 2003
A gentleman and a true professional.What a "Starr".Your music will live on. xx

Name: pers
Date: Wed Apr 9 20:58:19 2003
I remember watching a commercial on tv ,with a guy running on the road and hearing this amazing song * 25 Miles * Traced the song to the singer who had some amazing songs that even outshone most of Motowns others. Amazing person with an amazing voice and those undeniable classics. sincerest condolences to Edwin's Family & Friends

Name: Wendy
Country: Scotland
Date: Wed Apr 9 20:23:02 2003
Starr by name, Star by nature.

Name: Paul Harris
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 9 20:21:53 2003
God bless you Edwin, youre music will live on forever, thankyou so much for being a starr to us all. I have faith in you.........

Name: Fish - Morning Radio Host
Country: USA
Date: Wed Apr 9 15:45:43 2003
Edwin, I know you're throwing one heck of a concert in Heaven. You're one of the truly greats. Thanks for the music. Fish Oldies Radio FM 99 The Pickle

Name: Paul Rourke
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 9 11:23:21 2003
The end of an era - The start of a legend. RIP Edwin - You were truly a starr.

Name: Steve Payne
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 9 11:12:26 2003
A truly great entertainer with his band. Only saw him in UK many times at Butlins - still the only person I ever saw who made the audience dance on the tables

Name: Miles
Country: B'ham,England
Date: Wed Apr 9 04:40:45 2003
It was summer 1989 in a sweaty nightclub in Kavos, Corfu. A young 18 year old in a vespa t-shirt was at the front of a heaving crowd. An arm came into the front row from the stage and hauled the lad up onto it."what's ya name?" "Miles" I said."Well here's a song for you" The next 3 or so minutes singing 25 Miles with you Edwin were amazing. I will never forget it. You will be sorely missed by the scooter and soul scenes and anyone else who has met you or seen you perform. Your smile will live on

Name: Ron Swope
Country: Chicago, USA
Date: Wed Apr 9 01:55:56 2003
I first saw Edwin on stage at Chicago's Regal Theater in 1967. Almost 30 years later I met him in person at the Motown Museum in Detroit. He was the very definition of a SOUL MAN. I will miss him. But we will always have his music.

Name: Richard Bewsey
Country: U.K.
Date: Wed Apr 9 01:02:52 2003
Thanks for all your wonderful music over the years.You will be missed.My thoughts are with your family.

Name: A. Stanton
Country: Canada
Date: Wed Apr 9 00:34:37 2003
I was saddened to hear of the passing of a true Motown Legend. Thank you Edwin for the amazing music. Your powerful masterpiece "War" is as relevent in these troubled times as it was when it was recorded. Your plea for Peace Love and Understanding is one I wholeheartedly endorse. Rest in Peace my brother and thank you for the music.

Name: Fabb Glanton
Country: United States
Date: Tue Apr 8 23:42:11 2003
THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! From the shows we did in the 60's and the songs we did in the 90's, and the last show you and Bill invited me to play on in the UK in 2001. Your talent and melodies that brought life to the songs you sang will last forever. You were a part of the cream of the crop that put Detroit's music on top. I think I can speak for those of us here in Detroit who are left from that era in saying that we'll love you forever and thanks for the Memories. Fabb Glanton.

Name: The Webmaster
Country: UK
Date: Tue Apr 8 22:57:13 2003
Edwin, As you did to thousands of others, you touched our lives. The internet chat and the Bargain Bucket will stay with us forever! The countless people you helped and advised - no-one more selfless - and you still had so many things to achieve. Life is temporary, the spirit eternal, you are there in our memories, everlasting, always just around the corner. Our thoughts are with Edwin's closest. Barry & Ginny

Name: soulcorner
Country: FRANCE
Date: Tue Apr 8 22:21:20 2003
www.soulcorner.com pays tribute to Edwin

Name: Tony Wyn-Jones
Country: South Wales
Date: Tue Apr 8 19:52:29 2003
The music industry has lost a true great and I have lost a great friend. I have had the plesure of working with Edwin many times. May he rest in peace and his music live on. God Bless. Tony Wyn-Jones

Name: noddy brown
Country: lancashire
Date: Tue Apr 8 19:43:12 2003
Is a sad time for the many happy followers of a genuine living legend.A true showman who always put his heart into every performance no matter what the venue.He lived for the music and he will have left a lasting impression on the various generations he entertained.It was all about pleasure to "Our Edwin ", not money or fame or limelight.Rest in Peace Legend.Thanks for the memories.

Name: Terry Anderson
Country: U.K,
Date: Tue Apr 8 18:09:51 2003
Sadly Missed, Fondly remembered.

Name: RJ
Country: USA
Date: Tue Apr 8 18:02:30 2003
I had the pleasure of metting Edwin for the first time in November in Pittsburgh. For the recording of the American Soundtrack put on by PBS. The whole three days I was there Edwin said "Every time I see you, I wait for you to say ice ice baby, I think your the only white boy I've ever seen wear a royal blue suit." That will always be stuck in my head everytime I wear my suit. Also, the music industry lost a giant influence in music. May Edwin Rest in Peace.

Name: bigg robb
Country: usa
Date: Tue Apr 8 16:13:30 2003
as a kid i discovered this purple 45 record"he who picks a rose" while sneeking in the family music collection I WAS STUNNED AMAZED AND TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY by the sound of your voice and the GOOD VIBES when i flipped the record over and heard "WAR i have never been the same 30 years later i am still inspired by your art i am sad that you are gone but i know THAT GOD DOESNT MAKE MISTAKES !rest in peace "uncle edwin" your soulful singing has truly made this world a better place!

Name: Amira Sharafan
Country: America
Date: Tue Apr 8 16:02:06 2003
This is a sad sad moment.Wish I would have been around to see him in concert. Sadly missed by all your fans

Name: Dave Krynski
Country: England
Date: Tue Apr 8 15:46:30 2003
Never without that famous smile of his, Edwin was a genuine guy in every respect and personified everything that "Soul" really meant. He will be sorely missed by everyone who met him or caught any of his powerhouse performances. So sad that we have lost another legend far too soon.

Name: Deek
Country: Scotland
Date: Tue Apr 8 14:13:57 2003
A sad time indeed ... so many songs , so many memories . RIP Big Man ...

Name: sue & tiny
Country: derbyshire
Date: Tue Apr 8 12:06:32 2003
Edwin, Our best man and friend. You brought sunshine on a cloudy day, never to be forgotten, the one and only soul master.R.I.P. Sue and Tiny. Uncle Edwin, You will live on in our souls for ever, fond memories of B.B.Q's, broken noses and bouncy castles, love Andrew, Ian, Adam, Steven, Lea andf Sophie.xxx

Name: Dale Butler
Country: England
Date: Tue Apr 8 10:27:00 2003
A truly great man ,always top of his game

Country: England
Date: Tue Apr 8 03:31:13 2003
A genuine superstar an honour to have met,worked with,watched and listenedto him.big respect.Rob the Gob,The Manchester Blackpool

Name: Phil Daggett
Country: UK
Date: Tue Apr 8 00:24:35 2003
A great Northern Soul has passd us by.

Name: Illusive Butterfly
Country: London
Date: Tue Apr 8 00:21:07 2003
Memories last a lifetime as does love, mine certainly will. See you again one day Babe. XXXXXXXXXX

Name: phil crane
Country: uk
Date: Tue Apr 8 00:10:41 2003
In sixties saw The Soul Master twice in the same night - first at the Nelson Imp. then later down the Wheel. It was just around the time of 25 Miles. He was top drawer!

Name: paul johnson
Country: england
Date: Mon Apr 7 22:43:50 2003
I saw you live on stage 27 times you will be sadly missed but the memories and your music will be with me forever.

Name: lynne stephenson
Country: england
Date: Mon Apr 7 22:36:50 2003
You were the best - many happy memories of fantastic live performances - a true showman and a gentleman. RIP Edwin. Your music lives on in our heartsx

Country: UK
Date: Mon Apr 7 21:56:19 2003

Name: Betty & Trevor Greaves
Date: Mon Apr 7 21:48:40 2003
So shocked to hear the news. Thank you for being a part of our life through out son Chuckie. You were unique as a performer and always the true gentleman who made time after your performance for your fans. You will be sadly missed and your talent irreplacable. Rest in peace

Name: phil benton
Country: england
Date: Mon Apr 7 21:38:45 2003
Hi just discovered the bad news, edwin will be sadly missed by me and all his other fans.Funky music sho did turn us on.All my deepest regards to his family .Phil

Name: Mark Oliver
Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 7 21:27:22 2003
To a true icon who wrote and recorded so many memorable classics from the late 50's to present day. Everyone who met Edwin was taken back by his drive and enthusiasm in everything that he did. Edwin you will be sadly missed and the legend of Edwin Starr will never be forgotten. Respect ! Mark

Date: Mon Apr 7 20:19:16 2003
To Edwin Starr whom I will always appreciate for his interest and encouragement in my singing and performance. It was Edwin Starr who bought me out of the audience in downtown Brooklyn to the stage to sing the Al Green/Tina Turner "Let's Stay Together" and saying very succinctly..."They are going to hear from you." And true to his prediction I ran into him in the airport in New York and LA as I was running all over the globe promoting my hit record "You're Too Late". Again he stated

Name: J. Randy Taraborrelli
Country: USA
Date: Mon Apr 7 18:55:32 2003
I'm sick about our losing Edwin... I had the opportunity to interview him a few times along the way...such a gentleman as well as an amazing talent. His Motown music was always a cut above the rest. He'll be so missed.

Name: Carole
Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 7 18:45:35 2003
What can I say, what a great shock to lose 'our Edwin'. I've been watching him since the tender age of 16 and he was always the epitome of a true ' soul man', never gave less than 110% (even on the numerous occasions when he had to endure me and my sister Helen trying (and failing miserabley) to sing along with him on stage. A GREAT MAN WHO WILL BE SORELY MISSED. SPECIAL THOUGHTS TO ANGELO - THINKING OF YOU BABE. With Thoughts and sympathy Carole (Connop) (Ruebens Leigh gang)

Name: Steve
Country: UK
Date: Mon Apr 7 17:35:49 2003
Gone but NEVER forgotten. RIP.

Name: Jim Watson
Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 7 17:29:33 2003
Edwin made music that made your skin tingle, a true soul man, he'll be sorely missed. From all at the Regency Soul Club, London

Name: Paul
Country: Wigan UK
Date: Mon Apr 7 17:29:08 2003
Northern Soul icon RIP

Name: Joan and Maggie
Country: Wigan U.K.
Date: Mon Apr 7 16:54:53 2003
We called ourselves 'Edwin's Wigan Groupies' - he contradicted us with a warm hug and the words "Hey No - you're my friends!" For 7 years we have experienced, following Edwin and the Team, all over the North-West, the most magnificent highs in life. You welcomed us with open arms and a kiss and we made you laugh Edwin. Lets hope we're still making you smile.....and forget your words!! Love you always XJoanXandXMaggieX

Name: Becks & mum
Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 7 16:52:11 2003
A true gentleman thanks for the music and all the fun and memories. We'll miss you.Love you forever God bless you Edwin x

Name: Staff and pupils Golborne High
Country: U.K.
Date: Mon Apr 7 16:41:03 2003
40 pupils and 2 ecstatic staff will never forget the day Edwin visited Golborne High giving up his valuable rest time in Manchester to support us in our venture in the 'On The Beat 2000' at Bridgewater Hall. He touched all our hearts with his charisma, sincerety and genuine interest in young people. Our school still buzzes at the mere mention of 'Edwin Starr'. GHS Loves you Edwin!!!!

Name: Linda Evans
Country: Sheffield UK
Date: Mon Apr 7 16:21:52 2003
Over the last 30 years I have seen Edwin many times, the last a few weeks ago at Sgegness. He always gave 110% and sang with such energy and passion,from the heart, and we took him to ours.Good bye Sweet Soul man,though your gone your music will live on forever.I will miss you greatly.RIP Edwin.

Country: WALES
Date: Mon Apr 7 15:10:26 2003

Name: Denny
Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 7 14:48:04 2003
Edwin we will miss your energetic performances, Bultins will never be the same again.

Name: Bee Cool Publishing
Country: United Kingdom
Date: Mon Apr 7 14:01:33 2003
When Edwin called our office to quote for Dennis Coffeys autobiography he said Dennis was in that elite band of musicians who helped create the Motown Sound. Edwin Starr was that SOUND and he kept that sound going from his very first record until now he just never stopped singing, a true gentleman and an honour to call him a freind.We will all miss you.

Name: Andrew
Country: UK
Date: Mon Apr 7 13:12:35 2003
Edwin was a great singer and he will be missed by everyone who loved his music. Best Wishes, Andy

Name:Golden Koscuik, Nadya Koscuik
Date:Mon Apr 7 13:13:00 2003
Dear Edwin,
I can't see why you would not get this message in heaven, so I decided to go ahead and trust that god would not let me down.
You know legends never really die and there are a multitude of reasons why. In your very own case and life you shared your love with your fellow man in words of song and caring action day to day. I count myself lucky to have known you for over 25 years, and now we can go on knowing one another for an eternity, as I believe that the soul continues to move.
So lets stay in touch, and now that you have been elevated to the highest maybe you can help us help the world. And thank you so very much for leaving us your performing artistry, special lyrics and a memory of friendship for me and for Nadya to remember you by.
God Bless!
Your friends eternally,
Golden & Nadya

Name: Stephen Goodwin
Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 7 13:12:15 2003
On behalf of the Beers n Larfs Scooter Club, may I thank you for always having the time to speak to us, since you became honourary president of the club when we met at Watford in the 80's, and on numerous rallies since. We grieve for one of our own.

Name: Stephen Goodwin
Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 7 13:00:42 2003
Edwin, Thank you for the legacy of fine music that you have left behind, and for the warmth and affection that you showed Scooterists and Northern Soul fans. On a personal note, you invited me into your home and happily posed for photos on my scooter ‘Headline News‘. NO other star of your stature would have done so. You are much appreciated and so sadly missed.

Name: john wilkinson
Country: england
Date: Mon Apr 7 12:38:04 2003
A fine performer but moreso a fine man whom we will all miss badly.R.I.P Edwin.

Name: ROY B
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Mon Apr 7 12:01:36 2003
We hope you will never forget us Edwin,because we will never,ever forget you!I looked at the photos from the Beeston gig over the weekend,not just a good night-incredible!From soul boys and soul girls everywhere KTF. ROY B. Grantham.

Name: Joan Harris
Country: Derby England
Date: Mon Apr 7 11:05:17 2003
You will be sadly missed Edwin, a soul great. Your live shows were brilliant,so full of energy, each one so fresh. A Starr that will keep shining for ever.

Name: Sue Raine
Country: Isle of Man
Date: Mon Apr 7 10:08:25 2003
My heart goes out to Edwin's family right now he was a legend and a great man. I have known you almost all my life and yet met you only a few times. A month from now you would have been here on the Isle of Man, so sorry you didn't make it but your voice and personality will stay in my heart and memory forever...I have faith in you Edwin you will be very sadly missed XXX

Name: stephen dilley
Country: uk
Date: Mon Apr 7 02:14:25 2003
u will be sadly missed on the scooter scene, and i miss u already, rip my friend yours steve.

Name: Dave Godin
Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 7 01:45:17 2003
Edwin Starr personified all the heart-warming exuberance of Soul music - its feel for life and its affirmation of our common humanity. That he should pass at a time when these commodities are so in need of re-affirmation is a bitter irony. His contribution to the musical history of Blackamerica is indelible and permanent, as is the enrichment his talent gave to all our lives.

Name: John Ponomarenko
Country: Jersey CI
Date: Mon Apr 7 01:24:52 2003
Edwin was the ultimate proffesional who always gave his all whether performing to 5000 or 5. He will be sorely missed by all who have been privelidged to see him. Edwin Starr R.I.P

Name: Paul Cuerden
Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 7 01:11:05 2003
Best live act ever seen by 25 miles. Put most so called stars to shame with his dedication to his fans.

Name: Josie Maynard
Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 7 00:34:46 2003
This tribute is on behalf of my family and I . Rest in peace Mr Starr I remember dancing to 'Contact' and 'War' back in the days. My husband sends his thoughts especially to Angelo whom he has had the privellge to jam with him amongst others on several occasions.

Name: George Girven
Country: England
Date: Mon Apr 7 00:06:41 2003
Edwin,you gave me four of the best weeks of my life, when I stood in as your Tour Manager during an early seventies tour. Your nightly rendition of George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord" will stay in my memory forever, and now you will be singing it for him. God Bless you my friend and thanks for the memories.

Name: Ron
Country: england
Date: Mon Apr 7 00:05:52 2003
i first saw edwin at the twisted wheel in manchester i have been a fan ever since this starr will shine forever

Name: Helen Bent
Country: Canada
Date: Sun Apr 6 23:54:24 2003
My heart goes out to Edwin's family, especially Angelo. Edwin, you will forever be singing in heaven and will always be the brightest "Starr" in the sky. Peace Helen

Name: Sue and Brian Jones
Country: Nottm England
Date: Sun Apr 6 22:40:41 2003
We just wanted to add our thoughts to the book. We have seen Edwin perform many times and everytime has been brilliant, he was totally professional and when he sang a song it was as if he was singing it for the first time and putting his heart and soul into - he was a real 'peoples' person, and always had that great smile - and will be sadly missed.

Name: barry cook/rat
Country: England
Date: Sun Apr 6 22:30:01 2003
your gonna be a sad lost to my life being 63, in my 25th time of seeing you at butlin's. you'll never be replaced in my life best wishes to you and all your fans, from RAT..

Name: mr. soul
Country: ireland
Date: Sun Apr 6 22:08:38 2003
it's headline news, agent double o soul has passed on. he was the guy they named soul after; the soul master. god rest his soul

Name: Dave Clegg
Country: U.K
Date: Sun Apr 6 21:58:02 2003
You have taken the final bow, earned the many accolades, and left a wonderful legacy to encore in Soul Heaven. ENJOY the PARTY. I will miss you my friend, you enriched my life, forever in my Heart and Soul. LOVE & RESPECT Dave.

Name: Andy Prolze
Country: England
Date: Sun Apr 6 21:53:39 2003
Thanks for the memories Edwin. A great loss to the soul scene. R.I.P Andy

Name: miles & kate
Country: england
Date: Sun Apr 6 21:50:01 2003
A loss to the world of soul. A true gentleman that will be sorely missed, but always remembered in our hearts.

Name: martin and michelle booth
Country:: UK
Date: Sun Apr 6 21:30:01
So sad to hear of your departure. Jazz FM reminded us of so many top tunes today, Your my Mellow, Some Kinda Woman, Backstreet etc. Happy tunes, we saw you In think 3 times, the best being the Ric Tic Review in 1985 ? Superb - we'll never forget it, you touched our lives.

Name: Bernadette and Charles Dawson
Country:: England
Date: Sun Apr 6 21:29:48
Edwin you will be sorely missed. You were a wonderful friend for over 20 years. May your soul rest in peace. God bless you. Bernie and Charles xxxx

Name:Jenny Lees
Date: Sun Apr 6 21:22 (via fan page)
We would like to offer our deepest condolences to Edwin's family, friends and fans.The shock was so great to us it feels like a personal loss.The last time we saw him was at the Winding Wheel in Chesterfield and as usual he was brilliant. A very talented man and loved by many. He will be sadly missed. Please give details of his funeral as we would like to say our goodbyes. He cared for his fans and now his fans would like to show how much we cared for him. RIP J and S Lees

Name: gary casson
Country:: leyland england
Date: Sun Apr 6 21:16:27
Listening to Edwins tribute on Jazz fm today brought tears to my eyes,a sad loss.I've no doubt Edwins rocking the stars in heaven.Thanks for the memories Edwin,rest in peace.

Name: Paul Harwood
Country:: England
Date: Sun Apr 6 20:31:15
Edwin, One of the all time greats in the history of Soul music,will be sadly missed.

Name: J Moran

Date: Sun Apr 6 20:04:03
One of the best live entertainers I've ever seen. You got me through my teens & twenties! Will be greatly missed.

Name: Victor
Country:: Un-United State
Date: Sun Apr 6 20:01:42
I will never forget a high school talent show that I attended in 1971 (Roth H.S. Dayton, Ohio). A young high school band named 'Lakeside Express' (later became the very successful recording/performing act 'Lakeside'), ended their performance with EDWIN STARR's "WAR" and students, teachers & parents Cheered, Cried & Danced like 'we' were possessed! Now in the year
, the media monopoly of 'Radio One' is attempting to silence the spirit of 'WAR' during a time when the world needs it! I pray tha

Name:Bob Blackwood
Country:: Blackpool, ENGLAND
Date: Sun Apr 6 19:38 (via fan page)
Listening to Richard searling on Jazz Fm today I had tears running down my cheeks how that man has been a part of my life! I started a mobile disco in 1972 looking through my soul record collection for inspiration what jumped out at me was Agent 00 Soul aand thats what i came to be known as. Best memory of Edwin Blackpool Mecca all dayer circa 1975 with junior walker ive never felt so high. Saw Edwin on numerous occasions he always was the ultimate pro remember once at butlins he did a version of 2 unlimited No Limits but changed the lyrics to say no lyrics i think he was upset that a talentless bunch of people could get to no1 when music sang from the soul was often ignored HE will be sorely missed but i will always remember his love for music and the pleasure he gave to so many and especially me. blackpool Name: ian jackson
Country:: England
Date: Sun Apr 6 16:59:02
Butlins will never be the same. A sad time for all who new him especially "The Team" a sad sad time.

Name: Matt & Andrea Root
Country:: UK
Date: Sun Apr 6 16:52:40
We are so sad to hear of the passing of a great musician, entertainer and performer. We will always remember Edwin and The Team's phenomenal performance at our wedding on 4th August 2001. He was electric and, characteristically, had time for everyone after the show. What a warm and talented man. A sad, sad loss, we will mourn his passing.

Name: Toni
Country:: Germany
Date: Sun Apr 6 16:23:08
Thanks Edwin for the great music. We will miss you.

Country:: ENGLAND
Date: Sun Apr 6 15:44:36

Name: Terina & Dave & Harry & Luke
Country:: England
Date: Sun Apr 6 14:38:59
What a great loss to music and entertainment, i waited 16years to Edwin perform and finally did at Tenby in 2001 with my husband and two sons, it was the best night of my life and will always be i sang with a legend and so did my youngest son Harry, after he had performed he talked at length with our 2 boys and signed flyers and a cd for myself which he personalised, this is always played in our home and will continue for many years and generations to come. Keep on keeping on Edwin. Your in our

Name: Frances Baugh/Smv Fan Club
Country:: United Stated
Date: Sun Apr 6 14:33:07
You are the premier prince of soul, agent double 0 soul, sos. "stop the war, now" and all that. Your messages of revelency is felt in all of your records, and will always hold a place in my heart. Rest in peace, Forever. Frances! Brooklyn, NY

Name: Dese Pearce
Country:: England
Date: Sun Apr 6 14:24:32
I have seen Edwin on many occasions since the early 70's. What a rock. I last saw him live on my birthday and he signed my programme with a Happy Birthday message. He was a pure delight on stage and a great gentleman off it. I was very sad to learn he had passed away so young. To see him on stage you would think he could dance for another thousand years. God Bless you Edwin. Thanks for the music. Hope the magic continues in heaven. I will look out for the brightes Starr in the sky. Dee

Name: John Fearn
Country:: England
Date: Sun Apr 6 14:20:33
Been a fan for over 30 years, best live entertainer I have ever seen, never get fed up of hearing those brilliant songs, never will! Will never forget Beeston on Valentines day! Keep The Faith.

Name: ROY B
Country:: ENGLAND
Date: Sun Apr 6 13:39:53
We saw Edwin at Beeston in Feb.What a night!After the gig I was talking to Edwin and joking with him,telling him that he can never leave us,because he belongs to England now.He laughed and called me "one crazy guy"That night will live with me forever. Thanx Legend.

Name: Philippe Van Linthout
Country:: Belgium
Date: Sun Apr 6 11:46:17
There is one more star in heaven, Thanks for the music and rest in peace.

Name: Dawn Roberts
Country:: England
Date: Sun Apr 6 11:45:19
He kept the faith throughout the years. Was looking forward to seeing him in Balderton in a couple of weeks time. But I can wait until that Big All Nighter in the Sky. Take Care and keep on keeping on Edwin Love and sympathies to your family Dawn Lincoln

Name: Pete Martin
Country:: Dubai UAE
Date: Sun Apr 6 11:06:08
Totally shocked at this tragedy, Edwin for me was The ultimate live performer, having worked with him may times over the years I have to say he will be missed by music lovers the world over,May the world remember a true "STARR" in every sense of the word.........RIP Edwin,

Name: simo
Date: Sun Apr 6 10:30:57
from all the scooterists worldwide, just one thing to say: thanks.

Name: Steve Peak
Country:: Blackpool UK
Date: Sun Apr 6 10:00:50
Just gutted, Edwin THE Starr thanks for 30yrs of pleasure, even 2weeks ago at Skegness you were still performing with the enthusiasm of the early days. More famous performers yeah, but no better performer! The BEST can never be equalled, for me always No.1 Words cannot describe how I feel, really gonna miss you. With condolences to Edwin's family, The Team, Dave his driver and Lillian this has been so unexpected.

Name: Mark P
Country:: UK
Date: Sun Apr 6 05:25:53
I had the pleasure of DJing along side Edwin and the Gang on several occasions over the last 10 years. It would always be an evening to look forward to when I knew I would be seeing one of the greatest performers of all time do his thing! The live album is stunning, a rare true reflection of what this guy could do with a crowd. Just AWESOME. A great voice, a great guy who will be greatly missed.

Name: Murray
Country:: Brooklyn, USA
Date: Sun Apr 6 04:08:42
Edwin Starr, what a Great Talent and what a Great Voice!!!! Edwin Starr, a man with a whole lot of (Double-0) Soul. Twenty Five Miles, War and (your first hit) Agent Double-0 Soul are classics which will transcend through all time barriers.A piece of my childhood is gone, Edwin you are sorely missed. R.I.P. Murray Brooklyn, N.Y.

Name: Marty Feldman
Country:: USA
Date: Sun Apr 6 01:44:48
In 1965 I Worked As A Recording Engineer For Ed Wingate At Golden World Records. I Was Fortunate To Record "Agent Double-O Soul & 25 Miles" With Edwin "Charles" Starr For The Ric-Tic Label. It Was A Great Era. Edwin, JJ Barnes, Andre Williams & I Hung Out Together. There Were Many Great Nights At The 20 Grand Club Listening To Joe Tex, Etc. Edwin's Voice & Soul Will Be Missed And When I Look Up Tonight I'll Still See His Bright Starr. Blessings, Marty Feldman Parag

Name: paul aisbett
Country:: england
Date: Sat Apr 5 23:55:40
best detroit soul man of all time keep the faith paul

Name: Jeff and Carys Hollis
Country:: england
Date: Sat Apr 5 23:45:38
Edwin Starr What a true Soulman ,God Bless You Edwin ,Your music will live on and on. From Jeff and Carys

Name: walter williams
Country:: usa
Date: Sat Apr 5 23:27:57
Thanks Edwin for the great music. We will miss you.

Name: KarenD
Country:: UK
Date: Sat Apr 5 22:06:34

Name: syd
Country:: england
Date: Sat Apr 5 21:52:02
Edwin we came to see you every year at skegness the last time was on march the 22nd
what a show yet again we will miss you forever but keep the faith syd,bob,boggy,chris

Name: lawrence and andrea mccann
Date: Sat Apr 5 21:46:49
Simply the best, true starr, great entertainer and a gent too.

Name: Todd
Country:: Denmark
Date: Sat Apr 5 21:30:21
We were lucky to have had you...you shall not be missed for you live on, forever, in our souls.

Name: Sange
Country:: UK
Date: Sat Apr 5 21:25:35
Gone...but never forgotten...RIP Edwin xxx

Name: Paul Russell
Country:: UK
Date: Sat Apr 5 21:21:58
A great loss for everyone who loves good music...

Name: steve
Country:: england
Date: Sat Apr 5 20:37:31
Much loved and sorely missed by the motown and northern soul community. He was Mr soul in the UK. R.I.P

Country:: USA
Date: Sat Apr 5 20:15:48

Name: mark beard
Country:: cheshire
Date: Sat Apr 5 19:33:08
SOS from northern soul fansin the BACK STREET,you were HEADLINE NEWS ,and we'd walk 25 MILES to here you sing W-A-R. Right On Edwin!

Name: simon fellows
Country:: glos
Date: Sat Apr 5 19:26:16
The best performer ever,Seen Edwin loads of times but the one performance that sticks in my mind was at wigan casino at the end of the 70's sheer magic.Condolances to your family and loved ones

Name: James Cooper
Country:: US A
Date: Sat Apr 5 18:49:50
Remember when we were teenagers running track at Kennard Junior School in Cleveland. Always enjoyed watching you perform with The Future Tones during the Sunday afternoon talent contests as the Circle Theater. Although we ended up going to different high schools. I follewed your career after playing softball in a Air Force tournament in Athens Greece. Doug Wiggins was playing for a team from Turkey. He told me you had just recorded Agent Double-O Soul. It was a magnificant opportunity to f

Name: Trevor Edwards
Country:: leicester UK
Date: Sat Apr 5 18:49:36
Edwin your music was there when i grew up i would always dance to it i think that you music influenced the way for the music now and to comei hope you find happiness and your music will live on rest in peace Trev

Name: Victoria and Matthew (TEAM)
Country:: Birmingham
Date: Sat Apr 5 18:39:07
Uncle Edwin, Your music has inspired us and we loved watching you perform on gigs with our dad on the bass, we will miss watching you and we will miss talking to you, but every time we look up at the STARRS we will always see you shining down on us. Missing you loads already. Rest in Peace love from VICTORIA & MATTHEW KENDALL

Name: Kevin & Freda (TEAM)
Country:: Birmingham
Date: Sat Apr 5 18:26:04
Edwin enriched our lives in a unique way our world will never be the same,giving us 21 years of untouchable memories,love and friendship.In 1982 from a basement on the Edgware Rd, we took on the world, my bass,your music and kept on walkin.Edwin I'm honoured to have shared your magnificent life and stage,your truely a STARR shining FOREVER in our Hearts R.I.P. KEVIN,FREDA,VICTORIA & MATTHEW

Name: Millie Jackson
Country:: U.S.A.
Date: Sat Apr 5 18:17:58
A gentle giant is missing. I was in London Feb.14,
. I left his number at home. He was on my mind the whole time. There is no excuse now, for people all over the world to keep in touch. I missed you then. I miss you now.

Name: Roy Collin Copson
Country:: UK
Date: Sat Apr 5 17:29:13
Greatest soul star I ever met. While some so-called stars are ignorant towards their fans, Edwin was a true gentleman. His music will live on forever with all soul fans. Rest in peace and keep the faith.

Name: Brian Mason
Country:: England
Date: Sat Apr 5 17:15:19
Thanks for the music Edwin, been listening since the late sixties. You'll never be forgotten you were one true SOUL LEGEND and Top man. God Bless. Rest In Peace.

Name: John Nightingale
Country:: England
Date: Sat Apr 5 17:13:49
Edwin Starr The consumate performer, all round nice guy and a true Legend you will truely be missed. In your own words "I'll never forget you" Rest in Peace Edwin. John

Country:: england
Date: Sat Apr 5 15:52:22

Name: Doreen
Country:: United States
Date: Sat Apr 5 15:36:01
The music world has lost another Motown Legend.I am deeply sadden about Edwin`s passing.I remember watching him perform "Twenty Five Miles From Home" on the PBS special,he had the audience on their feet jammin`.He is truly a pioneer who has left us with his music for us to cherish and remember him forever more.

Name: jon hilton
Country:: england
Date: Sat Apr 5 15:20:40
sad is the only way to describe how i am feeling.what a shame,our loss heavens gain.keep the faith

Name: Geoff Green
Country:: England
Date: Sat Apr 5 15:00:03
Thank you for the wonderful music you gave us. Farewell Edwin, rest in peace old friend.

Name: Anselm Müller
Country:: Austria
Date: Sat Apr 5 14:37:44
We all who saw your Live Acts, hear your music, will live with you forever

Name: Paul Baldwin
Country:: Warwickshire
Date: Sat Apr 5 14:29:40
Edwin made some great records & his live act was so powerful, so impressive, once seen never forgotten.

Name: Denise Walker
Country:: Nottingham
Date: Sat Apr 5 14:13:04
Night, night Edwin we don't need to remember you because you will never leave us! Special thoughts and love to your family. Stay H A P P Y!

Name: Darlene Kane
Country:: USA
Date: Sat Apr 5 14:10:08
Although I've never posted here before, the news of the death of Mr. Starr brought tears to my eyes. I was 19 when his song WAR came out and it was one of my all-time favorites. His message serves to stand today as well. Many memories are associated with this song for me...My sympathies to Edwin's family and friends and fans. Darlene, Buffalo area, NY

Name: Denise Walker
Country:: Nottingham,Engl
Date: Sat Apr 5 14:08:46
Me,my husband Rob, my daughters Mel & Kim and our two friends Diane and Chris were fortunate enough to see Dancing in the Street last year at Nottm - It was absolutely BRILLIANT! But I guess now that the LEGEND has gone to higher plains that will cease, as I don't think there is anyone who could take his place in that. The two people who were with him were Freda Payne and Martha Reeves and what a priviledge it was! Whenever you went to see him he gave 110% and he was very loyal to his fans - as

Name: Yvonne
Country:: United Kingdom
Date: Sat Apr 5 13:28:02
I live in Nottingham and never realised such a legend lived so close to me. War, what is it good for? You will be remembered as a peaceful, loving person as well as a soul legend. I loved to see you on tv. You were always so jovial and could hold even the most distracted audience captive. You had such a magnificent presence about you. I can't believe you're gone, I feel heartbroken. You will be sorely missed by everyone. Rest in peace.

Name: Julie Muir
Country:: England
Date: Sat Apr 5 12:47:28
We are so sorry you have gone. We have had so many happy evenings at your concerts - no more eye to eye contact, but forever in our hearts and souls. Julie, Irene, Lesley, Jenny, Trish,Joan and Sue

Name: peter kennedy
Country:: yorkshire
Date: Sat Apr 5 12:25:18
what a voice,what a man.R.I.P Edwin

Name: Pontus Forslund
Country:: Sweden
Date: Sat Apr 5 11:55:24
Edwin Starr was one of the greats. My sympahty to his family and friends. I've never had chance to see him live and feel truly sad that I never will. Edwin was a true role model for any performer and his underrated "Stop the war, now" is one of my favourite songs ever. Love Pontus You'll always be the Soulmaster

Name: José Seguin
Country:: Germany
Date: Sat Apr 5 11:50:21
I had a Chance to see Edwin Star Live on Stage. I'll never forget that Evening in London. That Magic,that Power. What a Performer he gave all to the Audience! Will miss you. Love José

Name: Ann
Country:: England
Date: Sat Apr 5 11:49:30
Rest in peace, your music will live on forever even if time erases you from the memory of those who didn't know you personally.

Name: kev&elaine richardson
Country:: england
Date: Sat Apr 5 11:43:36
Edwin will be missed by us both and everyone who loves soul music.

Name: anthonyquinn
Country:: england
Date: Sat Apr 5 09:57:42
So sad to hear about the death of Edwin.As one a young boy growing up in the 60's I was absolutely hooked on Motown and all the soul music that emerged then.Edwin was one the greatest.That music has remained a part of me.He performed in my hometown of Widnes in the early 90's and he was out of this world.I'll never forget him opening with "Agent Double O Soul" dressed in classic Kojak attire!I went to two of the "Dancing On The Streets" shows last year and I must say I felt that something was no

Name: Keith
Country:: uk
Date: Sat Apr 5 09:52:25
I am still devistated at the news of Edwin's passing. I feell as though a part of me is missing, it's really strange. LOVE & PEACE to Edwins family and Lilian.

Name: mick payne
Country:: notts england
Date: Sat Apr 5 08:48:00
we will miss you edwin you had everyone dancing in the aisles .one of my very first records i bought in 1966 was headline news & I have been a fan ever since that day.GOODBYE EDWIN WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU.YOURS MICK & LYNNE

Name: Tilman
Country:: Germany
Date: Sat Apr 5 08:42:13
Thanx a million for your music! R.I.P.

Name: Steve Littlewood
Country:: England
Date: Sat Apr 5 08:29:38
It takes time, a true soul performer keep the faith steve

Name: Derek
Country:: Scotland.
Date: Sat Apr 5 08:15:26
Edwin was the No.1 Soul Singer. I grew up with his music and was inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of his performances from The Twisted Wheel Club to Dancing In The Streets Tour last year.A sad loss.

Name: Bev
Country:: England
Date: Sat Apr 5 08:07:08
I cant believe you have gone, it was great having a Motown star living a couple of miles away from me.I remember when Steve Wonder asked you up on stage at the NEC and you sang War together, what a magical moment.

Name: sue and rob
Country:: u.k.
Date: Sat Apr 5 08:03:08
what a tragic loss!! he will be greatly missed by all who knew him condolences to all his family and friends. long may his music live on!!!

Name: Rick McAfee
Country:: California/USA
Date: Sat Apr 5 07:23:11
We were with Edwin and Lilian daily from 1976 to 1982, Starrchild his band..he taught us how to write "Piff-Style"..D.A.,Kevin Peachy,Bob Chimits,Bob Carlisle,Effren Espinosa,Glennis Jones,Luke Metoyer,Frank Salizar,Jimmy McAfee,and Rick McAfee..All of the Songs and Memories..From the Starwood to Albert Hall...God Bless and Keep the spirit of Edwin

Name: sandra and jerry
Country:: england
Date: Sat Apr 5 07:03:03
the brightest "starr" will now light up the sky. you will be greatly missed.

Name: Suzanne
Date: Sat Apr 5 06:57:42
I'll always remember seeing him perform in London's Barbican Centre about 10 years ago. My mum and I just happenned to be there and were stopped in our tracks as we watched this gregarious and infectiously vibrant man perform so brilliantly. Our thoughts are with his family and friends - Nuff respect to Edwin!

Name: Tony Class
Country:: London, England
Date: Sat Apr 5 04:06:50
We'll give you a great send off at The Isle of Man Scooter Rally. I remember, when you visited me at The Bush Hotel, you said your favourite track was Unsatisfied-Lou Johnson. We'll give it a spin.

Name: Barbara Pizik
Country:: USA
Date: Sat Apr 5 02:43:08
Edwin.....so many happy and funny memories with you and Lilian so many years ago in LA. You will be missed...with great love and affection.. Barbara

Name: mac brachman
Country:: u.s.a.
Date: Sat Apr 5 02:30:42
war may have been absolutely good for nothing, but edwin starr was great for absolutely every one. i miss him, though i know he's looking down on us and singing and smiling. god bless his memory.

Name: Holland Dozier Holland Prod.
Country:: USA
Date: Sat Apr 5 02:17:13
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends at the passing of a truly shining Starr. Edwin, you will truly be missed. May God grant you "requiem eterna" eternal peace.

Name: Ale
Country:: Italy
Date: Sat Apr 5 00:54:36
Sei stato l'unico Soul Singer a cantare la pace pronunciando la parola guerra. Hai portato la gioia e l'allegria nei nostri cuori. E Nessuno potrà mai togliercela. Non ti dimenticheremo mai. Ciao, Edwin

Name: carl foster
Country:: england
Date: Sat Apr 5 00:53:29
Felt teribal for days now,sick feeling in my belly over news,was only speaking to him after gig in liverpool,hopeing he wasnt ill when he played and felt he had to for fans,he looked a bit tyerd by the end of the night when staying back for singing autogrphs,his singing at concert was 100% pro never the less,he signed my records,took loads,feel terible now,i will treasure them fantastic records,enjoy them,learn from them,and pass the on when im gone,was hopeing to get chance to send him message

Name: Frances White
Country:: Canada
Date: Sat Apr 5 00:49:03
Edwin you were a dear friend. Peace and Love

Name: Julie Roberts.
Country:: Dordon, England
Date: Sat Apr 5 00:45:35
I last saw Edwin In a car park in a town near to my home. My husband and I were just putting our daughters into their pushchair, when he came over and said "What a cute couple of kids." He was a lovely, smiley, friendly man. I was deeply saddened at the news of his passing. Rest In Peace Edwin x

Name: Sean Kane
Country:: Ireland
Date: Sat Apr 5 00:39:46
Sad to see a true legend go His soul and faith will continue with us all, Thank you Edwin for given me some great nights.

Name: Glen & Kath
Date: Fri Apr 4 23:46:56 2003
Legend is an over used word - but not in Edwins case. Like a fine wine he got better with age and his passing has been a shock to all 'soulies' RIP

Name: jackie
Country: england
Date: Fri Apr 4 23:32:31 2003
Saw him perform several times - so much energy. Met him once backstage at Wembley. 'Contact' is one of the greatest songs ever. Don't cry because he's gone - smile because he lived.

Name: Merih Alpan
Country: Turkey&USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 23:32:14 2003
What a schock! Peace lost a great man! Especially at this time of war mongering his song shines more brilliantly as he shines up above now! You'll be always remembered! The peace is upon you now, I hope that it will be on all humanity, too.

Name: Ian C
Country: Scotland
Date: Fri Apr 4 23:18:36 2003
All the best big man, your music, interpretation and SOUL was the tops. From all the Glasgow teams love and peace at last. to you man (do it in gaelic but they wouldnt understand) Ian

Name: graham cox
Country: england
Date: Fri Apr 4 23:04:24 2003
thanks for all the great music, you will be sadly missed but your music will live forever.many thanks from a soul boy from the sixties,graham cox

Name: Zoe Watson
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 22:58:09 2003
I was shocked and saddened when I heard of Edwin's passing. I guess I took it for granted that he would always be there to lift my soul. I can't believe I will never see him perform again, but his music and memory will live on. Soul legend,honorary scooterist, top bloke. To the brightest Starr in heaven, sleep peacefully. With love and respect. Zoe.x

Name: Amanda Horton
Country: U.K
Date: Fri Apr 4 22:55:22 2003
Edwin, You were fabulous. I loved your music, your voice was thrilling. Rest in Peace.

Name: Toad
Country: u.k.
Date: Fri Apr 4 22:36:47 2003
A sad day! I met Edwin many times over the years, a true GENT who always had time to chat who still got the same BUZZ from performing as we got from seeing him perform. The scooter scene will not be the same without seeing him at least once a year. He's now up there singing with Otis,Jackie & Marvin ( now that's a line up! ). ! The TRUE 'Godfather of Soul' has left the building. WAD Defiance SC

Name: Tcherina
Country: Derby, England
Date: Fri Apr 4 22:31:15 2003
I am 23 and grew up with your music as my mum has always been a great fan, I went with my mum to see you perform in Derby about 2 yrs ago now and i thought u were amazing, u have touched so many peoples lives through your music and you will be sadly missed by us all, all over the world. Heaven have definately got a "STARR" XXXX

Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 22:23:34 2003

Name: Tony Foster
Date: Fri Apr 4 22:15:36 2003
I first saw Edwin Starr at Wigan Casino in 79'. A truly amazing performance with songs like Contact, I Have Faith In You, S.O.S, an unbelievable version of Dance To The Music, Happy Radio in which half way through the song He was saddened to learn that it was on the cards to close the Casino. A great entertainer and all round Soul Superstar. Just listen to My Weakness Is You and you will know what I mean! Fond memories of the Soul Master Always You Will Be Sadly Missed!

Name: Barry Rogers
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 22:05:47 2003
The world has lost a powerful voice and a great person. Edwin Starr is now a star in the sky. May his soul rest in peace and may his memory and legacy last forever.

Name: what is it good for
Country: Uk
Date: Fri Apr 4 22:02:39 2003
you chose the right time to go - how poignant a message at this savage moment in our planet's history ... war ..what is it good for? absolutely nothing :______-((

Name: Lynn
Country: Nottm, UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 22:01:17 2003
I have seen you perform so many times and met you on several occasions. You were truly the best and the soul scene will not be the same without you. "My Weakness Is You". Will miss you very much xx

Name: Lorraine & David
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 21:56:15 2003
Edwin, A true "adopted Midlands Brit". Superb music, a true gent, you will be greatly missed, but your music lives on. God Bless Lorraine & David Fletcher Birmingham, England x

Name: Andy & Siggy Myatt
Country: Stoke on Trent
Date: Fri Apr 4 21:35:07 2003
The 'Torch' flame flickered in 70 with progressive music. But that mid-week show that you did, trail blazed and rekindled my soul on fire. Love is the people's prayer, thank you for your spiritual guidance. God Bless. Back Street Boy and Girl (Stoke on Trent UK)

Name: Lorraine & Shellie
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 21:33:49 2003
Edwin you was the BEST soul singer and Entertainer that We knew you will be sadly missed by us and all of your fans we will always listen to your music. May you rest in peace xxxx

Name: Terry Cook
Country: Great Britain
Date: Fri Apr 4 21:22:18 2003
Thankyou for all the effort you made to entertain your public .You will be missed by everyone who has ever come into contact with you .

Name: Raija
Country: Finland
Date: Fri Apr 4 21:20:09 2003
R:I:P Edwin Starr....So sad but your star will allways be shining in my sky. you was the greaters soul legend in our time! and your music still lives in our hearts...

Name: Warren (Chuckies Bro - Team)
Country: West Midlands
Date: Fri Apr 4 21:07:03 2003
I have been very lucky to have known Edwin through my brother 'Chuckie' a member of Edwins team and have also been very fortunate to experience many of Edwins shows which were truly amazing. Ewdin made time for everyone and has certainly made an impact on our family. He really was a great guy and will not be forgotten. Edwin rest in peace.

Name: Art & Jackie Pressley
Country: Phx. Az. USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 21:06:42 2003
We love you and will miss you,our prayers are with the family and many friends that you brought happiness to through your music for over the past 30+years. God Bless you

Name: mick dabrowski
Country: england
Date: Fri Apr 4 20:59:35 2003
one of the most powerful voices ever heard on the scene a true gent a man with real heart and sincerity will be truly missed

Name: Tim Puffer
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 20:47:48 2003
One of the best soul singers of our time, a fantastic live performer. He will be missed by so many. Been listening and dancing to Edwin's records since the early 70s, his music has touched many peoples lives, his memory will live on in the hearts of many (particularly northern) soul fans forever.

Name: Paul
Country: Memphis, TN US
Date: Fri Apr 4 20:29:03 2003
Edwin, you'll be deeply missed. Thank you for everything you gave my generation and future generations to come.

Name: Margaret
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 20:25:18 2003
No other entertainer would be able to give me the high I felt each time I saw one of your shows. Oh how happy you made me Edwin and how sad I am knowing that I won't see you again. God Bless Soulmaster.

Name: Frank Schaller
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 20:24:10 2003
You were one of the very best ever to deliver "Rock and Soul". Rest in Peace and may The Lord bless your soul.

Name: Adrian McGonigle
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 20:21:16 2003
I cant put into words what I feel, Ive been out of the country this week and totally isolated myself from everything so I wasnt aware of Edwins Death until this morning, A soul legend who will be greatly missed

Name: marty
Country: N.Ireland
Date: Fri Apr 4 19:49:13 2003
A great singer and top performer. Have sung 25miles to myself on the way home from countless scooter rallies to cheer my (hungover) self up.I feel lucky to have seen him sing on a few occasions over the years. His music will live on, keep the faith.

Country: ENGLAND
Date: Fri Apr 4 19:48:35 2003

Name: Steve Foster
Country: Notts England
Date: Fri Apr 4 19:33:00 2003
Rest In Peace Edwin... I'm sure the next gig will be one of your greatest.... From all the vfm scooter collective.... keep on keepin on...

Name: Ian Smith
Country: UK - Leicester
Date: Fri Apr 4 19:18:15 2003
I had the privilage to be front and centre at many of Edwin's gigs over recent years. Edwin and his wonderful band, Angelo, James, Bev et al, had the ability to reach out and grab the audiance. The whole room would just be alight. It has moved me to tears to think I will never experience that again. I feel I've lost a friend.

Name: Steve
Country: Canton CT USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 19:18:01 2003
Edwin was one of the great voices in music for me growing up. "25 Miles" and "War" have the power that was Edwin's trademark voice. As unmistakable as Hendrix's guitar or a Lennon/McCartney song. Thanks for being there, Edwin.

Name: Johnnie Morgan
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 19:04:59 2003
You will be missed. Your music really made me move and feel good. May God bless you and your SOUL.

Name: julie gaskell
Country: england
Date: Fri Apr 4 18:59:11 2003
Mr Edwin Starr was a perfect gentleman, he always had time for us drunken souled out girls on our soul weekends, his caring nature and genuine interest in his fans was amazing. May you rest in peace, an honour to have breathed the same air as you xx

Name: Donna Odain
Country: West Midlands
Date: Fri Apr 4 18:51:47 2003
On the day I heard the news I had a show at the royal albert hall. I had tears in my eyes all the way through, as I stood there and smiled to the audience, as if I was doing a show and he was there watching me. May you rest in peace. Lots of love

Name: John May & Dian May
Country: England U.K
Date: Fri Apr 4 18:40:35 2003
We are both very sorry to hear about the death of Edwin, Like many soul music fans Edwin was like a part of us, and his music has given us great pleasure over the years, he will be sadly missed, but his music will live on. Tonight I am D.jing at Rolls-royce club in Derby, and I will definatly playing some tribute songs during my spot. Rest in peace Edwin, thanks for the songs.

Name: browny
Country: Canada
Date: Fri Apr 4 18:33:26 2003
So sad that Agent O-O Soul is no longer with us in the flesh but he will always live in the hearts and the souls of the many people who love him .

Name: D.M.
Country: uk
Date: Fri Apr 4 18:27:33 2003
I met Edwin a couple of times whilst he was working for my mum (Production Team) i instantly saw why so many people loved and love him, his music is spectacular and he had a wonderful smily face! i will miss seeing him on the rare occaisions i got to say hello, but Edwin was indeed a star and G-d rest his soul, let his memory live on.....

Name: fabrizio
Country: Italy
Date: Fri Apr 4 18:12:05 2003
Thank you for the SUBLIME way you've been able to show to the people the REAL meaning of this emotional universe called SOUL.....thank you for every drop of sweat your WONDERFUL music made me spread on the dancefloor...WE DO LOVE YOU EDWIN,REST IN PEACE Keep The Faith

Name: Andi and Cherry
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 18:10:26 2003
As teenagers back in 1970/71 and dancers we had the privelage of dancing with him on tour. Last year we met up with him again, he was a truely great man and will so missed. Thanks for the good times xxx

Name: Deano
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 18:02:13 2003
Words cant express how i feel right now, my heart goes out to all who knew him and im just glad that i had the honour of bein his tech for 3 years as well as a friend. thanks for all letting me be part of your life. I will always as u say Keep the faith,

Name: Nige Brown
Date: Fri Apr 4 17:51:05 2003
Words can not say or explain the sadness i feel.I have been on the Northern Soul Scene since 1970 and lost count the amount of time ive seen you perform...each time was like it was the first a million % DYNAMITE. I met you for the first time last year and what a gentle quiet man you where. I once saw you sing I HAVE FAITH IN YOU acapella every hair on my body stood on end. You ALWAYS paid tribute to the Northern Soul Scene.Edwin we will ALWAYS love you we will NEVER forget you..Thank you

Name: steve kings
Country: uk
Date: Fri Apr 4 17:49:43 2003
felt the need to say goodbye, seems like a friend has gone, so long Edwin and thanks for your music, rest in peace.

b>Name: Dave Fleming Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 17:30:51 2003
Edwin thanks for the memories,a true Starr in every way,god bless.

Name: Kevin Melville
Country: United kingdom
Date: Fri Apr 4 17:23:04 2003
Thoughts and Prayers to edwins family and friends as well as fans. If edwin taught us anything, it was to spread love. he was always so sweet and honest. Those dancing in the street concerts have been many peoples highlights of the passed few years. Noone will replace him but his music will live on... God bless him and his family.

Name: Geoff and Christine
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 17:21:12 2003
When we heard the news our hearts were in distress. We met Edwin only a short while ago at Music Mania at the NEC in Birmingham where we chatted for a short while and had the privilege of shaking his hand. A truly lovely and unassuming man who will be missed by so many. If our hearts could tell the story you would see he was and always will be the true soulmaster. RIP Edwin, you deserve it, you gave us your heart and soul with your music, we'll miss you.

Name: Mark Simpson
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 17:18:01 2003
What a sad loss, not only to the music world, but also to mankind. A truly gifted and wonderful man, I shall always remember you, Edwin...each and every time I listen to my favourite song of all time..."I Have Faith In You"...A true "Starr"

Name: Paul
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 17:16:53 2003
Top bloke... I'm actually a bit annoyed he's not around any more to tell Bush and Blair where to go!

Name: Jeffrey Young
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 17:05:17 2003
The Voice of America aired a special tribute to Edwin on April 3, and there are more planned for this weekend. What a powerhouse performer! Losing him really hurts...and with this war underway, "War" takes on special meaning.

Name: kev roberts
Country: uk
Date: Fri Apr 4 16:45:09 2003
Edwin was my dear friend. The 'Soul Master'was also my favourite artist ever. He is irreplaceable!

Name: Bigalyorks
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 16:38:29 2003
Edwin, you're the greatest. War, at Bognor Regis was absolutely the best stageshow I ever saw!

Name: dj foxy(southampton)
Country: united kingdom
Date: Fri Apr 4 16:26:48 2003
i was shocked to the ground,when i heard about edwins passing , soul is about what comes from the heart, and this man had plenty of it ,for his music,his fans and for the team he created . motowns loss was englands gain. r.i.p. edwin we all loved you

Name: lee vowles
Country: u.k.
Date: Fri Apr 4 16:18:58 2003
my feet started movin' to edwin when i was in my teens,he will be missed massively. i had the pleasure of working with him in the 80s in cornwall i don't know who left the club with the biggest smile that night, the punters or edwin. he loved us and we loved him.

Name: Deborah Lawrence
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 16:18:00 2003
Edwin a Starr on Earth now the brightest in the sky.You will shine on us always.

Name: rob jones
Country: Wales
Date: Fri Apr 4 16:10:21 2003
What a performer, can hardly nelieve the news, a true soul legend will be sadly missed. ktf

Name: ted & nashee
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 16:02:09 2003
Loved this guy to bits, Saw him perform at cottons club in Stockport, England... He sat with us after the gig...He was the most likeable guy you could ever wish to meet.. Take a closer look at the night sky....the brightest and most soulful star ...that will be edwin linda and ted couldstone (ted & nashee)

Name: Nigel Mercer
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 16:01:30 2003
I have been a fan since the northern soul days of the seventies. I also had the privelidge of filming with Edwin in the eighties and stayed in touch. We met later, at various times when he guested on shows that I worked on and at all times I found him to be one of the nicest, most courteous and professional people I have ever worked with. He is a much loved, incredibly well respected performer and will be sadly missed, especially on this side of the Atlantic. If there is a band upstairs w

Name: Laima
Country: Toronto, Canada
Date: Fri Apr 4 15:36:27 2003
I am still numb with the shock...we've been waxing nostalgic;from the Bluenote to Le Coq'Or, from the Twenty Grand to the world, you were a gift to us from God!!!! No one got an audience going faster or better than you, EVERY time, from then 'til now. You gave so much; your fabulous unparalelled talent, your humour and humility, your friendship, your kindness & compassion, your knowledge, your love. Too soon my dearest,dear friend, too soon....you will be so tremendously devastatingly missed. XX

Name: Colin Brittain
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 15:33:45 2003
It is weird that just days before Edwins death I had purchased Edwins Soul Master/25 Miles c.d. for my collection and re-read all about him.I saw him perform many times and never saw him give less than 100% I am so sad at his passing but know he will live on in all of his fans.

Name: Hayley Dunne
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 15:33:17 2003
I saw Eddie live at Ruebins in Leigh, He was out of this world - the best soul legend ever...let his music live on..........

Date: Fri Apr 4 15:28:12 2003
I first saw Eddie live at the Hippodrome in Leigh, it was a fantasic night and certainly one to remember....let his music live on........

Name: Jeffrey Young
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 15:15:16 2003
I started my radio career in 1968...and Edwin Starr's "25 miles" was one of the first records I spun as a "baby DJ." I loved it then...and never lost my affection for it, and his many other works. As a kid of the 60's, "War" was a seminal work that both illuminated and defined us. It really hit me yesterday that Eddie had died. I found out that Eddie had died. I clicked on this website, and when I heard the opening clip to "25 miles," and sat there quietly, and

Name: Chris L. Heimler
Country: U.S.A.
Date: Fri Apr 4 14:50:35 2003
Edwin Starr has touched millions of people across the world with his amazing voice and soulful music. I have been personally touched and amazed by his music, which will live on forever and ever. With his 1970 hit, "War" he spoke out against the affects of war and at least we can respect him for standing up for what he believed in!!!! So Farewell our friend and rest it peace:) Chris L. Heimler

Name: pete sirrell
Country: notts, england
Date: Fri Apr 4 14:48:28 2003
so sad a loss... i met the man a few times once when he blew the four tops away(no disrespect)he was as he put it the soul master, he once told me "keep the faith brother" i did and will forever... will miss you my friend pj x

Name: Gene Legassey Jr.
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 14:09:02 2003
Slowly but surely we are losing the entertainers that made the music that was mine as I was making my way to adulthood. Each one lost is a one small loss of our growing up years. God bless all of these entertainers, those who have passed on and those with us still.

Name: Ronny
Country: Belgium
Date: Fri Apr 4 14:06:18 2003
Mr Starr stole my heart with his kindness and generosity when I looked him up in his dressing room after a London Jazz Café show back in '97. His music has moved me and brought me happiness and comfort in times of sorrow. I am very sad that this unique voice and beautiful human being has left us so early with still so much to give.He will be missed.

Country: ENGLAND
Date: Fri Apr 4 13:50:20 2003

Name: Paul Soul
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 13:42:18 2003
Sorry to hear about the Soul Master's demise, he will be sadly missed. A true soul legend! Extra, extra, read all about it, Edwin's music lives on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paul Soul (Lancaster)

Name: Daryl Jones
Country: Wales
Date: Fri Apr 4 13:30:52 2003
Had the pleasure of seeing Edwin live in Liverpool on 15 March. Having seen him perform many times this show was one of the best. The Team were at full strengh and the set included full versions of all the Northern classics. Although I Knew that he'd not been in the best of health recently it was hard to imagine from his performance. It makes the sad news even harder to accept. Edwin you are the "Soulmaster" may your music and contribution to the scene live on.

Name: Geoff Marsh
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 13:17:12 2003
Edwin Starr's death is a great loss to soul music. I play drums in a soul band and we've just added "25 Miles" to our rep. We'll play it with a little more soul now, which I'm sure is what Edwin would have wanted.

Name: Gerard & Theresa
Country: U.K.
Date: Fri Apr 4 13:13:47 2003
Saw Edwin live for the first time at Wigan Casino when I was 18.He was just as good 30yrs later when he let in the New Year 2003
at the Rebok stadium. The BEST EVER Live Performer,thanks for the Music. "Time slips by with no regard for years"

Name: Angel & Savage
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 13:09:00 2003
What a top bloke! Edwin has brought years of pleasure to the scootering scene and will be greatly missed. We have seen him many times over the years and were never disappointed. There will be a black cloud over the Isle of Man scooter rally this year. RIP Edwin Starr

Name: Nigel Jones
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 13:04:08 2003
Thanks to a great entertainer - Edwin will be sorely missed. It is quite ironic that he should pass away during this time of world discontent. May he rest in peace.

Name: Ben Hart
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:59:55 2003
When I heard the news I could not belive it - Edwin performed at two charity events I helped orgainse for cancer UK - they were by far the best attended and raised a lot of money - there is no other live performer that can compare to Edwin - The "team" should go on....Edwin - thanks for so many happy times - My thoughts go to all who feel this very sad loss - rest in peace.. Ben Hart

Name: Lawrence Madden
Country: Manchester
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:53:14 2003
Edwin was a great soul artist, i saw him many times, recently on the 22nd March.His memory will live on in his music." He will be sadly missed. " I have faith in you Baby"

Name: Shirley Lunn
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:42:26 2003
Your music goes back along way for me. You were part of the soul scene and you will live on in your music,like all great soul artists.

Name: Glen
Country: england
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:35:31 2003
On my 40th birthday I went to New York with my wife and friends. On leaving JFK the first song we heard was SOS. It set the scene for a fabulous holiday. As long as a live I will never forget that moment. Saw Edwin 4 times and had pleasure of meeting him after concert in Liverpool in March. A warm, genuine guy. One of our own in the Northern Soul family. Rest in peace.

Name: Marleen
Country: Belgium
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:30:46 2003
Edwin, So sad you had to go so soon ... But we'll keep on singing your song ! See you in a better world !

Name: Stephen Howard
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:27:48 2003
A great man, a legend! One of lifes great performers and entertainers.

Name: Den
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:15:35 2003
Sad farewell to a true legend, but happy memories of meeting a courteous, friendly man; listening to his always marvellous performance and buying his records. Sadly missed.

Name: Nadia Raibin
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:08:46 2003
Edwin was a 'starr' in every sense of the word! We had the privelige of working with him over the past 15 years on many memorable events....and will miss him enormously. His spirit will live on. All of us at Production Team wish his family strength at this sad time. Nadia & all at Production Team.

Name: Danny Duggan
Date: Fri Apr 4 12:07:31 2003
A great loss, wonderful memories, his music lives on...

Name: Martina
Country: Germany
Date: Fri Apr 4 11:51:29 2003
I'm glad that I had the chance to meet you personally last year. Thank you for your music!

Name: Tina Finch
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 11:39:57 2003
I was a huge Northern Soul fan back in the '70's and still am - it never leaves you. Edwin Starr was simply a giant. The first time I saw him perform was at an all-dayer in Leeds and was totally energised by his voice and his music. Absolute class! Edwin Starr - he never leaves you. RIP Edwin - we love ya. Tina Finch/

Name: Russ
Country: U.K
Date: Fri Apr 4 11:25:03 2003
Thank you Edwin, you will always be with us. My deepest condolences to Edwin's family and friends

Name: Alison Holden
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 11:19:59 2003
So saddened at the news of Edwin's passing, I've seen him perform live more times than any other soul artist and he never disappointed, on the contrary, he always raised the game and gave us more than we could have expected. A true star, a really nice, friendly gentleman, and a superb ambassador for soul music. We adopted him as an honorary Brit, and to those of us that are involved in the Northern Soul Scene he will remain one of the greats. The beauty and power of his voice is his legacy, and

Name: Benjamin
Country: United Kingdom
Date: Fri Apr 4 10:59:11 2003
i can still remember the day i met edwin, i was just a kid but inspiration stays with you man, and i was inspired..

Name: Ian
Country: uk
Date: Fri Apr 4 10:47:17 2003
Anyone who has heard or seen Edwin perform cannot fail to have been touched my his gift, a truly talened artist, who will be sadly missed.

Name: Dave Outcasts S.C.
Country: Ireland
Date: Fri Apr 4 10:46:28 2003
Very upset to hear of Edwin's passing.I was luckily enough to see him perform several times and 'what a showman'. He will be sadly missed by all on the soul/scooter scene

Name: Judy
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 10:26:53 2003
One of the greatest ever performers and singers. I have seen him about 10 times and he has never disappointed. He was such a gent - We will really miss his presence on the soul scene. My condolences to his family and friends xxx

Name: Rob
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 10:24:56 2003
I had the pleasure of seeing Edwin perform 4 times in recent years and met him to talk to once. He was a gentleman. On stage, his voice was always magnificent and he gave his all. His rendition of "Tracks of my tears" in the touring Dancing in the Street show was truly magical and still gives me goosepimples when I think about it. Thanks for the memories and rest in peace, Edwin.

Name: Derek Lawley
Country: Manchester U.K.
Date: Fri Apr 4 10:14:46 2003
Northern Soul has lost it's voice and the music world has lost a Starr Rest in Peace Edwin

Name: Clare
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 10:07:43 2003
Words cannot express how I felt reading about Edwin, he has been part of my life for as long as I first heard Contact on the dance floor. I will play your music forever.....

Name: Mickey G
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 09:36:03 2003
Most shocked and saddened at the news. Thanks for the memories to the best live performer there was. Deepest sympathies to all those that were close to you - your music lives on, top man

Name: Chris Lazar
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 09:33:04 2003
You gave and still will give so much. Undoubtedly a true soul legend. I thank you so much and will never forget you. My deepest heartfelt sympathies to his family, friends and supporters. Keep on keeping on.

Name: David Dallison
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 09:21:26 2003
Shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of Edwin Starr,one of my all time favourites,he will be greatly missed .He truly was the'Soulmaster'

Name: Oliver
Country: Germany
Date: Fri Apr 4 08:58:54 2003
As I'm still influenced with soul music from the late 60's up to now, Edwin was and is one of my biggest favourates, maybe my personal star(r). It's a pitty that he passed by, it was much too early.

Name: Rob (Team)
Date: Fri Apr 4 08:58:17 2003
By generously sharing his knowledge and experience Edwin’s influence has helped shape our lives. He took us around the world and back again and enriched our lives with experiences money could not buy. He united us both professionally and personally and instigated a family I am proud to be associated with. He was a master of his profession with an immense talent and will be sadly missed. Rest In Peace Edwin. Rob

Name: Peter
Country: Canada(ex- U,K)
Date: Fri Apr 4 08:58:11 2003
May I just say how deeply sorry I am to hear about Edwins passing away. I remember vividly(when I was still at secondary school) his great hits from the late sixties("S.O.S", "25 Miles", "Headline News", and the ultimate anthem "War")...These songs formed part of that era. Back then his songs were just as great as anything produced by The Beatles, Stones etc, and his voice was simply FANTASTIC!! To me he was just as superb as Otis Redding or Solomon Burke. He was one of the greatest voi

Name: richard
Country: uk
Date: Fri Apr 4 08:52:08 2003
V. sorry to hear of Edwin's passing - huge influence on me as a teenager. Hope "War" will be re-released as a worthy epitaph.

Name: martin ,lyn ,liz and russ
Country: wales
Date: Fri Apr 4 08:45:09 2003
we have all seen and enjoyed edwin so many times our hearts are heavy today, we ask God to bless edwin and to comfort his family friends and the team,soul weekenders will never be the same...shine on edwin

Name: Aileen Briggs & Steve Jordan
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 08:38:25 2003
Edwin was 'Simply the Best'! We will miss seeing him perform. But we do have our memories of when we met him.

Name: cheryl dickerson
Country: usa
Date: Fri Apr 4 08:07:02 2003
This was truely a shock to here of Edwin's passing. None of this was printed in the USA papers. I just phoned my brother John in Seattle to tell him. "WAR" came out when I was in my early teens and was supporting my brother Clyde who was in Vietnam. My God watch over his family and friends. Peace out,much love and God's Speed. Cheryl

Name: steve
Country: uk
Date: Fri Apr 4 07:14:33 2003
will be sadly missed, great artist and performer

Name: Mary Bryant
Country: USA - LA -CA
Date: Fri Apr 4 07:12:29 2003
I watched the Soul show on PBS, and I saw him on that show and ordered his cd 3 days later. I am so sad about this. Even though I didn't know him personally, it's like losing a good friend. Thank you for your music, now sing with the angels!

Name: Chris Younken
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 05:33:37 2003
Edwin, you will surely be missed. Your song "War" is absolutely timeless. It could've been recorded yesterday. I love it!

Name: Brian Nasser
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 04:28:29 2003
After writing the man a quick "fan" email, what shows up a few weeks later, but an Edwin Starr cd autographed "to Brian, Peace, Edwin Starr." A class act 100%. What a voice. What a man.

Name: shirley hunter
Country: u.s.a.
Date: Fri Apr 4 04:09:44 2003
Your music has been my inspiration, and having known you gives me life appreciation.

Name: Big Al Mayfield
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 03:49:28 2003
I am so sad to hear the news,I think Edwin has been a remarkable man and an outstanding performer all his life and I have had the pleasure of seeing his show on many occasions as he held the audience in the palm of his hand with the accapella I heard it throgh the grapevine and his somewhat thought provoking "War".Always a smile and plenty of time for a laugh and a joke with the audience, a true professional. Miss ya Edwin!

Name: Ebonie
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 03:02:46 2003
R.I.P Edwin. You will be missed!

Name: Clive
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 02:42:09 2003
Starr by name ,Starr by right. Clive,England

Name: Bernard ATB
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 01:40:31 2003
The man can never be replaced. I will never forget "Tracks of My Tears" sang by Edwin without music or backing at the Opera House in Modchester England or "I Wanna Ride My Scooter" sang at Morecambe Scooter Rally. The Music mut live on!

Name: Mark Speck
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 01:32:50 2003
There will never be another like you, Edwin Starr! You were the epitome of talent and class, and everyone who ever heard your music loved you! GOD BLESS, EDWIN, AND REST IN PEACE!

Name: Miriam & Wolfgang
Country: Germany
Date: Fri Apr 4 01:30:20 2003
Keep on keepin' on!!!!!!!!!

Date: Fri Apr 4 01:03:11 2003

Name: graham & barbara anderson
Country: oldham,england
Date: Fri Apr 4 01:00:00 2003
i will always remwmber u with great affection u did a gig -at- Henry Africas in OLDHAM & your band got delayed.U did the entire show accappelle.your versions of your classics remain in my heart forever,especially oh happy day sleep well dear friend you will always be cherished in our hearts

Name: Carl Somers
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:54:16 2003
Oh,how I'm going to miss him, my friend and embassador to all the Rhythm and Blues gypsies from around the world. There's a hole in my heart, Carl Somers,formerly of The Coasters

Name: john
Country: england
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:41:25 2003
Sad loss of a great singer and lovely man who even made sure the support band got fed properly!

Name: Angie Clarke
Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:36:54 2003
So sad - the end of an era. As a DJ I had the privelege of working with Edwin Starr on a number of occasions and will always remember a fabulous entertainer, consummate professional and all round good guy. Your music lives on.

Name: John Dykes
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:26:20 2003
The death of such a huge soul legend is a terrible loss to all true Motown/Soul music fans. Rest in piece our very own "Agent 00 Soul" !

Name: Martin & Julie
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:24:46 2003
Edwin, A man who will be with us forever in our hearts and souls. "hey hey our Edwin with our Northern Soul" many thanks for the memories, Keep the Faith.

Name: Chris Hale
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:22:03 2003
"TIME" is so precious in so many ways. One great regret in life is that I never made it to Wigan, BUT I DID SEE EDWIN AT CITY HALL SHEFFIELD !!!!!!!!!! A legend with both dancing feet firmly on the ground. Thank you for your contribution to SOUL The sweat on the dance floor will be mixed with tears of sadness this Friday, wherever soulies are dancin'

Country: UK
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:19:55 2003
"TIME" is so precious in so many ways. One great regret in life is that I never made it to Wigan, BUT I DID SEE EDWIN AT CITY HALL SHEFFIELD !!!!!!!!!! A legend with both dancing feet firmly on the ground. Thank you for your contribution to SOUL The sweat on the dance floor will be mixed with tears of sadness this Friday, wherever soulies are dancin'

Name: John Rodgers
Country: England
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:13:13 2003
I had the pleasure of working with EDWIN on many ocassions what a brilliant performer and when he was with his band they just blew the place apart! Edwin asked me to play Black Box Ride on time during sound check I played around a minute Edwin said yeh that enough and at the end of his set the band started playing it and what an increable version so powerfull 2500 people at Tiffanys in Great Yarmouth could not believe what they heard, Edwin the end of an era! and sadly missed

Name: Pete french
Country: uk
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:08:12 2003
The King of UK Soul has gone away, He will never be forgotten for everything he has done for us. We met many times over the years and Edwin was always a nice guy who always stayed over to greet fans, sign autographs and pose for Photos. Edwin your"TIME" may have come but for us it will be Lifelong. There is no substitute we have lost a one off.

Name: Edward A. Davis
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:06:58 2003
My your soul rest in PEACE. And the land be free from "WAR".

Name: Edward A. Davis
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:03:22 2003
My your soul rest in peace.

Name: sam
Country: uk
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:02:22 2003
To my mate Edwin thank you xx

Name: Nicholas
Country: USA
Date: Fri Apr 4 00:01:07 2003
Edwin Starr was a great singer who added a lot to the music industry and gave many people inspiration. Along with Edwin Starr, I also am a big fan of Bruce Springsteen and both sang about peace on earth. Edwin Starr was a great guy and musician! RIP

Name: Efren Espinosa
Country: Riverside, USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:59:49 2003
Dearest Edwin, may you rest in peace. Your untimely death brings back such fond memories of playing in one of your backing bands(Dr. Pepper)when we toured Canada and the East Coast of the US during the disco era with your hits "Happy Radio" and "Eye to Eye Contact." I will always fondly remember our first tour when we "roughed it" by stuffing a station wagon with way too many musicians and traversed the United States into Canada. But what fun we had!!! The second time we traveled in sty

Name: Pete and Su Gibson
Country: spain
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:55:54 2003
The soulmaster has gone but The soulmaster will never be forgotten. He brought pleasure to thousands. I first saw him at The Wheel in 1967. Was it that long ago? Stay soulful R.I.P. Condolences to his family but remember he really was The Soulmaster.

Name: Jeremy
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:54:58 2003
could say so very much about Edwin (Charles) he was such a peaceful guy with a really quite wonderful voice. someone said only the good die young and 61 in todays world is so young i'm personally really very very sad. my little Prayer Lord Thank you for our brother he lived a life of Peace and he followed you. He gave so much love and enjoyment through the talent you bestowed him with and in a life of song he the sad happy and the lonely befriended thank you for the life of Ch

Name: Bob Lee
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:53:23 2003
Edwin, You will be missed Bob Lee

Name: Ivan T. Young
Country: US
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:44:44 2003
I am going to miss him a lot. I first heard his voice when I was a child and finally got to see him personnaly while stationed in Germany 1984 at Hessisich Oldendorf. I was glad to meet someone in my family that I could say was truly famous and dearly liked by millions. He was one of my mothers favorite cousins that always found time to visit when in town. Sing on cousin!!! I.Y. Marg's son.

Name: Karen
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:43:09 2003
Edwin we will miss you! I remember dancing to H.A.P.P.Y. Radio and Contact in the 70's, and who could forget WAR!! Now you've got them dancing in Heaven...

Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:36:20 2003
Thank you Edwin for so many years of wonderful music. The word 'showman' has been credited to so many - but YOU were the top showman 'Youv'e got my soul on fire'

Name: Andy
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:23:14 2003
Seldom is a person so aptly named but Edwin was a star in every sense of the word. I was lucky enough to work with him for the last 10 years and honoured to be his friend. Edwin gave me many opportunities and many happy memories. Thank you for everything Edwin. You will be greatly missed. Your friend and tech, Andy

Name: Lora
Country: Canada
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:19:22 2003
I did not have the pleasure of seeing Edwin play live. I was introduced to his music 2 years ago by a very good friend. I have his All The Way Live cd. I have been a dedicated fan ever since. His legacy will live on forever. This is a sad day.

Name: vicky
Country: u.k
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:12:12 2003

Name: mick mcgarry
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:10:12 2003
A truly sad,sad day for soul music. Another legend gone from us. I saw Edwin in a bar in Blackpool singing an acapella version of I Heard it Through The Grapevine. Better than Marvin! Brought tears to my eyes. God Bless Edwin and thanks for the memories

Name: paul
Country: u.k
Date: Thu Apr 3 23:02:45 2003
I am devastated at the terrible news.such a great voice and a great man.he will always be remembered for his deep soul.

Name: Borderline allstars sc
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:56:04 2003
I remember when Edwin played at the ride out on the iow rally 98, amazing day........

Name: Roy van Rees
Country: Netherlands
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:51:14 2003
So sad, such a loss! Thanks Edwin! My sincere condolences to the family!

Name: Denny Flynn
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:50:19 2003
Thankyou for making a Butlins weekend such a memorable time. You touched the very soul us us with your music. That must be why you were the KING of soul. Rest in peace,but may your music live on.Denny & Ruth Flynn

Name: Keith Groom
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:31:02 2003
So sad to hear of the tragic loss of a true superstar. Sincere condolences. The Groom Family.

Name: Paul
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:25:28 2003
You touched us al with your music in one way or another. May God rest your soul.

Name: Mike
Country: Southend,UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:24:12 2003
Shocked ! What can you say about the great man. He is a soul legend.The ultimate live performer, having seen him loads of time,from performances at many scooter rallies and club do's i've attended, to the Dancing in the Streets tours,he always gave it his all,no matter what. He will be sorely missed,another great artist leaves us.His music will live on and we will keep the faith going strong.God bless you Edwin.

Name: ERIC
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:18:01 2003
a voice that needed no speakers.witnessed many a great performance from the great man over the years the last one at the phil in liverpool---we know you'll be in the back street with the ordinary people edwin sooooooul long to a true starr.

Name: Dave Silver
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:14:53 2003
He was 'The Hardest Working Man In The Business' and a good friend to me for many years. Please don't let people forget him. Rest in peace friend.

Name: gino losardo
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:13:32 2003
a very sad day indeed r i p soul brother

Name: Nick Chandler
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:12:46 2003
I only saw Edwin live for the first time less than a year ago and it was a performance I'll never forget. Excellent! My Mum came with me and we were looking forward to when Dancing In The Streets came back down our way. We can't believe the legend of soul has passed away so young.

Name: Vic Fretwell
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:08:31 2003
A very sad day for many. My condolences to the family. A legend has passed and made many peple's lives richer. Rest in peace Edwin xx

Name: paul cambridge
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:06:34 2003
sorry to hear todays tragic news.Edwin will be sorely missed in the north of England. My condolences to all his family and friends.There may have been more famous Motown artists but in England, Edwin was number one. Fate has dealt us a cruel blow.With the situation in Iraq Edwin should have been back chart topping with" War" instead we remember him as THE BEST.

Name: matt powell
Country: wales
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:06:14 2003
the way the world is at the moment the mans music could open some minds to show soul is greater than the bullet,to a legend and talent rest in peace edwin.

Name: michelle&mackey,norsemen s.c
Country: n.ireland
Date: Thu Apr 3 22:01:48 2003
i had the greatest pleasure of watching edwin perform at tenby scooter rally 2 years ago. I would truly say that it was one of the most uplifting experiences of my life! He was an inspiration to all soul lovers everywhere. Thankyou.................

Name: Paul
Country: Austin Texas
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:59:05 2003
His music is an inspiration to me during the Viet nam era. "War"..Miss his performance..Former Marine...Great Performer...

Name: john ansbro
Country: United Kingdom
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:55:11 2003
Gutted,Edwin without a doubt retained such quality,both in voice & as a human being.Honour to have shared hours of enjoyment. JOHN A

Name: jan
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:48:49 2003
edwin you will be greatly missed. loved your dancing in the streets tours. keep singing in heaven. god bless.

Name: kim deller
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:48:23 2003
I am so sad. We have lost one of the 'greats'. I had the pleasure and priviledge of seeing Edwin perform on several occasions, and he was sensational. My deepest sympathy to his family. The world is a much poorer place.

Name: Ed Hogbin
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:47:04 2003
Great songs and a great performer. His music saw me through my teens and then I got to see him live in Clare, Suffolk 2 yrs ago and it was like a dream. His rendition of "Higher and Higher" (Jackie Wilson) was sheer perfection. Very sadly missed

Name: steve and carol
Country: n.wales
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:45:09 2003
we have been to many concerts over so many many years [ by diffent artists ] next is paul maccartney then neil young then springsteen.. but we keep on looking out for EDWIN STARR returning to llandudno [ n.wales ] because the last two shows [dancing in the street] was with out doubt the best shows this town has ever seen.. today we feel so sad but also glad we had the great pleasure of seeing this great great artist.. may you rest in peace god bless .. EDWIN STARR..

Name: Chris
Country: Manchester, Eng
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:40:41 2003
I Saw Edwin 'live' in Manchester early 1974, along with Jr. Walker. He was without doubt one of the best live acts I have ever seen, a real hard-working performer, and will be sadly missed. R.I.P.

Name: Simon
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:34:57 2003
Very sad news indeed. There are few true legends but Edwin was up there with the best. R.I.P.

Name: Everett Stewart
Country: New Orleans, LA
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:31:45 2003
Edwin...You will be truly missed by the poeple of OUR generation....

Name: Melissa Price
Country: United States
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:29:55 2003
Edwin is indeed a legend. I listened to his music as a teen, and then met and had the priveledge of spending time with him in Los Angeles, prior to his move to England. He will be sadly missed by his many, many fans, friends and family members. My condolences to the family, and they will be in my thoughts and prayers, as will Edwin.

Name: Finn
Country: Denmark
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:27:20 2003
Bye Edwin, see you up there one day.........

Name: Darrell
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:24:51 2003
Sad news............managed to see Edwin 8 times during the 80s early 90s on the national scooter rallies and at my home town of Lowestoft....his songs I am sure will live on !!

Name: Peter
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:23:42 2003
Its hard to find the words, a true gentleman,a great performer,will so very much miss him. I feel privleged to have met Edwin and enjoy his show many times,my sympathy to his family and friends, and the Team. Heaven will now be a better place

Name: Joe PHSC
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:21:36 2003
Thank you. All thats left now is the echoes of his soul but what a resounding collection of joyous sound we all know that is. Tioraidh an-drasda.

Name: Simon
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:08:36 2003
Edwin - I have never forgotten the live performance at the Twisted Wheel Retford late 60,s. Your music in particular has kept me going over the years, you will be sorely missed, a true Soul Master, condolences to your family. R.I.P.

Name: waddo
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:06:22 2003
thank you for so many happy concerts, with out a doubt the best ever entertainer, allways 110% from a true soul gentleman,i have fond memories singing on stage in nottingham 15 years ago with you, god bless, you good night my friend. waddo

Name: Dano
Country: Ireland
Date: Thu Apr 3 21:01:33 2003
AGENT DOUBLE O SOUL May you rest in peace my friend, I was looking forward to the Isle of Man. Rest assured we’ll chant your name, It’s a sad day for music to lose such a truly greart artist. Irishdano

Name: John Brennan
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:52:57 2003
I had the great pleasure of working alongside Edwin many years ago. He was singing live, I was singing live. The rest were miming! I will miss him. John Brennan

Name: Mark
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:47:22 2003
It was such sad news this morning to hear that Edwin had passed away. I saw Edwin perform twice last year in and around Northampton and his performaces were second to none. Just watching this great man made you smile and feel good with the world. God bless you and rest in peace.

Name: Stuart
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:45:29 2003
A great, great tragedy. Like so many other people that had the honour of meeting him, this news fills me with sadness. To try to add one glimmer of light, there is a little more news about the new version of "War (What Is It Good For)"

Name: Robert Bell
Country: Birmingham, UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:43:49 2003
I remember when Edwin used to turn up at Rebel records in Victoria Arcade, often accompanied by other Motown Legends who had come to visiti him at Pooley Hall. Polesworth. Edwin did so much for local talent and charities, often at his own expense. A great man who I shall truly miss. Deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

Name: Steve & Paula
Country: u.k
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:43:25 2003
Goodbye to a true soul legend.

Name: alex lang
Country: nottingham-uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:29:15 2003
may you rest in peace edwin,truly,one of the worlds awesome voices,a soulfull talent from a lovely gentleman. a giant among giants. you can sing along with marvin,jackie,etc..... god bless you, a very brokenhearted, alex & dee lang

Name: stuart
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:24:42 2003
you'll be greatly missed a true giant of soul. "keep the faith"

Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:24:05 2003
The SOULMASTER,we loved you & you loved us rip my friend

Name: T.L. Harris
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:22:53 2003
I would like to express my profound saddness in the passing of a true legend in Edwin Starr. My condolences go out to his family, friend, and fans throughout the whole world. I am so glad that Edwin was in a place where he gets the love and respect that he deserves. I have a lot of respect for Great Britian, and the British fans. God bless you for taking care of one of out true legends, and giving him the love and respect he deserved. T.L. Harris

Name: Paul Toole
Country: England, UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:18:54 2003
A truly great soul singer and a magnificent entertainer. I've seen Edwin perform numerous times over the years and he never gave less than 100%. the world just became a poorer place. Peace, Paul.

Name: Richie
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:16:38 2003
to the person who aksed before, apparently, adwin had been campaining for the new version of "War" to be released with profits to go to humanitarian charity-heart of gold to the end. I dont know when it comes out though.

Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:15:56 2003
Edwin Starr, one of only a few true SOUL SINGERS.His like will not be seen again, god bless you Edwin and thanks for the memories.

Name: eric ric tic ezzie brown
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:13:18 2003
the main man stopped his show to get me assistance when i was assaulted while he was on stage at yate,before the niters even began[1974?]then remembered me 2 years later at another show & bought me a beer!even recalled the incident when i met him at threntham g. a couple of years ago. r i p.edwin one of the scenes greatest!

Name: gary grant
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:13:12 2003
the best performer ever you will be missed by everyone on the scooter scene RIP

Name: Kev Smallman
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:11:54 2003
My wife Helen,has asked me to put down a few words.She used to work at a specialist dry cleaners in Four Oaks which Edwin frequented.All she has are fond memories of his banter,his genuine interest in you,and of course what a charmer ! (So she keeps reminding me!).Not only has he left his indelible mark in music history,but in many people's lives too.I never met him,but wish I had.God Bless,it wouldn't be Heaven without Edwin....Kev.

Name: candy cook
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:09:32 2003
He will be sadly missed and always respected as the great artist that he was lots of love to his family and friends.

Name: nigel
Country: Great Britain
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:07:35 2003
Edwin starr has been a great influence to me in my singing career. I am the lead singer in a band called Kissing Fish and will be performing at The Crewe and Nantwich Jazz,Blues and Music Festival this easter. Sadly the festival will feel a great loss at the death of such a talented man Who was due to play this easter

Name: albrecht wauters
Country: Belgium
Date: Thu Apr 3 20:04:32 2003
Radio 2 Belgium will pay tribute to this great soul man on Radio 2's Soul Show 'De dansbar' on Friday Evening. We will have an interview with Lilane Kyle. COndolences to liliane and family.

Name: The Brettell Family
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 19:57:52 2003
Timing perfect as ever Edwin...Everyone will now hear your words. WAR.. what is it good for? Rest easy x

Name: david flowerday
Country: u.k
Date: Thu Apr 3 19:49:23 2003
thank you for touching me with your music

Name:Bob Wood
Date:Apr 3 19:38:35 2003
Listening to Richard searling on Jazz Fm today I had tears running down my cheeks how that man has been a part of my life! I started a mobile disco in 1972 looking through my soul record collection for inspiration what jumped out at me was Agent 00 Soul aand thats what i came to be known as. Best memory of Edwin Blackpool Mecca all dayer circa 1975 with junior walker ive never felt so high. Saw Edwin on numerous occasions he always was the ultimate pro remember once at butlins he did a version of 2 unlimited No Limits but changed the lyrics to say no lyrics i think he was upset that a talentless bunch of people could get to no1 when music sang from the soul was often ignored HE will be sorely missed but i will always remember his love for music and the pleasure he gave to so many and especially me bob blackwood blackpool

Name: Emma Ferris
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 19:36:35 2003
A truly remarkable soul artist, one of if not The best, I was fortunate to not only see him perform on 2 occasssions but also to meet him and he was so gracious, such a gentleman who enjoyed his audience as much as they enjoyed him. Edwin We will miss you at the scooter rallies but your music will live on forever, you truley were a Starr.

Name: david bilson
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 19:35:14 2003
What is there to say? A great singer whose biggest hit is so apposite right now. You will be missed in the Midlands, man.

Name: billy
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 19:33:11 2003
His music will be breaking down the walls of heartache for many a year to come. Long live the legend.

Name: Mary Bukowski
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 19:30:14 2003
There is such truth in the lyrics of your song WAR, especially when you hear the daily count mounting of the casualties in Iraq, and it's looking like it very much might become another Vietnam. May you rest in peace Edwin.

Name: Ann & Chubby Tavares
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 19:27:59 2003
We shall miss you Edwin. God Bless. It was an honour to know you. An honour for the Tavares brothers to work with you. Much love. Miss you much. Your "Starr" will shine brightly in heaven.

Name: S Benfold
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 19:22:50 2003
Thank you for allowing us to part of your life, through your music. Every time we will hear your songs, you will be in our thoughts. God bless StuartB and your many northern fans

Name: jo cook
Country: u.k
Date: Thu Apr 3 19:20:19 2003
R.I.P big man

Name: lisa turney
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 19:10:25 2003
God bless you edwin. I have some great memories of seeing you perform at scooter rallies many years ago.The best live perfomer who knew how to get the crowd going. Your Soul lives on and so will a star x.

Name: Tom Poynton
Country: Bristol, UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 19:07:26 2003
I was lucky enough to see Edwin join Bruce Springsteen on stage in Birmingham 16th May 1999 for an incendiary performance of "War" (the only time it was played on the tour. What a great voice, and a fine man. Rest in Peace man.

Name: Carole O'Callaghan
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:58:11 2003
Thanks, Edwin, for some great music and concerts over the years. You will be sadly missed.

Name: anthony j. guest
Country: United Kingdom
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:55:20 2003

Name: ian wilson
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:54:20 2003
in the 1960 i was in my teens and found soul music and edwin starr, we all saved our small apprentices wages to buy the records, it was a time that we were all growing and being part of that musical revolution. edwin, otis reading, steve wonder, sam and dave were all part of that exciting time. to edwin starr, thanks for being a good and influential part of our lives, you were and are a SOUL GREAT. ian wilson.

Name: steve goody
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:52:04 2003
God Bless thankyou for so much pleasure in your music and the brilliant performances that you have always given. Steve Goody

Name: Caz
Country: Dorchester, UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:51:03 2003
When my husband told me the news of Edwins passing away, I was speachless. I haven't stopped thinking about him all day with many of his songs swimming in my head. I had been lucky enough to see him perform at many scooter rallies and to meet him at the Jazz Cafe. He loved all of his fans as much as we loved him. RIP Edwin. I will miss you.

Name: Rob Coram
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:48:04 2003
Long live the memory of Edwin, He was one of my many heroes that I have met. Totally gutted today, The memories of Edwin will always stay with me, seen him many times in concert. When I hear the middle C of the opening to S.O.S. it will always bring a tear to my eyes. R.I.P. Edwin, you are a legeng.

Name: Bear
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:47:24 2003
Rest In Eternal Peace,Love and Happiness,our brother!! You will ALWAYS remain awsome and amazing to many lives to come!Thanks for sharing your gift so well with us. We continue to pray for courage,strength and guidence from Above for your loving family.

Name: Phil Watts
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:46:59 2003
All of us who worked with Edwin know there is a void which can't be filled. Condolences to family, friends and the band who were with him for so long

Name: richard galvin
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:42:03 2003
So many good memories. I remember watching a storming gig at Butlins Bognor. After I had cooled down, I decided to go for a burger - Edwin was in the queque behind me!! Love to all who shared his music especially 'The Team'. We 'got lucky' to be on this earth the same time as Mr Starr. Miss you already xxx

Name: CmonK
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:38:26 2003
Ciao Belle x

Name: Ron Artis
Country: Hawaii,USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:37:50 2003
A good friend to me and my family...taught me a lot about the music buisness..A good man that's going home in style..Peace

Name: liz lamb
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:37:20 2003
What sad news - saw Edwin only 3 weeks ago, fabulous show, as always, left the audience wanting more. We vowed to see him again next time he was in the North West but sadly this is not to be. I know all his fans will want to convey their very deepest sympathies to his wife, family and friends at such a very sad time.

Name: david owen
Country: wales(gt brit)
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:30:03 2003
what a great guy

Name: Matt & San
Country: england,leics
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:29:08 2003
you had the best voice and worked so hard to give your fans a dynamite show every time. you will be missed but your music will always live on!

Name: steve bone
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:22:20 2003
With a sad heart and a lump in my throat I write this message,I have seen this great performer so many times I cant remember,the ultimate man on stage a true star always 100%,a true legend, Fantastic,rest in peace my friend and thanks.from all your scooterist friends..Boney (london lambretta club)

Name: Terri A. Green
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:21:07 2003
I had the fortunate pleasure of growing up with your music. The messages in your music have played a part in shaping my ideology as an adult and your music will ring true to my ears until the day I make my transition. May the ancestors greet you fondly and please watch over us in this time of war and struggle.

Name: Stella Zine
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:18:06 2003
My deepest sympathy to Edwin Starr's family and friends. His voice and songs stood up to the test of time. Mr Starr offered to those of us witnessing for peace in the streets some immortal words to shout and sign in the winds of war.

Name: Vida J. Andrews
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:16:48 2003
Rest Well.

Name: Jane Jones
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:11:07 2003
We had the pleasure of seeing Edwin 3 times in the West Midlands, we danced all night and the atmosphere was brilliant. We are really saddened by his parting, but his music will always live on in our house. Motown will live forever. Jane and Bob, Wolverhampton

Name: Colin Marshall
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:09:53 2003
Having seen Edwin so recently at The Brook in Southampton put on such a dynamic show, I'm just so glad I was there to see the legend perform. Thanks for the memory

Name: Stevie
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 18:20:32 2003
i was very sad to hear about Edwin,s death because i only saw him in butlins last month im only 13 but reckon he is a leagend and he done a brillent proformance and i am pround to ave spoke to him and shake his hand

Name: Frank Salazar
Country: USA/Germany
Date: Thu Apr 3 17:48:46 2003
I and the Members of "Starchild" will miss Edwin very much We have know each other for a long time. I grew up listening to Edwins music but never thought I be sharing the same stage with him it was a great honor,and learning experience. "PIFF" we will miss you truly we love you and may God keep your wonderful soul.

Country: FRANCE
Date: Thu Apr 3 17:38:23 2003

Name: dimitri mccrary
Country: america
Date: Thu Apr 3 17:34:50 2003
Im very sad that he has left us, but i would like everyone to celebrate the life of him. He has left a legacy for everyone to enjoy for generations to come.Thank you MR EDWIN STARR for the war song and thank you for blessing us all with your life and talent.

Name: Ricky Jay
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 17:25:14 2003
I'd worked with Edwin many many times .. A real gentleman , professional and an all round great guy .. always had time for his fans .. some people you work with have at least one bad point Edwin had none ..sadly missed .. RIP agent 00 soul God Bless ... Ricky (lexington avenue/romeos & juliets/studio circus/waterfront .HULL)

Name: Wez
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 17:19:02 2003
i saw him a couple of years ago in Brannigans(blackpool). he was doing a few numbers when a voice shouted out "your miming". You should have seen Edwin's face. He shouted back "who said that ? I aint never mimed a word in my life" the crowd went silent and then he said" Dj, put any song on you want and i will sing along acapella". the dj put carribean queen on and he went mad. using his own lyrics, singing with the song. People took the roof off. one word, LEGEND. R.I.P Edwi

Name: Mark Threadgold
Country: Rep of Ireland
Date: Thu Apr 3 17:16:55 2003
I saw you first in 1977 at the Casino and last at Bretby in 1999. I also saw you many times in between. Each time you always gave something new..........may your soul live on forever.......we will always remember you. Mark T

Name: Eric
Country: Germany
Date: Thu Apr 3 17:11:32 2003
I just attended the Porsche Oldie Nigh last Friday in Stuttgart. Edwin and his band were so phantastic. I was shocked when I heard the message of his much too early death in the radio today. Edwin, thank you so much for your music! Eric

Name: Adrian Cork
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:59:22 2003
My partner and I saw Edwin in Liverpool just a fortnight ago. As ever he put on a great show so his passing has come as a complete shock. I've seen him many times over the years and never once did he disappoint. He appeared on the BBC music show Later a couple of series back and the host, Jools Holland, said that Edwin was the only performer they had had on the show who didn't need a monitor to sing. His voice was strong enough. It always will be. RIP Edwin.

Name: Mark Anderson
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:58:10 2003
I was saddened to hear of Edwin's passing today. Through many a hard time, the song "Twenty Five Miles" has always put a smile on my face. Thanks for making such great music, Edwin.

Name: spike collier
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:56:04 2003
A true gentleman on the soul scene. A great sadness. You bought so much happiness into so many lives. You will live on in my heart.

Name: Chris Webber
Country: Uk & Italy
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:55:53 2003
It was an honer and a pleasure to have worked with Charles. His Soul, Spirit and Freindship will live on for ever in our harts. Our condolances to his brother and all the family of friends from Chris Webber and Nigel Hardman at City Slickers

Name: Jak
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:53:47 2003
RIP Agent Double OO soul

Name: Mike Bridgman
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:51:57 2003
Edwin I sang with you, I danced with you, I held your hand, I met and talked with you, I watched your rise, I own all that you released, your were the soundtrack of my life. Now you're gone. I'll miss you. But....I'll Love You Forever God Bless You

Name: mark wiggan
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:51:21 2003
Very sorry to hear of the passing of a great Soul Singer without a doubt a legend. Everytime you heard his songs on the dance floor, it raised the tempo in the room and made upbeat and ready to stomp. In a nutshell Edwin Starr was a must you could trust - God Bless Our Edwin a true great

Name: John Cohen
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:49:56 2003
To the family of Edwin Starr, growing up next door to you was a treat. Annetts ribs were to die for and there was always a party going on. Edwin took me to my first night club, Starwood on Santa Monica, and opened my eyes to soul music. Andre my heart is with you and your family I lost my mother in November and comming back home to Laurel Cyn is bitter sweet. Edwin in a time of war your words are timeless. Rest in Peace. John Cohen

Name: Bill,Linda and Lauren
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:46:48 2003
Edwin, we travelled down to see you in 'The Streets' concert and you were truly outstanding - you had the place rockin' and had the audience in the palm of your hand. Your music will live on forever, you are a legend,soul brother. May God be with you....

Name: Andy G
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:43:13 2003
It was a pleasure to not only watch, listen and dance to his music, but also to share the bill with him too. You brought pleasure to thousands world-wide and yet were never too 'big' to come and say hello to us all. RIP Edwin, from all at Scootering Magazine.

Name: jean-claude morlot
Country: france
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:44:47 2003
I had the chance to meet him and to interview him. He was able to sing the same way for 5 or 5000. In these trouble times, he would have been the perfect ambassador RIP

Name: Beege
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:42:53 2003
I feel very sad about Edwin Starr's passing away. He was such a magnificent soulful singer who's career spanned over several musical eras even though he was never treated properly by Motown. A true survivor in that medium.

Name: Wayne Spencer
Country: Leics, England
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:41:43 2003
Going to miss you a LOT Edwin. Saw you many times on stage including when you guested at Springsteen's NEC gig in 99. And only week and half ago I was at Musicmania show at NEC where you did a signing - http://secure.vip-24.com/venues/birminghamnec.html. You were and always will be a true legend. I know you'll still be singing so beautifully forever. - Wayne

Name: Pat
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:39:07 2003
You brought such joy, now sing with the angels. R.I.P.

Name: Edward Wolfrum
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:36:38 2003
I was shocked to hear of Edwin's departure from this world. His wonderful personality and music will be missed I am certain that his gift will be appreciated in the next world. He gave much of himself for others. I was a engineer at Golden World Records during the late 60's and worked with Edwin on numerous sessions. These were wonderful time. May Edwin rest in the peace of Christ. Edward Wolfrum Audio Graphic Services Royal Oak, Michigan USA

Name: Chris
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:32:48 2003
Memories of those great days in the late 60's and early 70,s when life was all about Soul and Motown when I saw you live in Sheffield. I will remember with a smile as I play your records today.

Name: Norman Porter
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:32:44 2003
A great man and a great loss.

Name: Andy H
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:31:39 2003
A sad loss to the soul scene worldwide, he will be sorely missed. Keep On Runnin' SC

Name: Andrew
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:14:56 2003
I love Edwin, god bless you, u'll be missed

Name: Ken Watkins
Country: England U.K.
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:12:24 2003
Edwin it was a privelege to see you on stage twice during the eighties another great star has gone to join the heavenly choir but your music will be enjoyed by millions for generations to come the word superstar is grossly overused but you were truly one R.I.P.

Date: Thu Apr 3 16:12:15 2003

Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:07:20 2003
From all of the uks scooterists, im so sad that Edwin is gone. A true gent, a true friend to the scooterists. goodbye and god bless you. all my love claire

Name: Paul Richardson
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:03:08 2003
Much loved and now missed gent of soul. from all at Wearside Wanderers Scooter Club

Name: Darren Wortley
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:02:06 2003
Edwin was the greatest of all time bar none, so very saddened to hear of his death. You will be sorely missed by us all my friend, rest in peace...Darren & Family

Name: Glen Cooper
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 16:01:19 2003
Edwin thrilled us so many times on his frequent visits to Morecambe. Fantastic performer right to the end, lovely, lovely man. We'll dance in your memory at the Morecambe v Dagenham game this Saturday. Stay HAPPY!

Name: Squirrel and Rob
Country: U.K.
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:51:44 2003
Devastated to hear of Edwin's premature departure. We were extremely honoured to have him sing at our wedding,we will be watching the video. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this tragic time. He was such a gentlemen and a true friend who always had time for a chat. LONG MAY THIS TRULY LEGENDARY TALENT LIVE ON THROUGH HIS MUSIC HE WILL BE SADLY MISSED BY ALL WHO KNEW HIM

Name: tanja
Country: netherlands
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:50:38 2003

Name: lYNN
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:38:58 2003
Edwin you will be sadly missed, what a lovely man very warm personality, always got time for you, I have a fantastic video of you performing at an event with the band...at Stoke Town Hall,Stoke on Trent, I will always treasure that. Love Lynn

Name: Charlie and Sandra Brown
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:38:41 2003
Bye Edwin you gave us a lot of happy memories,you had one of the sweetest vioces we have ever had the pleasure of listening to. We will always remember our meeting in the Jarvis hotel Aberdeen!a truly gentle man "keep the faith" Charlie and Sandra.

Name: Steven
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:33:57 2003
25 miles to go is still one of my all time faves! I will miss his live shows as well.

Name: Victoria Williams
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:29:22 2003
Will never forget the best music ever. Thanks Edwin you will be missed

Name: Graeme Mac
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:21:24 2003
Very sad to hear of Edwin's passing...one of the best.

Country: ENGLAND
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:20:42 2003

Name: Laima
Country: Toronto, Canada
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:12:03 2003
Edwin, From the first moment I saw you in rehearsal at the Bluenote in 1966, you have had my heart...I am devastated!!!!!!!Thank God that thru Ortheia we spoke. It is a blessing to read the wonderful words about you, as they are all true - my dear, it is too soon. Angelo, Lilian my condolences...he is in my heart, where he has always been, for all time, I have to go now, I can't see thru the tears... Laima

Name: alex
Country: germany
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:11:22 2003
Thanks for the memories of a number of gigs, nighters and parties spiced up with your GREAT voice and phenomenal records. We will miss you!

Name: Frank from the USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:10:51 2003
Mr. Starr will be missed, but heaven is a little sweeter.

Name: Richie
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 15:06:19 2003
Let us hope that when his self-tribute single , the new version of "War" with the utah saints will honour him with a number one and gain lots of money for charity

Name: Famous Amos!
Country: US
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:53:39 2003
As a kid, I'd hear this unreal sound bouncing off the ether from Detroit radio called Edwin Starr. NY radio didn't play the early hits but I went and bought 'em. Later of course, there were the smash Motown years and as a DJ I got to play Edwin and marvel at his powerful voice. A legend right up there with JB or Levi. Thanks for it all, Edwin! Our internet format Rhythm & Gold is proud to present a ton of Edwin Starr starting this Saturday morning at http://scot_fm.tripod.com

Name: Peter Berry
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:45:08 2003
I have seen Edwin live many times over the past 20 or so years, the last time was August Bank holiday 2002 on the Isle Of Wight and he was excellent, he was due to perform at the Isle Of Man on May bank holiday this year for the LCGB 50th Anniversary, he will be sadly sadly missed especially on the Northern Soul scene.

Name: Dave & Sue Gilman
Country: United Kingdom
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:39:51 2003
Edwin you were truly a *** STARR *** may you RIP,We were "H.A.P.P.Y." too of had known you, we "HAD FAITH IN YOU",althou this is one "HEADLINE NEWS" we did not want,Thanx for the memories and being a True "AGENT OF DOUBLE-O-SOUL" KTF from the West Midlands Soul Club and South West. Dave (Gilly)& Sue Gilman ** Plymouth UK **

Name: Sutty
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:32:23 2003
A great shock and and a great loss RIP Edwin

Name: Kevin McMann
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:29:42 2003
Rest in peace. you will be missed

Name: franco
Country: italy
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:28:36 2003
i never had the chance to see you live...but i danced to your records so many times...from the deep of my heart....thanx a million times

Name: Danny Power
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:27:45 2003
Edwin was a genius. He played at a fundraiser for Meningitis research for us last year. Introducing him on that stage was the proudest moment of my life. His performance was, as always, electric. He was also a real gentleman and vey kind to the young performers on the support bill. Rest in peace Soulmaster.

Name: Nick Aidan
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:25:56 2003
I think WAR should be released worldwide on the same day in the next month. I predict record sales and the world feeling like it has a voice against the current political climate. Music will always save the soul - it's the least we can do for a great artist. Go sit with your soul brothers Edwin - love and respect.

Name: Frank
Country: Germany
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:18:06 2003
rest in peace.....my soulbrother !

Name: Dawn Stemp
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:17:04 2003
I was honoured to finally meet Edwin at the concert at Ascot Racecourse last year. After the concert, I hung around backstage, determined to meet him! He didn't disappoint me. He was one of the most charming gentlemen I have ever met. It was a hot day, he was tired from being on stage, but he still found time for a kiss and cuddle, and to sign my c.d. Thank you Edwin for being a true gentlemen and wonderful entertainer. Our loss is heavens gain, God bless you. xxxxxx

Date: Thu Apr 3 14:13:22 2003

Name: matt
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:12:22 2003
thanx for all the great music, i hope everyone will listen to 'war' again these days, the mother of all anti-war songs. rest in peace

Name: Victoria Williams
Country: U.K.
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:08:43 2003
My husband and I had our first kiss at an Edwin Starr appearance in Battersea Park in 1989. He must have been sending out good vibes as we're still together and about to have our 2nd baby. Rest In Peace, Edwin, you were top! Vix xx PS: What about a rerelease of War? Now is surely the time. Name: MIchele Boeri
Country: Italy
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:07:02 2003
Never had the privilege to see him perform, but he is amongst my favourite singers!, Great voice, great man, goodbye agent OOSoul!

Name: Marcus Bell
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:03:20 2003
Sad,Sad News....You gave you heart and Soul into all your performances Edwin. You will be sorely missed. x Love Marcus

Name: Malcolm Collins
Country: united kingdom
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:03:18 2003
Edwin's music touched me as a 15 year old boy in Birmingham, a stones throw from where he lived himself, thousands like me will miss him, and I can only be greatful I got to hear Edwins music live 3 years ago, which will stay with me forever.

Name: Scott , glasgow
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:04:05 2003
You,ll be sadly missed mr Double O- Soul, Im sending out an SOS because Im in so much distress !! Goodbye Edwin, RIP

Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 14:01:09 2003
May God bless and rest Edwin's truly soulful soul for all the joy and hypnotic rhythms he brought to people around the world. Starr will be missed. America's Hottest Hypnotist - BLAZE

Name: Robin Hemingway
Country: Malibu, USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:57:29 2003
Producing T-Bone Walker in Switzerland in 1972, we were listening to a version we had cut of Edwin Starrs' humongous hit "War (What Is It Good For)" and decided to scrap it: "Ain't no way I can match that boy's wonderful voice, and the way he delivers on this song. He's one of my favorite singers," said T-Bone. Barret Strong, one of the song's Motown writer-producers (the other was Norman Whitfield) and I shared the same lawyer in New York - Walter Hofer. In a roundtable discussion one

Name: Gary James
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:51:00 2003
We had the privilege of working with Edwin and his great band over many years in corporate and private work.He was one of the nicest guys you could meet and wiil be deeply missed. From everyone in The Johnny Howard Band & Rollacoaster

Name: Dell Jenkins
Country: US
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:48:20 2003
This morning Arip 3, 2003
. At 7:45 I learned of Mr. Starr's passing. His War song has been played on WPFW in DC repeatedly. It has been wonderful hearing his music. He again as usual was at the top of his game during his final transition. Thank you Edwin Starr.

Name: Jon Matthews
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:46:32 2003
Edwin was without doubt a 'Soul Legend'. As a live performer he was second to none - either singing live to backing tracks or fronting his orchestra he put his heart and soul into every performance. I have nothing but fantastic memories of this great man. My radio isn't quite so H.A.P.P.Y today. RIP

Name: Diane
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:44:08 2003
Sad that such a well liked man is gone. We have his music to remember him by and that will live on.

Name: john watson
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:39:19 2003
so sad must of worked with him 30 times always a friend always happy lovely man will be missed by all

Name: jim lever
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:38:59 2003
So sad to hear the news. RIP YOUR MUSIC WILL LIVE ON!!

Name: Simon Oliver
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:37:30 2003
I had worked as part of a security team in the early eighties for a number of Edwin's gigs. He was a kind and generous person as well as being one of the greates soul voices ever! He will be sadly missed by many!

Country: LONDON UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:30:36 2003

Name: kim
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:26:45 2003
as a lot of us wake up this morning to the shock that edwin has left this troubled world. let us take a few minutes to remember one of the greatest soul singers that ever lived. god bless edwin.

Name: Justin
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:25:24 2003
My deepest sympathy to Edwins family and soul fans around the world. I'm so shocked by this news. My earliest memories of Edwin go back over 30 years. If I hadn't found him and HIS music, I would not have been able to make the journey he has constantly led me on. At least we can always share who & what he was by the wealth of treasures he has given us to carry forward. Edwin, thank you for the wonderful life you have given me, so enriched by yours. Though I'll miss you I will never forg

Name: George Dangerfield
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:23:06 2003
Heaven is a better place now that Edwin has arrived, Earth is worse off because we have lost a legend. His memory will last as long as SOUL lives. Live on Edwin

Name: Shaun Ashworth
Country: Norway
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:22:48 2003
few of the old songs tonight. Thanks for the memories. "Seamus" Shaun.

Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:22:09 2003
Edwin Starr - the greatest entertainer. Your energy and enthusiasm will stay forever in my heart. Glod bless.

Name: Shaun Ashworth
Country: Norway
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:20:56 2003
Sad to hear the news of Edwin's passing today. I was lucky enough to play piano and do backing vocals with him in England and on a European tour in 1983. Fantastic singer, and a very nice bloke. He once objected to the clothes I was wearing in the hotel we were staying at in Frankfurt, so took me out, bought me a whole new wardrobe, and made me walk out of the store in it! "Now you look like a Senator's son, Seamus!" "War" sounds as relevant today as it ever did. Will be singing a

Name: scot james
Country: stockholm swe
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:19:08 2003
I had the great privilege to witnessagent double O soul live in Scotland in 1987.You will be sadly missed a big man with a big soul .god bless.

Name: Michael
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:18:28 2003
Absolutely devastated to hear of the tragic loss of Edwin. Commiserations to all his family at this time and all our love, especially from our 10 yr old son who met Edwin and Angelo at the 'Streets' tour in Manchester. He has become a devoted fan and proves Edwins ability to draw from all ages and races. Rest in peace, Edwin, and join that wonderful "nightshift" choir knowing that your stamp in Soul's history is assured. Peace, Michael, Joy and little Nicks (who loves you lots).

Name: Allegra
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:04:19 2003
my friends and I met you in last summer in a club on the Isle of Wight...you were such a beautiful, friendly person, who touched us all and really funked-up the venue! We will always remember you so fondly x

Name: John
Country: HOLLAND
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:08:56 2003
As a big soulfan and deejay i once had the opportunity to meet mr Starr, and to have brief chat; and found out that even Soul Legends can be nice , down to earth people!!! With him we lose yet another Soul Giant hopefully he made it to Soul Heaven....... DJ John/Holland

Name: Soulof
Country: Sweden
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:05:09 2003
Rest in peace Edwin. Your music will be remembered by soulfans all over the world forever!

Name: Terry Arnold
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 13:05:08 2003
Sad news indeed.I only saw Edwin and the band at a gig in Southampton in the past month and on a very cramped stage they were wonderful. So many great memories over so many years. God bless you Edwin, thank you for the wonderful music

Name: Soho Strut Team
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:51:53 2003

Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:37:57 2003
Sincere condolences from the Robbins family - Carl, Ann and Jessica; Gary and Sue Robbins. Special personal sympathy from Andrea Robbins - who knew Edwin for some 33 years as a friend. Never forgotten - always in our thoughts. His music will go on and be a true legend.

Name: Howard Earnshaw
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:37:15 2003
I was shocked and saddened by the tragic news of Edwins sudden death. my thoughts go out to all those close to this giant of the soul scene, I'm sure all the readers of Soul Up North will join me in paying a huge tribute to a legend of the northern soul scene, a man who never once forgot to thank the soul fans of England for their support at every concert he played. I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform many times and he was THE consummate soul man. He was loved by a

Name: Norma & Shaun Tobin
Country: Brighton, UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:36:36 2003
A very sad day the passing of a true SOUL legend in every sense of the word.

Name: Richard Pearce
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:33:55 2003
In this sad world of take take, take, and me me me that we live in today, Edwin was one of those rare gentlemen that was a give, give, give character, who with Martha Reeves have put more back into Motown with there Dancing in the Streets tours, than most would give back in 100 lifetimes. Your Soulful Sounds will live in our hearts and minds forever, thank you for the good times and happy memories you have given to your millions of fans from all generations all around the world, thank you Ed

Name: Charles E. Dudley II
Country: U.A.E.
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:25:40 2003
You were ONE of the BEST!!!

Name: VERN
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:23:37 2003
I would fight a WAR, walk more than 25 MILES, go down all the BACK STREETS, send out S.O.S.'s just to meet AGENT 00 $OUL. This would surely make HEADLINE NEWS. R.I.P. Edwin

Name: moggy
Country: scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:33:21 2003
Goodbye edwin. you truly were the soul master. RIP

Name: Richard and Pam Roberts
Country: North Wales
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:27:15 2003
Edwin - Never will your memory fade and your songs will live forever in our hearts. Whenever we attended your shows you always spent time posing for photographs and signing autographs. My wife Pam still and always will quote the time when she sang on stage with you and your band at Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel. We will meet again in Soul Heaven! God Bless Love Richard and Pam

Name: Nikki Parker
Country: Essex, England
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:26:55 2003
Our loss is Heaven's gain. What a bloody nice bloke and a superb performer. What else can I say ...

Name: Nick C
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:22:22 2003
Terrible shame. Thanks for all!

Name: Ryan Gough
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:20:34 2003
Deepest sympathies to the most underrated soul singer and entertainer this world ever produced. Saw you live many times and the passion, enthusiasm and all round talent was something we will not see again. You were up there with Otis. I saw you many times over the years and happy you lived in the Midlands as we got to see you more. Also had the pleasure of meeting you after a gig and you were really friendly, personable and approachable. Thanks for the great music friend. R

Name: Jim Hopson
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:18:54 2003
Sorry to hear the sad news, only saw Edwin live once but his music will live on forever.

Name: julie gaskell
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:17:02 2003
I was only really introduced to Edwins music over the last 10 years, and was fortunate to meet him many times. It was always a pleasure speaking to him, he always had time for his fans, and always had a smile. Mr Edwin Starr you will be greatly missed. Rest In Peace x

Name: Nigel Robinson
Country: sheffield/engla
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:16:35 2003
Just heard the news - I'm gutted..........

Name: David Dawson
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:15:21 2003
H.A.P.P.Y. to have known you Edwin, sad that you are gone...

Name: volker velten
Country: Germany
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:15:06 2003
I'm so sad!!! Another one of my heroes is gone...But that's life, thanx for your great soul-hymns...hope to see you one day again in soul heaven!!! Volker / Championvinyl Soundsystem

Name: Roy Williamson
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:14:33 2003
I met Edwin backstage in Bradford a couple of years ago. Despite him being shattered after the show, he posed for photos etc like a gentleman. Nobody managed a band on stage like Edwin. Cheers mate, you were the best. Show me the Backstreet...

Name: dave lewis
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:13:44 2003
I guess you reached the end of your 25 miles, gonna miss you man God bless you and thanks for the tunes. Dave, Scooterboy

Name: Neil Foster
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:12:08 2003
I'm so gutted to hear this sad news. I met him in the Liverpool Philharmonic only a fortnight ago..what a lovely guy. Neil

Name: janis and georg
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:10:59 2003
We just rock and rolled with you in London in November and are very saddened to hear the news. We are so glad we were able to hear you live and to shake your hand before you left us. Our thoughts are with your family. Thank you for your music!

Name: Andy Faulkner
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:10:49 2003
Was priviliged to see Edwin perform a few years back. Top performer who will be sorely missed by soulies all over the world. RIP Andy F (KTF)

Name: colin and linda
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:06:44 2003
we were both very sad to hear about edwins untimely passing.big fans of his music on the northern scene.thoughts are with his famuly he will be sadly missed.

Name: Vernon Grant
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:02:47 2003
In over 20 years as a TV Producer I had always hoped to meet Edwin. On March 7th this year I had that pleasure. His last TV appearance was on "The Last Word" broadcast across the Midlands. To talk with him was an education and I'm only sorry our next intended meeting will not now take place. Edwin WAS Northern Soul.

Name: wayne and alan
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 12:02:44 2003
alan and I are devestated by the news, greatly missed by people world wide, soul musics greatest loss.

Name: Alan H & Jo
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:57:29 2003
Really sad Headline News. He was our Mellow who took us to the backstreets while listening to the Happy Radio.He put us in Contact with Agent 00Soul,Whilst we were Running Back and Forth on the dancefloor.Edwin our Weakness was you and we always had faith in you.There you go

Name: Carolyn Thake
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:51:35 2003
Edwin you made so many people H A P P Y....Northern soul fans everywhere will miss you so much.......

Name: Valerie Grove
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:48:35 2003
I was really sorry to hear the news and just hope that 'War' can be re-released. At the present time it would be much much more than a tribute.

Name: Vicky and Colin
Country: Wales
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:48:34 2003
Edwin, you will be missed so much. It is hard to believe that we will never see your fantastic performances again. The only consolation is that the other "soul angels" above are in for a treat instead of us. God bless you. love Vicky & Colin X

Name: darrell dolan
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:46:59 2003
i have benn djing 20 years in england and contact was played at every one he had a voice you can never replace rest in peace to a gentleman i music!

Name: Claudia Gaida
Country: Germany
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:44:12 2003
Oh Edwin, we will really miss you at the Oldie Nights in Germany. But I am sure we will all see us again. Tanks a lot for your great music and your always smiling face.

Name: ben
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:42:40 2003
Edwin was one of the best. He will be sorely missed.

Name: Steve
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:39:15 2003
The Northern Soul scene has lost a great friend. RIP Edwin.

Name: Mark & Rachel - Sheffield
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:38:36 2003
Deepest sympathies to Edwins Starr's family and close friends. We all share your loss. Today is a sad day for soul fans all over the world. We will miss you, but you music will live on. "Keep The Faith".

Name: mailto:keithhall2-at-blueyonder.co.uk
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:33:16 2003
I have just woken to the sound of the phone ringing, informing me of the sad news of Edwin's untimely daeth. I am truly devistated. He was without doubt the best live entertainer / voaclist this country had to offer. A really hard act to follow! The music and the memories will live on, and i am glad that i had chance to witness many of those live performances. As an agent and a performer, the pictures of Edwin that surround me daily, will now be looked on even more so, with much

Name: cathy
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:29:15 2003
it's very sad that the man who penned "War - What is it good for" has died whilst in the middle of the most pointless war ever. May you rest in peace edwin, love cathy

Name: shane and bev
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:26:06 2003
A sad loss, a true gent. soul star, who gave so much to us all, never bettered or equaleld and can never be replaced, may he rest in peace a man who had faith in us all,,,, shane and bev. cheltenham

Name: Mike Atherton
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:23:36 2003
I'm shocked. I met Edwin twice but never saw him on stage, and I was looking forward to doing so. Too late now. Thanks Edwin for the great music. Deepest condolences to Mrs. Starr.

Name: Mark Sargeant
Country: Enland
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:20:34 2003
A new, brighter star(r) is shining on high now god bless you - you were & indeed are THE SOUL MASTER

Name: Gary Sargent
Country: Ormskirk, UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:19:29 2003
So sad to hear of your passing, your music gave me and many others years of pleasure from the first time I heard Stop Her On Sight, when I was about 10. As a Northern Soul fan your music has always had a special place in my heart and always will. Keep The Faith Brother - Amen

Name: Hank
Country: Germany
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:18:25 2003
Die Stimme zum Soundtrack meiner Jugend - he was the voice of the soundtrack of my youth. ...thank you & good bye, agent 00-soul!

Name: Malcolm (Red) & Lorraine
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:13:38 2003
To Edwin - a "starr" who always had time for his fans. The best soul man we ever heard and had the pleasure to meet. Love from Malcolm & Lorraine.

Name: Denny
Country: Australia
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:09:37 2003
RIP. your music will last forever and always be loved. you were one of us.

Name: Lorraine Davies-Smith
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:02:17 2003
The first time I saw you live was at Wigan in the early 70's, and I was looking foward to seeing live you again this year. Sadly, that will have to wait now, until my ticket for a trip to the pearly gates arrives also. Rest in Peace Edwin, gone, never forgotten. Heartfelt condonlences to your family.

Name: Ross Smith
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 11:01:17 2003
I'm absolutely gutted. Edwin was a truly truly great soul singer. Rest in peace Agent Double-O-Soul. Your music will live on.....

Name: Robin Burnett
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:53:12 2003
Saw Edwin many times a truely remarkable performer thanks for the music Edwin RIP your work is done.

Name: Chris
Country: Belgium
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:53:01 2003
Thank you for being around. Your music will stand the test of time.

Name: Royster
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:52:13 2003
I first met Edwin whilst I was working for the BBC in Liverpool and he was a true gentleman, and an excellent performer. I'm sure that the words of his song 'War' will echo around the World in irony at the timing of his death, but my message to Edwin now is 'Rest In Peace'.

Name: Liz and George Watson
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:51:54 2003
Very saddened to read today of the death of one of the greatest (and most under-rated) soul singers ever. We have loved him for a long time and will miss seeing him when he visited Scotland. He has a lot of fans here.

Name: Glynn Rowlands
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:51:22 2003
So Sad My wife treated me to an Edwin Starr concert last month in Liverpool, 1st time ever for me and it was great. Edwin's "SOS" brought back fond memories of 1968 and it was a pleasure to hear him sing it live. How glad I had that opportunity so near to his sad death, He was a showman who did not offend with bad language or to use the opportunity to preach political propaganda but was so professional. Strangely I commented to my wife that he did not seem too good when we met him after the

Name: thomas
Country: switzerland
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:49:42 2003
Just at the time when his brilliant anti-war-song "war" is becoming new importance again, i am very sad to hear that edwin starr passed away. my sincere condolences to the family. he will live on through his music. RIP.

Name: Reevesy
Country: Wales
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:48:26 2003
Scooter Rallies just won't be the same. Thanks for Tenby 2001. RIP The King Of Soul

Name: Steve Snowdon
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:45:47 2003
I am the DJ at a sixties soul night in Hull. I'm only 22 but his music has been such an important part of my life and I'm gutted that I never had the chance to see him perform live. My only consolation is that I will have opportunity to keep playing his music and seeing its enduring power to move people.

Name: Martin Thomson
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:43:49 2003
Very saddened by the terrible news, Edwin was one of the true greats, an incredible performer and soul stalwart who kept the faith until the end. Rest in peace.

Name: Kyle
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:43:26 2003
I am sad to hear about the death of one of the greatest voices in soul. I saw Edwin at the Newcastle City Hall last year, it was brilliant! Though departed from our world, his music will continue to bring joy to the people who hear it. War will live on as one of my all time favourite records. Peace

Name: david and christine walker
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:40:02 2003
edwin was a brilliant performer. We have seen him several times, and he never dissapointed, always a happy smiling face, and a faultless performance, what a sad lost for his family and the music industry.

Name: John Dunne
Country: ireland
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:39:38 2003
What a tragic loss. First saw in in Bretby in about '96. I always Had Faith In Him. God Bless!!!!!!!

Name: VERN
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:37:49 2003
I am so happy that I was able to see Edwin perform live twice in the last 18 months. His performances were "Electric" My heartfelt thoughts go to his family and friends,but our loss is heavens gain. KEEP THE FAITH - AGENT DOUBLE 'O' $OUL

Name: john rees
Country: wales uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:35:33 2003
i've seen Edwin play live at least a dozen times,all I can say is Starr by name Starr by nature,you will be really missed by all that ever met you,and the many that wanted to meet you!!!!how about a re-release of war!R.I.P. EDWIN

Name: mark alcock
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:35:31 2003
What a sad day, i have followed him and seen him several times and every time he blew us away with his superb performances. He was a TOP MAN and always took time to chat to us. I will get on my decks tonight and play many tunes as a tribute to a true soul great rest in peace in soul heaven.

Name: Nick Churchill
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:33:42 2003
Stop the War Now... Sad that Edwin won't be around to speak some soulful sense to our leaders. Sadness at your passing is matched only by the joy that you were here in the first place; and happiness that you made the UK your home. We'll always love you. RIP it up, Edwin. Nick Churchill, Sunday Soul Mine, K1FM, Bournemouth

Name: Christopher
Country: No. California
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:30:49 2003
Dammit, Edwin, we need you back here!! My man, this is too much. I would like to see the party you're at now, perhaps jamming with Jackie Wilson, Florence Ballard, and maybe the Lord Himself, if he likes that kind of music (and I should be quite surprised if he doesn't). May God bless you and keep you forever, brother. And thank you.

Name: Ivan Hayman
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:27:08 2003
what can i say will be sadly missd

Name: Joolz
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:24:27 2003
My thoughts go out to all his family and friends. Edwin will be surely missed, Top Entertainer and great guy.His music will live on as a No.1 Soul Brother.

Name: will
Country: Liverpool, Engl
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:22:18 2003
I'm really upset to hear about his passing. I met him once in a nightclub in Speke in Liverpool and 'sang' a version of 'War' on stage with him!

Name: silke Koennecke
Country: Germany
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:20:48 2003
What can I say that everyone else hasn't, so very sad. First time I saw him was in `91 on a publication party for his new record in Frankfurt/Germany, than next on Great Yarmouth weekender and than his (for Germany) legendary appearance on a german scooterrally, sundaymorning 6 o'clock !! After that I saw him several times in England again, on soul weekender, scooterrallies aso....can't count it anymore...Edwin, in my heart you'll live on. My favourite track are

Name: greg
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:21:19 2003
rest in peace, you have definately earned it, your "soul" will live on.

Name: Lynn and Judie
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:20:36 2003
We only saw him play at The Brook in Southampton a few weeks ago - he was brilliant as ever. We grew up with his music in the 70's, and were so shocked to hear the news this morning. Sincere condolences to all his family - God Bless Edwin - see ya... Lynn and Judie

Name: Tez
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:17:16 2003
Edwin Starr was a star by name and in life. He was a giant on the UK soul scene. I saw Edwin a few times at various gigs many years ago and have loved all the muusic he prodduced as I loved the man who sang for "His People". Us. I know he will be sorely missed and we at NorthernSoulNites have set up a book of condolence for those who wish to sign. http://groups.msn.com/NorthernSoulNites/guestbook.msnw I am sure all involved in soul at all levels will want to give thier condolenc

Name: Tony Hanlon
Country: Rep Of Ireland
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:17:21 2003
The world has lost another of its Northern Soul Legends.From hearing Stop her on sight and backstreet in my early teens I was hooked.Edwin epitomised everything that was good about Soul music, the energy the Love and that voice! My Condolenses and prayers to the family and may the Lord bless you and comfort you at such a sad time. Rest in Jesus Edwin ,you will be missed but your music will go on! R.I.P

Name: Ian Burse
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:15:39 2003
Sorry to hear of the passing of a great man, sincere condolences to his family & friends. Saw Edwin perform on a number of occaissions and never once did I go away disappointed. Edwin, Oh How Happy, you did make me and thank you.

Name: Mina
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:12:24 2003
What a terrible loss. I grew up with the music of Edwin Starr and at many crossroads in my life I would find my self connecting to an Edwin Starr song. For example "25 miles to go" when I found myself in a difficult situation. And now, of course, WAR! It is good for nothing and I'm sorry Edwin is not around to sing the song but his memory is. RIP my long life friend.

Name: Andy Scoffin
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:07:43 2003
Edwin Starr - The songs and the memories live on, I was not just lucky to see Edwin perform on many occasions but I was lucky to DJ a live appearance in Crewe - Respect Agent 00 Soul. From Andy Scoffin, Crewe

Name: Nathan Thomas
Country: Channel Islands
Date: Thu Apr 3 10:07:10 2003
I saw Edwin perform when he came over to Guernsey - twice! He was an amazing vocalist and impressive entertainer. I would like to see a rerelease of 'War' to mark this sad occassion.

Name: Siti
Country: Spain
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:59:39 2003
So sorry. And now more than ever. We´ll miss you.

Name: Al Cook
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:57:55 2003
Have listened and enjoyed his music for many years. I saw Edwin perform last summer and was knocked out by a great performance. Sincere condolences. Al

Name: PK The DJ
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:57:54 2003
His star will shine brightly forever. The legend lives on in our hearts.

Name: Dave Dixon
Country: Chatham - UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:56:58 2003
Absolutely tragic. Edwin has got to be one of all time great live performers and a lovely fella too. He always had time to chat and no gig was ever a slog for him. So many fantastic records - so many wonderful performnaces. RIP.

Name: Steve DJ
Country: Manchester UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:52:51 2003
You were a legend. You are a legend. You will always be a legend. Goodnight R.I.P.

Name: Gordy Gorehound
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:50:32 2003
first saw Edwin at a big mad soul festival at Butlins, Ayr, years ago.... what a rocking night that was. now he's gone Ñ but thank God for the music that he's left behind. cheers Edwin. catch you later.

Name: Charlotte Stephens
Country: Kent, UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:49:48 2003
Our loss is heavens choir's gain My thoughts are with his family, and I am so grateful for his legacy of music to us. You will be sorely missed. xx

Name: Oggie Orridge
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:42:48 2003
It was a privilege to have seen Edwin perform live many times,the sheer excitement he created on stage will live with thousands of people forever.Thanks Edwin for Keeping the Faith. R.I.P. Oggie.

Name: phil eades
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:41:53 2003
We soulies will all miss AGENT 00 SOUL terribly, no scooter rally will ever be the same again, Edwin always played for the crowd and gave us what we wanted, a blistering performance..A Man without equal.

Name: ms
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:39:20 2003
what an enormous loss, what a tragedy, so upsetting - let's hope people wake up and realise the validity of your War lyrics.

Name: Sue Heeley
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:39:02 2003
I saw you live four times over the past 33 years and loved you to bits. You were "The Man" with your lovely smile and amazing voice. I feel that a part of me has been devastated. I was thinking about you recently and hoping to see you live once again. Love from an old fan XXX

Name: Steve Byrne
Country: London. England
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:36:50 2003
I saw Edwin at a couple of times at the old starlight club Enfield and the Jazz Cafe in London. A great show man with bags of energy, life blows some cruel punches- this is one of them

Name: karen bedford
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:35:10 2003
What can I say that everyone else hasn't, so very sad. What a brilliant man, brilliant performer, sung for the people and could he sing. You always knew what a good nite it would be when Edwin was on. He will be missed by so many, especially on the Northern Soul scene where he was so respected. His song War, echoes my thoughts of today. RIP

Name: Pete Meadows
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:33:23 2003
Since first hearing 'O O Soul' and realising that Edwin had a special magic, I've carried that magic with me through 4 decades of loving soul music. Edwin has been with me throughout all this time. His vocal powers really touched my soul and as recently as last year, when I enjoyed his fantastic performance in the 'Dancing In The Streets' tour, I had to acknowledge that Edwin was STILL THE STAR. There is a hole in my soul that I don't think will ever be filled. Sleep well Sou

Name: kate
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:17:47 2003
he touched our souls.

Name: Steve Copeman
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:16:39 2003
So stunned I cannot think of the words. Thanks for sharing your talent with so many of us. Condolences to all family and your many friends throughout the world.

Name: Gill Cousins
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:12:10 2003
Saw Edwin Starr a few times and the one I remember the most was at Hinkley all nighter. Such a sad loss and was really sorry to hear the news. Gill xxxx

Name: Ryan
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:11:30 2003
You'll be missed, Edwin.

Name: johno
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:09:45 2003
What a MAN.My condolences on behalf of myself and the thousands of Scooterists who love the man and his music.

Name: Les Manning
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:07:17 2003
Have a safe journey.

Name: Mr Angry
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:07:10 2003
You were great and will be missed. BE LUCKY!

Name: Nick & Jan Hills
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:06:01 2003
So devastated to loose a Soul legend. But gald to have seen you and been part of the joy you gave so freely. Live on - in that place without ' war '.

Name: Peter
Country: Sweden
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:01:55 2003
May you rest in peace Edwin - the one and only soul master. Thank you for sharing your great talent and music - you have truely enriched so many peoples lives. My deepest regrets and condolances to his family and friends.

Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:00:45 2003
How ironic that 1 day after the 19th anniversary of the death of Marvin Gaye, we have now lost another R & B Great. I remember how thrilled I was to finally get the"Just We Two" LP since "Oh How Happy" with Blinky is one of my all-time favorites. I also wore out 3 or 4 "War and Peace" LPs and was thrilled when it came out on a double CD. Farewell and God bless a very underrated artist! Edwin, we will miss you.

Name: Leicester Phoenix SC
Date: Thu Apr 3 09:00:01 2003
You brought us happiness through your music as well as being a great guy. See you again sometime "Way Over There".

Name: portly
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 08:45:18 2003
Sorry to hear about Edwin passing away ... it's a sad, sad day.

Name: Paul Bailey
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 08:37:48 2003
Just like to say how much I will miss the greatest soul singer in the world. Thanks Edwin for giving us so much happiness for so many years. It has been a pleasure knowing you and having you live among us. God Bless.

Name: Peter Collins
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 08:36:55 2003
It seems that the good always die young. I feel so sad. My condolences to Edwin's family, friends and fellow fans.

Name: nicola slee
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 08:36:28 2003
I am (and always will be) a huge Edwin Starr fan. I am truly shocked and saddened by the loss of the motown legend whose heart was as big as his voice. May he rest in peace.

Name: john warren
Country: australia
Date: Thu Apr 3 08:31:50 2003
edwin , you were the best solo artist i ever saw perform , you were a true LEGEND been a sad day for me in queensland god bless edwin u music will continue in are hearts u are emortal amongst all soulies thanks for the memories

Name: Ali
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 08:22:32 2003
Shocking news, will miss Edwin hugely. I saw him on the rallies during the 80's, was very lucky to meet him and he was a lovely man. Last year's performance at the Isle of Wight was superb and it's so sad to think that I won't see him again...

Name: karen upchurch
Country: ENGLAND
Date: Thu Apr 3 08:21:37 2003
it is tonight edwin we remember you with a happy heart..for all the memories, the songs, the showmanship and fun you gave to us over many many years..you will always be a big part of the soul scene and the scooter scene..now you take a well earned rest..goodnight and god bless agent double o soul karen upchurch xx

Name: Dominic Hill
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 08:18:50 2003
Oh No! I've just heard the dreadful news about Edwin - As a mobile DJ specialising in the 70s/80s, I oftren play his records, and strange enough I did a montage last Saturday 'cos I felt like it. I last saw him perform over twn years ago with Bruce Springsteen. I great loss, but a great influence to many singers! RIP!!

Name: Peter Westcott
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 08:04:09 2003
I've been going to Edwins gigs over the last 30 years - this man was magical in every performance a true professional. He will be sadly missed. God Bless

Name: Chocolate Brown
Country: Canada
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:59:55 2003
Over the past few days my Kids and I have been singing "War" with an eye on current events. It has bonded us and provided an voice to let Edwins music and his vibe shine through our faer. Thanks...

Name: Sian
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:58:07 2003
Great singer and entertainer, lovely man. Sadly missed.

Name: dave cudworth
Country: uk
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:42:22 2003
So many memories, so much good music. Thanks Edwin - The Soulmaster!

Name: Phil Marshall
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:39:27 2003
Shocking news at a time when we need entertainers who can lift the soul.

Name: Marcus
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:39:09 2003
I saw him sing several times. each time you thought he was singing to you personaly. He was warm and cared about his audience. I shall miss not seeing him on the scooter rallies................And boy could that man sing!

Name: Paul Whitaker
Country: Australia.
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:36:49 2003
So sorry to see that you have gone mate !! But no doubt you will cheer them up, up there mate !! Saw you at the Brit in Nottimgham & thought you were brilliant. All the best to the family & god bless you . Paul.

Name: James Sim
Country: Australia
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:33:33 2003
I have just learnt of Edwins Death and i cannot believe it . I have seen him on many occasions in the U.K. First on the northern Soul scene and recently in Edinburgh. I would like to send my condolencies to all family members as we have lost one graet man Regards Jamie

Name: James Charlton
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:22:27 2003
Edwin your music will still live in everyone! Keep playing up in heaven for me! Thanks for the years of music !

Name: Stephen Bardsley
Country: Australia
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:19:31 2003
R.I.P. Edwin, a living legend who has now left this world for a better place. Millions of soul fans all over the globe will always adore you. You were not only a great singer, a great writer, a great performer, but you were also a great man, blessed not only with talent, but also humility. You made a real difference to the World in a good way and that cannot be said of many. You will be greatly missed and the World is a lesser place without you, and you will always remain with us in spirit. Than

Name: Tom Vannucci
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:18:33 2003
Thanks for the music Edwin.

Name: Lyn Stuart
Country: Nova Scotia, CA
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:04:26 2003
Dearest Edwin I was so sad to hear of your passing. I was crazy for your song "War" back in the 60's when I protested Viet Nam & was so very proud of U when your song became loved by the generation of today. U had such a great voice & U were so very much for Peace, thank U so much. How ironic that U have ended up 'safe in the arms of Jesus' now during the war in Iraq. Rest in Peace Edwin, your song is the greatest legacy for Peace :)

Name: Joe
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 07:00:58 2003
RIP Edwin you will be greatly missed. May your family find peace in this difficult time. From all -at- mod GB. "I'll keep on walking".

Name: Darren
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 06:59:19 2003
Saw the news on the E channel here in the US. What a shame. I used to work at Butlins in the UK where Edwin was a regular performer and he always put on an amazing show. He used to get us Redcoats onstage with him. He was a really nice and genuine man offstage aswell. You will be missed. The anthem WAR is more important in these troubled times than it has ever been. God Bless.

Name: Alan C
Country: Wales
Date: Thu Apr 3 06:58:45 2003
I watched Edwin just 2 or 3 weeks ago in Minehead and he was outstanding (as was the band). I have always enjoed his music and this was the 1st (and sadly last) time I had seen him - my 7 year old son really enjoyed him and the band, they all had so much energy. Watching him sign photos and cds after the gig he seemed such a nice man.

Name: Malc and leslee
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 06:50:32 2003
You gave so much to us and expected so little in return we loved your shows and the meetings we had with you we will miss you so much you are truly the Soulmaster. Rest in peace until we meet again. All our love malc and les

Name: Joey Krol
Date: Thu Apr 3 06:36:18 2003
May your family, friends, and loved ones find peave in these times of need. Thanks for the hits, and the passion you had. To answer your question, Absolutely NOTHING!

Name: Mark Evans
Country: Australia
Date: Thu Apr 3 06:31:46 2003
So sad that Edwin is no longer with us. His music touched so many and my thoughts are with his family.

Name: Rob Flowers
Date: Thu Apr 3 06:26:09 2003 My condolences to the friends and family of Edwin Starr. As a teen, I began listening to his soulful songs, and will forever be thankful to him for one of my favorite anti-war songs, "War!" Rest in the peace of Jesus, Edwin!

Name: Rory Mhor Nicoll
Date: Thu Apr 3 06:13:22 2003 I had tha massive pleasure in doing a record with Edwin and remixing one of his best hits.Booked him to do lots of gigs in Scotland and there was no greater voice or live energy i have ever seen. I will miss you dearly . All my love and respects to the Starr family and lyian kyle.

Name: Mr. Bean
Date: Thu Apr 3 06:08:20 2003 My condolences to the family of Edwin Starr. He truly was a star, one of the finest and classiest men in all of music. He will be sorely missed. Rest in Peace, Edwin. You are in a better place now.

Name: Thorsten
Country: Germany
Date: Thu Apr 3 05:40:02 2003
I had the incredible Honor to see Edwin Starr perform last Saturday at the "Porsche Oldie Night" in Stuttgart Germany. I can only tell all Edwin Starr Fans out there that he gave 100% perfect soul and performance. My heart froze when I read the news. Edwin, I hope you rest in PEACE! Sincerely, Thorsten

Name: Simon Soude
Date: Thu Apr 3 05:32:40 2003 I had the privilage of meeting Edwin on numerous occasions. We shared the same choice of supermarket when he lived in Tamworth. What impressed me most about Edwin was he always had time to talk and not just to legends like himself. But to anyone big or small important or not. The world as lost a starr to heavens gain. Edwin was a great singer to anyone who heard him that was obvious, but he was so much more than that he was a gentlemen a polite happy man. He cared and it showed. I am truly sad f

Name: Chris Hunt
Country:Arizona , USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 05:25:04 2003 I read the news today . . .oh boy . . .& today a little more music died . . . He will be greatly missed by all humankind .

Name: Pierre Baroni
Date: Thu Apr 3 04:55:47 2003 terrible news... my condolences to his family and friends. from 'double-o soul' to 'stop the war', I have them all... and will cherish them forever. thanks you edwin starr. pb

Name: John
Date: Thu Apr 3 04:35:54 2003 Beach music fans have lost a great "starr". "Release This Love" is considered a beach music classic in the southeastern USA. Rest in peace - the music world has lost a great one.

Name: Bri The Funky Pie
Date: Thu Apr 3 04:35:40 2003 My condolences to all Edwin's family on the sad news today. I'm honoured I should have been on a dancefloor shaking my tush to your fantastic records. Another Great joins Soul Heaven. Boogie On Edwin,& Thank You For Some Superb Music. Love, Bri

Name: daniel
Date: Thu Apr 3 04:32:29 2003 Sad to hear the news. I grew up listening to disco music (Contact). You lit up my life as a kid. Thanks for the memory. Bon voyage

Name: Sherry
Date: Thu Apr 3 04:22:38 2003 Rest in Peace.

Name: Kathy Self
Date: Thu Apr 3 04:21:54 2003 To the biggest "star" in heaven!! I was very sad to hear the news. I just read it on the internet a few minutes ago. So sad to see him go. I remember when I was just 11 yrs old in 1969. That is when I first heard his song "War" played on my cousin's stereo. It moved me then as it still moves me now!!!!!! And yes, it is ironic at this time of war to hear he has passed away! This sounds like a wake up call my friends!

Name: Tanisha
Date: Thu Apr 3 04:19:45 2003 My condolences to the family of Edwin Starr. I am saddened by Mr. Starr's death. I have loved his music for close to 12 of my 22 years, and it was a thrill to finally see him perform and meet him at the Rhythm, Love and Soul show. I thank God for the opportunity. He was a great person to me, and a great performer and I will miss him.

Name: ramona dilmore
Country: usa
Date: Thu Apr 3 04:15:15 2003
i was so saddened to hear about edwins death today.he was a GREAT musician and im sure all his fans in heaven are happy to be able to listen to him permantly now.my deepest regrets and condolances to his family and friends

Name: Phil
Date: Thu Apr 3 04:14:50 2003
Edwin, May you rest in peace. Your voice has brought so many people so much joy. Phil

Name: Rick Gianatos
Date: Thu Apr 3 04:03:13 2003 (cont'd)... cleaners. Mr. Starr will always have a place in my heart.

Name: Rick Gianatos
Date: Thu Apr 3 04:01:59 2003 Edwin and Lillian gave me my first major break in the record business by allowing me to mix "Contact." I had been given Lillian's number to contact prior to leaving Chicago for the West Coast. Not too long after leaving a message on her voicemail, I will never forget driving into a cleaning store parking lot at Sunset and LaBrea and coming upon a gold Rolls Royce with personalized plates that read "STARR." Fate! No need for Lillian to return my call. There were Lillian and Edwin in the clea

Name: Tony Class
Date: Thu Apr 3 03:26:15 2003 My deepest sympathies to Edwins family and Lilian Kyle. He truly was the greatest performer. I'm sure he's having a drink in heaven with Marvin right now as it's his birthday. God bless you're Northern Soul.

Name: Robert M. Muncrief
Date: Thu Apr 3 03:22:57 2003 There are very few individuals born who receive worldwide recognition for their extraordinary talent. Edwin achieved what few others could. "War", an exemplary example of Edwin's talent, has been firmly embedded into our world culture. It cannot be extracted.

Name: Roger Alley
Country:Nashville, USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 03:15:18 2003 He'll be missed. It's ironic that his hit "WAR" is telling his story again as he leaves the planet. Happy journey Edwin.

Name: Raul A. Silva
Date: Thu Apr 3 03:14:08 2003 I "discovered" Edwin Starr, months ago, following the trail of another great James Jamerson, Edwin was a true agent of Soul, and his song "War" is just as valid today as it was decades ago. May he rest in peace.

Name: Pete Merritt
Date: Thu Apr 3 03:01:08 2003 Never heard your music but I am still sadenned by your sudden death. Rest in peace my brother...

Name: Patrick O'Leary
Date: Thu Apr 3 02:59:30 2003 I've been a fan for years, smooth style, great voice...the world has lost another voice.

Name: Tracy Elliott
Date: Thu Apr 3 02:48:22 2003 my family and i are totally gutted to hear that the brillant Edwin Starr has died..my husband and myself were lucky enough to see his show when he came to Hull.He was a fantastic entertainer,people of all ages love his songs..my 5yr old girl knows all the words to Happy Radio! and my sons love the song War..his music is timeless and will live on forever..we send our deepest sympathy and love to his family...god bless you MR Starr you really where one of a kind...x

Name: Jerry Segal
Date: Thu Apr 3 02:41:15 2003 Isn't it interesting how hearing a song can transport you back to an earlier time in your life, and upon reflection, you can pinpoint a defining moment that ultimately left an indelible impression? When I was a young drummer, one, among the many pop/top 40/R & B tunes that I used to practice to (Want you Back, Oooh Child, It's a Shame, etc.) was Starr's, "25 Miles" which I played on my portable, battery operated 45 rpm record player. "Come on feet, start movin', got to get me there..." <

Name: John Webber (Patrick)
Date: Thu Apr 3 02:32:30 2003 I had the privilege of knowing and being his driver for several years in the 1980's. I considered him a friend and probably one of the world's greatest live performers. It didnt matter if it was ten people or 2000. He still gave his all. His feet have got to do no more walkin'. He'll be in heaven now singing in God's choir.

Name: Kristian Williams
Date: Thu Apr 3 02:21:25 2003 After one of his gigs, I asked when would he sing "Funky Music Sho Nuff Turns Me On"? He promised me next time the band were back in town, they'd do it. Next time they never played it,so after the gig and i asked why they hadn't done it-his response was to put me on his guest list the following night and played it then! You can't buy that sort of character.

Name: Dick
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 02:19:11 2003
I extend my heartfelt sympathy to the family, friends and fans of Edwin Starr. The World is a sadder place today for having lost him, but Heaven is blessed for having received him. God bless you, Edwin. You will be missed. No more 25 miles to go... you are Home now.

Name: nicky
Country: england
Date: Thu Apr 3 02:16:20 2003
i was sadened today to hear of the loss of one of the all time great soul singers. I went to see him at wolverhampton civic hall several years ago supporting the four tops well they were supporting him he was the best i have ever seen live full of energy and life he truly loved his music he will truly be missed god bless xxx

Name: Kristian Williams
Date: Thu Apr 3 02:15:40 2003 It seems quite poignant that I've just come back from a concert at The Jazz Cafe, where i saw Edwin and his band play 8 times.Never have I watched someone with such infectious energy and enthusiasm like Edwin Starr, combined with one of the funkiest bands around. I was fortunate to meet Edwin on 5 of those occasions and he is one of the most gracious people I've had the pleasure to meet.

Name: Kristian Williams
Date: Thu Apr 3 02:14:20 2003 I'm shocked and deeply saddened tonight, to come in and hear that one of my all time favourite singers, Edwin Starr, has died. My thoughts go out to his family and Lilian, who was also very kind. God Bless you Edwin Starr, gone but not forgotten. At least the sky will be lit up by a true Starr.

Name: Steve Threlfall
Date: Thu Apr 3 02:09:13 2003 It was a privelage to have seen the man strut his stuff in liverpool just a couple of weeks ago. A lasting memory for me, Kate & our 5yr old son Harley who was getting on down and hasn't stopped singing 'War' as his anti-war anthem ever since. thanks to the man..

Name: Mark Chapman
Date: Thu Apr 3 02:06:31 2003 Ironic that Edwin should pass away - as war rages on in Iraq. Maybe "War" needs to become a hit on radio all over again? We'll miss that song plus stuff like "Funky Stuff Sno Nuff Turns Me On" - a funk classic. Thanks for the music Edwin - you may be gone but your music will live on.

Name: Tony Class
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 01:39:05 2003
Only The good........You were the best by an awful long way. I will treasure your memory forever. Have a nice time in Heaven celebrating Marvins birthday.

Name: Tim Bridgstock
Date: Thu Apr 3 01:09:59 2003 - and thats difficult on television! A sad and tragic loss; his music and warmth brought joy to many a soul, and he will be greatly missed. God bless you, Edwin.

Name: Tim Bridgstock
Date: Thu Apr 3 01:07:58 2003 I am deeply saddened to hear of Edwin's death. My thoughts go out to all his friends and family. Like I'm sure so many were, I was first introduced to Edwin's music by hearing "War"; it was one of those moments where you just have to find out what the song is so you can find it and hear it again! It remains one of my favourite songs of all time. I never saw him live, but even on Jools Holland ("only ever guest with a loud enough voice that he doesn't need a monitor!") he had stage presence -

Name: Andrew Hamilton
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 01:02:21 2003
I have long memories of Charles Hatcher, I still remember him walking from the Outwaithe Projects around 55th Street in Cleveland, Ohio to 75th Street with his friend Demon to see my sister, Betty Hamilton. His band the Futurtones is legendary among Cleveland Soulies. Edwin and my sister were still dating when he joined the service. The next thing we knew "Agent OO Soul" was blaring from the radio by Edwin Starr, but we all recognized that voice as Old Good Time Charlie Hatcher--he had made it.

Name: Joe Kreinar
Country: usa
Date: Thu Apr 3 00:50:05 2003
Dear Mrs Starr,I'm very sorry to hear of the loss of your husband.My father is a musician who played on alot of his records in the 60's.His name is Bob Babbitt,bass player.He played on Agent-o-Soul,SOS,Headliners,Backstreet,War,and others that came out in that time.I remember him speaking very highly of Edwin referring to him as a very warm friendly soul.I pray that your comforted in this time and that the Lord's love touches you.Sincerely,Joe Kreinar-son of Bob Babbitt

Name: Jon Buck
Country: U.K.
Date: Thu Apr 3 00:45:54 2003
First met Edwin in the early 80,s Doing the the Scooter Rallies, Had the pleasure of working with him more times than I can count, & got to know him as a Friend, I am gutted he has gone, What a loss he was the Best "It Ain't Fair" Jon & Sue Buck

Country: ENGLAND
Date: Thu Apr 3 00:33:06 2003
What a waste.Sorry you,ve finally reached the end of the 25mile road.My wife and I sang with you the tune war 28yrs ago in Nottingham while she was carrying our first child.It still means as much today.We watched you in Nottingham a couple of years ago NO CHANGE STILL THE MAN.You will be joining some sweet singers up there PLEASE ALWAYS LEAVE 2 CHAIRS EMPTY AT YOUR CONCERTS FOR WHEN WE ARRIVE.BEST WISHES EDWIN FROM Chris & Ches

Name: Sid Fryer
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 00:32:04 2003
A huge gap has been left in not only the Soul scene, but music in general. When the news broke at the end of my afternoon show I went into a state of shock. He was a great man and ambassador for humanity as well as a superb showman. I shall miss him and his music greatly

Name: Adrian Wright
Country: Scotland
Date: Thu Apr 3 00:25:42 2003
What a sad sad loss. One of the all time greats, a true performer and fantastic vocalist. He will be missed by everyone who appreciates true talent and most of all by his family, friends, colleagues and fans all over the world. God bless you Mr Hatcher. RIP

Name: Brian 'Molly' Mulholland
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 00:16:33 2003

Name: Andy Edwards
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 00:06:11 2003
Edwin played at a fund raising event in Stroud last year and helped us raise money for C.L.I.C, his performance was inspirational. AGENT 00 SOUL may you rest in peace, we will miss you greatly

Name: Myke Julius
Country: USA
Date: Thu Apr 3 00:03:17 2003
I had the pleasure of meeting Edwin back in L.A. in the 70's before heleft for England. I was one of the musicians that recorded for him at Motown. I remember him being as warm as that big smile that was always in his eyes. He was still pushing that Rolls Royce, going to the same barbershop in the 'hood'...Edwin Starr was truly a gentleman Gods blessing remains with him

Name: Limahl (ex Kajagoogoo)
Country: UK
Date: Thu Apr 3 00:02:26 2003
Hi all, I was driving to my studio tonight listening to the radio when they finally broke away from stories about the Iraq WAR and announced......"Soul Legend Edwin Starr has died"......I was really shocked, I still am......I've seen Edwin performing 'live' and was duly impressed of course......he had that great gift of touching and communicating with his audience......I learned from watching him......and what a set of 'pipes'......61 was too young to die, very sad, very sad indeed ;--((

Name: Jim Kenny
Country: England
Date: Thu Apr 3 00:01:39 2003
I last met Edwin 2 years ago and was always appreciative of his humility. He would sit and join his fans without any feelings of being above or different from us. I remember pressing a Northern Soul badge into his hand and Edwin smiling at doing a set which was mostly ad-lib (to accomodate us Northern Soulers). Thanks for being a truly genuine nice guy Edwin and I am really saddened that your talent and genuine love for soulful music (and us in England) is ended. You deserved and received reco

Name: Brian Fooks (Stevie Wonder FC)
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:59:11 2003
Sincere condolences and much love to his family and 'the team'. Edwin will be greatest missed. But we know he will live on through his music and our h.a.p.p.y. memories of him. Thank you Edwin Starr, the Soul Master.

Name: mike hamlet
Country: uk
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:54:59 2003
edwin played at my 40th birthday in 1993 he will never be forgotton a magnificent performer once seen allways remembered a terrible loss to all his fans around the world

Name: graham anderson
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:52:17 2003
i'm so sad you have left us i will never forget our meal when you martha reeves,freda payne myself & wife and your great friends fay & denis had a great time in manchester.You really are a SOULMASTER.Sleep well we will love you always.

Name: Darren Cunliffe
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:51:27 2003
I cant believe the king has passed on! I only went to see him at the Liverpool Philharmonic a couple of weeks ago and as per usual his vocal command shook my soul. I had the honour of meeting the gentleman in St Helens just over a year ago, he even talked to my friend over my mobile phone. He was a naturally talented and friendly guy, I will sadly miss him xxx

Name: Jan+Lenny Toshack
Country: Scotland U.K,
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:48:27 2003
God rest your soul up in soul heaven Edwin,we will miss you

Name: Rob Henn
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:40:44 2003
Just heard the sad news of Edwin's passing. To me one of the most underated soul singers of all time. His greatness recognised within the Northern Scene....To me thee version of "I Have Faith In You" and also "Ooh Baby Baby" with Blinky. I watched him perform a number of times over the past 24 years.....always great. Nice smile..nice man...RIP Edwin...I'm off to play your records.

Name: Phil
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:36:16 2003
Thanks for your dedication to the music and the people who loved you

Name: Carl Houlton
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:28:00 2003
Only saw Edwin live for the first time last year and his performance really moved me. A great guy and will be sadly missed by many. Heaven has just become a more Soulful place. God bless you Edwin.

Name: Steve Window
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:23:58 2003
We have all lost a soul brother today and a true gentleman.His songs will continue to be played but we will miss his presence.Rest in peace Edwin.

Name: Trevor & Cheryl
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:23:55 2003
As a kid in the 70's & 80's I was into r&b big time, Edwin Starr was one of those people who was able to deliver a good show and song, sad that we wouldn't be able to see him perform anymore. I am sure that up above he will be performing as good as he was down here- may his soul rest in peace and we will also remember you . our hearts goes out to your family and friends- peace.

Name: steve
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:23:01 2003
sorry to hear of Edwins passing condolences to his family. enjoyed recent concert in liverpool on 15th march. will miss a great singer and showman.

Name: Mike Henshaw.
Country: England.
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:21:14 2003
Saw Edwin many times he was the MASTER he will be sadly missed R.I.P.

Name: Mau Spencer
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:21:09 2003
Edwin, you were well-known as a friend on the scooterist scene and you were well-loved and liked. I remember after one performance at a rally, you found out it was the birthday of one of the scooter girls and you came round and sang 'happy birthday' to her. Rest in peace. Mau Spencer Scooterist Scene Magazine

Name: Toby Brading
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:20:21 2003
Today is one of the saddest days Edwin starr was one of the greatest live peformers I have ever seen. I am one of the biggest fans and have seen him 21 times on stage. I was lucky to meet him and chat to him he also stayed in the hotel where i work just recently. I feel gutted and the music world will be aswell! I pay tribute to him! May he rest in peace

Name: Joe Adelman
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:19:38 2003
I've just heard the news (11 pm GMT) Good bye old buddy.. 30+ years of knowing you has sure gone fast

Name: Graham
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:18:43 2003
I have just heard the terrible news of his death,i went to see him in Minehead just three weeks ago at a Soul&Motown weekend,he performance was fantastic. He will be greatly missed by myself and all soul fans around the world. His name sake is truly shinning down on us all now. God bless you .EDWIN STARR r.i.p

Name: Mark Norledge
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:17:03 2003
I saw him many times, and was never disappointed. The legend may be gone, but his music will live forever. The British loved him as much as he loved Britain.

Name: Elwood Friend
Country: Arizona, USA
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:14:16 2003
I was born in Detroit, Michigan only 2 blocks from Hittsville, USA. During the 60's I became a huge fan, have been following Mr. Starrs career since. My deepest sympathy to family and friends. You will truly be missed.

Name: John & Mary
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:10:09 2003
A true loss to the world. Edwin was the consumate professional and in our minds he was the hardest working man in showbusiness.

Name: Marian Williams/Linda Corkish
Country: Wales
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:05:32 2003
Condolences to the family. Will be greatly missed - having met him, what a wonderful man/singer. Love the music. Loved watching his live shows.

Name: holeinmyshoe
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:03:48 2003
A few years ago one of my friends was in a club early knowing that Edwin was due to appear that evening. He saw some activity with equipment being set up and offered to help. Only after a few minutes did he realise that he was in fact talking to the man himself. Edwin joined him for a drink and spent a good time just sitting at the table talking about some of the old days and the hits. He then went on to play a devastating set. It is something I was so annoyed to miss because I am told he was su

Name: Simon Bell
Country: U.K.
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:02:33 2003
I was truly upset to hear the news of Edwin's death. Somehow he seemed to have become part of our lives her in the U.K. I have posted a tribute on my Dusty Springfield site (URL above) He was the greatest live performer I ever saw.

Name: Jamie Ryan
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 23:01:35 2003
A superb man. Rest in peace friend :(.

Name: Alan Taylor
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:57:54 2003
I had the pleasure of doing a 3 hour radio interview with him in 1994 where we talked for hours about his life in Detroit and his recordings for Motown in the sixties. Please visit my site at www.sixtiesmotown.co.uk to capture the whole interview in Real Media audio. I pay tribute to a true gentleman and great performer. Rest in peace!

Name: TheBigO
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:56:35 2003
We have just found out the sad news and are shocked by the sudden death of a truly great great SOUL man. Having met Edwin and seen him perform many many times I can confirm what an absolute gent and professional he was. We here at the 6T's Mafia were only today getting together to book Edwin for one of our forthcoming events. We send our heartfelt sympathy to his family and friends and hope that they may find some comfort in the genuine love and affection that he was held in by so many.

Name: phil. beckwith
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:55:34 2003
This world has lost a true performer and gentleman,My condolence to Edwins family.He will be sadly missed.

Name: Piggaz
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:55:32 2003
Sadly the world has lost another soul legend, now edwin will be kickin' it in heaven with Marvin, Otis and all the other fallen legends. When I first heard his music I was hooked he was a great live performer and his music was universal and meant so much to so many people. Rest In Peace, agent 00-soul a true soul master.

Name: Patrick Martin
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:53:00 2003
My deepest sympathies go out to the family upon hearing the news of Edwins Passing,a true genuine hard working performer who will be missed greatly.I remember meeting Edwin in London,a real gentleman theough and through,his music will live on ,melodies such as happy radio and War come to mind.Edwins single War is just as appropriate now as it was in the 70s.We have lost a soul legend.

Name: Allan
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:52:22 2003
It is so sad to hear that Edwin passed away today. He will live on in his music and in our memories for many years to come.

Name: Andrew
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:52:06 2003
Edwin will live on through his music.He'll never die. He can rest in peace now forever with no... WAR.

Name: Luke Cumiskey
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:51:05 2003
May I take this opportunity to pay tribute to a REAL legend, Mr. Edwin Starr. Having heard from my father who once met him, I can confirm that his kind personality will forever shine as brightly as the legacy of his music. This is a sad day for the world of music and those who knew and loved this man. My thoughts are with his friends and family.

Name: Pete Austin
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:50:56 2003
Was only thinking today ... must book tickets for Jazz Cafe 9th May. Can't believe this - one of the best soul voices of all has left us. Edwin - loved your music ... Always a great joy playing your music as a D.J - particularly '25 Miles'... Heaven is a better place now you have found the place - keep singing up there ! Pete Austin - spellbound-ents.com

Name: mick and lisa
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:47:16 2003
Thank you for the music, we miss you

Name: Mike Hunkin
Country: USA
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:45:45 2003
He was a great performer, unlike some other people I only knew him through his music and performances, and he was fantastic. God Bless Edwin, my condolences to your family and friends.

Name: Lisa Turner
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:42:48 2003
SOS on the HAPPY RADIO with 25MILES TO GO before CONTACT of WAR making HEADLINE NEWS!!! JUST MY FAVORITES. Rest in peace AGENT 00 SOUL Condolence to the family

Name: Sally & Kev Lock
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:41:07 2003
We have just heard the sad news and can't believe it! Kev and I have met him a couple of times and I was lucky enough to Dj when he appeared at Tenby Scooter Rally. A really nice guy and brilliant performer he will be missed so much on the scootering and northern soul scene. But always remembered. Sal & Kev xx

Name: jill allsworth
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:40:32 2003
I am so sad to hear that Edwin Starr has passed away. his music has been part of my life since I was 7 years old and fell in love with SOS. I have seen him in concert many times and he was quite simply the best live performer I have ever seen. He leaves behind a of vast amount of music which I am sure will continue to give pleasure to all lovers of good soul music! Thank you Edwin -forever a star - jill

Name: Christine & Melanie Smith
Country: Bournemouth, UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:37:43 2003
We would like to express our deep sorrow at the loss of a magnificent entertainer and a brilliant man. We had the pleasure of being among the audience at a few of Edwin's concerts; he was a magnetic personality, he oozed energy and charisma. He will live in our hearts forever and we'll be dancing to 'Contact' & 'War' for as long as our feet will let us... Hope your in Soul Heaven Edwin! Lots of Love, Christine & Melanie Smith, Bournemouth, UK.

Name: Dave Leedham
Country: England.
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:37:15 2003
The Man Who Lived Up To His Name A Star A Gentleman And A Great Human Being ,Edwin You Will Be Sadly Missed.

Name: jennifer
Country: united states
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:37:15 2003
25 miles is my favourite song of ALL TIME. from what i've read about him today my sadness grows....such a wonderful man bringin' nothing but love and soul, not only on stage, but also to the people. god bless!

Name: Gwen Owens
Country: USA
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:34:07 2003
I was awaken to the most shocking news. Edwin Starr had passed away. I thought, this can't be an April fools joke because this is not funny. Well, It was not a joke. My old friend had died. My condolences to his family and friends. I tried to see him when I was in the UK a couple of weeks ago, but he was in Germany. Life turns on a dime. "Time Will Pass You Right On By". Let your love ones know how you feel about them. Rest In Peace. Love Gwen

Name: Dave
Country: Leicester
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:33:32 2003
R.I.P A sad day indeed. You will be missed but your music will live forever..

Name: julie finch
Country: manchester
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:32:04 2003
i have seen edwin at ruebins in leigh twice i went back stage and met him what a great guy he will be sadly missed it was only last week i asked for a edwin song to be played we love you edwin starr and always will

Name: Stuart Widdall
Country: united kingdom
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:31:49 2003
Sorry to hear about the sad loss for all music fans tonight of the death of Edwin Starr. A truly great performer. Condolances to all his close relatives and friends. I was priviledged to perform with Edwin in December of last year, with the soul band "Stax of Soul" we all mourn this loss. Say hello to Otis for me. Stuart

Name: mike dowson
Country: uk
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:31:30 2003
Thanks for all the music and great times

Name: Carl Dixon
Country: London
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:28:44 2003
This is a tragedy for us all. I feel privileged to have seen him perform his great hits many times. He will be sadly missed by many. His contribution to the music business was outstanding for over 40 years. My thoughts go to Lilian, family and Edwin’s fantastic band ‘The Team’. I am truly sorry and saddened by this loss.

Name: Gilly
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:24:58 2003
I can't believe Edwin's gone! He still had 25 miles to go. Rest in Peace Edwin.

Name: Ron
Country: Telford England
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:24:31 2003
What a sad sad day, the loss of a soul/motown legend a true great. Condolences to your family great man....Rest in Peace

Name: diane shaw
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:17:53 2003
i have just heard the tragic news that edwin starr has passed away. the world will feel the loss of this great man and singer and my heart goes out to his family and friends. he will be greatly missed with deep sorrow diane shaw

Name: Vicky
Country: heywood
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:15:06 2003
you are a gentleman, just the knowing you are there will be missed. One thing is for sure there is a star in heaven tonite. You will always be in my thoughts loads of love. now you are my God father love you Vicky xxxxxxxxxx

Name: Ian Rowland
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:11:10 2003
Very very sad news - yet another one who's left us WAY too soon. You were one of the true greats, man, and you will never be forgotten. Sleep in peace. Respect, Rowly x

Name: curry
Country: USA
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:07:48 2003
condolences to family and friends. i loved his music.

Name: Vicky
Country: Heywood, M/ch
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:05:40 2003
Well, I really dont know what to say! I was only 7 when I met him with my Mum in what was known as a posh hotel in the town of Oldham, all I knew this fella was one of my Mums heros and best friend and she loved him, I had heard how big, kind and gentle he was, and how he sang like a angel with a star shinning around him, he shoke my hand his massive to mine, and spoke nice to me, he even sang, drank a pint if coke then carried me to play slotties. As I grew we kept in touch as my mum and him s

Name: Andy & Julia
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:03:58 2003
We had the honour of meeting you a few years ago after seeing you perform live, you allowed us both backstage to have our photo taken alongside you. We will always treasure those pictures. God bless you.

Name: Chris and Mick McSweeneny
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 22:02:02 2003
We are so sad to hear of Edwins passing.We loved him so much ,he was such a great performer.Even our young daughters of 9 and 12 knew and loved him.We can't believe it.It just won't sink in. He will be well received,just as he was in life.He was LIFE.

Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:57:03 2003
A sad loss to the wonderful world of soul music, you are one of the most soulful guys on the planet. A real gentleman and incredible talent. You will be sadly missed, but with us always in your music - PEACE & LOVE to your family and close friends Dr BOB JONES -2/4/03

Name: ct2000
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:56:48 2003
God Bless - you will be missed

Name: Emma
Country: Newport, South
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:55:23 2003
Had seen Edwin so many times on the scooter rallies over the years and was a great favourite with us all. Will be sadly missed, but not forgotten.

Name: Simone
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:51:58 2003
For many years I have been calling Edwin a "legend", I had the good fortune to meet him many times and loved every song he ever perfomred what a very sad sad day for the music industry and of course his family at the loss of the "LEGEND". Rest in peace, your music will always be with me, Simone

Name: Tony Denton
Country: uk
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:51:07 2003
In the 23 years of running my company i have known Edwin from day one, he was one of the few artists that I started out working with driving him around myself from gig to gig, going back to 1981 We became great friends and shared many a happy or sad moment throughout this time I will forever miss you but always will remember you for your outstanding energy and will to entertain your audience, whether it meant 3 or 3000 people you always gave your all Your music will co

Name: Alan & Janet Worrall
Country: U.K
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:48:24 2003
This great man of soul will be sadly missed but never forgotten. He will live on forever through his great music. Edw

Name: jenni
Country: Preston England
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:45:28 2003
Just heard the sad news of Edwin's death,such a loss. Lucky enough to see him twice last year, in 'Dancing in the Streets' and at a fantastic Soul Night at the Guild hall Preston. i actually got to chat to him, he was such a nice man. He will be missed by many

Name: claire
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:43:01 2003
the 1st time i saw you was at trentam gardens '99. i was at a big crossroads in my life,but your music and the atmophere you created made everything clear. i was lucky enough to meet you and angelo on several occasions, and you both always had time for me. edwin, that huge smile will stay with me always. thankyou for being my true starr!

Name: Nick And Deb
Country: Leicester UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:41:50 2003
RIP Mr Hatcher, a lovely man who could still deliver the goods, and always had time for his fans, Nick, Deb, Big AL, Scott, Hayley and all the Leicester crew

Name: Paul Dawson
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:36:19 2003
The most genuine American I have ever had the pleasure to work with (and be inspired by) he will be sadly missed by us all but his memory and inspiration will endure. Our thoughts are with you Lillian, Angelo and all family and friends.

Name: Danny Tillyer
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:33:38 2003
I've just heard the news and I feel gutted. I've seen him a couple of times, but not for a few years. I was hoping to catch him at one of the rallies this year. You were one of the best man. R.I.P.

Name: Chris & Ann Law
Country: Rotherham
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:32:39 2003
Cant believe this news another ledgend leaves us from a one man show or starring with the ledgends of Motown Tour Edwin always gave 100% a true Starr but always one of us l am proud to say l shook his hand God Bless

Name: Fay&Dennis Jones
Country: manchester,uk
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:26:17 2003
It's a sad day,not just for the music but your friendship. That's what we'll miss most... Fay&Dennis Jones

Name: Neil Harvey
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:25:09 2003
Big Respect to you Edwin....We had some laughs on the road.... Peace.... Harvey (mel & kim, roadcrew 86-90)

Name: Cath Thompson
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:23:15 2003
Our deapest condolances to your family,Music will never be the same without you you were the best Cath Thompson

Name: leanne
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:22:55 2003
I can't believe the sad news, I have seen Edwin perform 6 times and he was amazing each time and such a gentleman, I have been fortunate enough to meet him twice too and he was a very kind hearted man. The one things I remember most about his performances was his rendition of Smokey Robinsons Tracks of my Tears, it made the hair stand up on my neck. You'll be missed Edwin

Name: Dean Martin
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:22:09 2003
Very Sad news such a great loss...Worked with Edwin a few times and Interviewed him on Capital Gold..R.I.P

Name: pete davies
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:20:58 2003
i cannot take in the sad news i have just been given, god bless you Edwin, you will be missed by us all, amen............. pete.

Name: Stuart Hughes
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:15:03 2003
Edwin the ultimate showman will be sadly missed. His three appearances with the Team at the Caribbean Night at Sidmouth were nothing short of ELECTRIC and the memories of those shows will live on forever. Stuart Hughes Chairman Sidmouth Caribbean Night

Name: mike kirwan
Country: ireland
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:14:25 2003
may edwin rest in peace. he was the best, take inspiration.

Name: John Ellery
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:13:56 2003
Went to Edwin's concert about 3 weeks ago at the Brook in Southampton. It was excellent hard to believe todays sad news that Edwin has passed away. Met him a few times as well a real nice genuine person and artist. The World of Soul will miss you. Will keep the songs playing here!

Name: Dave G
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:10:41 2003
Wow - Like everyone else I am completely in shock! Like some of the other comments here I saw him in Liverpool only a few weeks ago and he seemed so vibrant! He gave a stunning show and looked as healthy as ever. He will be sadly missed by all - what a performer. What a man.

Name: Karen & Stuart Seager
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:09:57 2003
Just heard the very sad news, couldn't believe it. We have lost a very talented singer. Boy, could he sing. We have seen Edwin and the team on many occasions, travelling to a number of places to hear him belt out those classics. We'll treasure those memories forever. Rest in peace Edwin.

Name: dave porter
Country: england
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:06:14 2003
EDWIN god rest your soul, you will be missed badly, you done a lot for the scootering scene in the UK, i had the great honour of djing for him loads of times, and what a great person he was. I know i speak for everyone on the scooter scene....he will be missed, and his music will go on forever......

Name: Julie Muir
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 21:00:41 2003
I feel so sad - I travelled to Liverpool to see him a few weeks ago - one of the best concerts ever. He always gave so much of himself, and worked so hard for his audience. I will miss you.

Name: Emma Price
Country: uk
Date: Wed Apr 2 20:57:55 2003
We saw Edwin at Tenby almost 2 years ago and enjoyed his brilliant show,he will be sadly missed by all in the scootering world.Rest in Peace

Name: Ange
Country: Uk
Date: Wed Apr 2 20:56:48 2003
Im Sitting here Playing Edwin Tracks and Am Numb With Shock I trawaled Every page i could find in hope this was a late April Fool (a sick one ) Even called Barry Wright Hoping against hope hed tell me was another Urban Myth now Ive read ceefax and website i cant express how i feel, Edwin may you rest in Peace and Your Star will ALWAYS Shine

Name: Tracie Mitchell
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 20:51:47 2003
We have just read the news about Edwin and wanted to put our feelings down for the record. We saw Edwin at Butlins Skegness only 2 weeks ago and had a brilliant time as we have had many times before watching this superstar in action. We are very sad to realise the life of this wonderful artist has been cut short and would like to express our condolences to all who knew and loved him. From Tracie, Simon, Claire, Matthew, Niamh and Lee

Name: Anne Bushell
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 20:46:53 2003
Can't think of anything to say, I'm sat here crying my eyes out cos I just heard the news, and I'm absolutely gutted. This man was the best singer around, boy could he belt them out. I'm lucky enough to have seen him in concert in January last year, and I will never forget that as long as I live. Thank you Edwin for the music, you truly were the best. God bless. My commiserations to his family.

Name: Sean Dale
Country: Nottingham UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 20:27:58 2003
A Very Sad Day - Edwin Will Be Missed but is His Music will Live On - One Of Motown's Best acts. God Bless You

Name: FAY
Country: uk
Date: Wed Apr 2 20:13:33 2003
God Bless you Darling cant say how much I will miss you. I will Love You always my best friend here in my heart forever. Fay

Name: Jason
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 20:13:27 2003
A very sad day...Rest In Peace. You will always live on, on my turntable and in my heart.

Name: MP3Z2CD
Country: UK
Date: Wed Apr 2 20:07:03 2003
Passed Edwin's house twice today on my travels, I never gave a glance........ I should've done..... In the words of one song, Oh how happy you have made me............. Graham. 3rd April 2003

Name: Andy Jackson
Country: England
Date: Wed Apr 2 19:55:39 2003

Name: Colin Evans
Country: UK - Lincoln
Date: Wed Apr 2 19:50:34 2003
A true gentleman that will be missed by many. May he rest in peace and his music live on.

Name: Ritchie Hardin
Country: United Kingdom
Date: Wed Apr 2 19:22:28 2003
Edwin RIP and thank you. Your records SOS and Headline News first got me into the music. We'll miss you so much.

Name: Steve Smith
Country: Wales
Date: Wed Apr 2 19:14:23 2003
It has just been announced that Edwin has died. This great performer will be missed.

Earlier messages, prior to Edwin's death

Name: Bruce McKellar
Country: USA
Date: Tue Apr 1 22:59:29 2003
Hi Edwin: It's a rare performer who records a timeless piece --but your "WAR" is exactly that. For us who have seen so mucg since the 50's & 60's, thank you! Bruce McKellar

Name: thesoulsurvivor
Country: uk
Date: Wed Mar 26 01:06:25 2003
Great site, great info for a really great soul ledgend. JT

Name: anthony santiago
Country: united states
Date: Mon Mar 24 20:51:20 2003
please send me the song "war" i need it for school:)

Name: Anita
Country: UK
Date: Fri Mar 21 17:44:31 2003
Hi Edwin, Do you remember when you performed at the Mersey View in Frodsham, Cheshire. Well, every time i knew you were there, i never missed your gig. Top Man. Best entertaining artist i have ever seen and they were great nights to remember. The Mersey View club will be closing shortly, which is a great shame, as it's always been part of Frodshams history. By the way, i like your dogs and one has the same name as my dog (Sonny). You take care of yourself and keep up the good work.

Name: Jacky
Country: UK
Date:: Wed Mar 19 20:24:26 2003
An excellent website!

Name: Rob
Country: u.k
Date:: Sun Mar 16 14:27:34 2003
fisrt met Edwin at stoke all nighter when he did a set without "The Team" then at the Robin 2 then the Regis Hall in 2002 what a true gentleman am looking forward to his kings hall return on 20/9/03 see you there big guy "the ultimate SOUL MASTER" Rob West Midlands

Date:: Thu Mar 13 13:55:05 2003
I first saw Edwin when I was 14, I'm now 25 and still can't get enough. I've had the pleasure to meet him on a few occasions & have never met a frendlier fellar. - Keep on Rocking big guy!!! Name: phil taylor
Country: usa
Date:: Thu Mar 6 04:35:28 2003
hey edwin its phil from the appollos and eric &the vikings we got some new stuff get in touch

Name: ROY B.
Country: ENGLAND
Date:: Sun Feb 23 13:32:50 2003
Great gig at Beeston on the 14th.The Mainman and the Team were brilliant.Great night,great music.A big shout to all involved,keep the faith,cheers,Roy B. faith,cheers,

Name: Richard Galvin
Country: England
Date:: Sat Feb 22 09:37:48 2003
Edwin - love the blues thing you're doing in the show at the moment. After the success of the live cd, why not a live video/dvd - you look great, the band look great, the sound goes without saying. It would be fabulous to watch.Edwin my friend - I have faith in you baby! Richie g

Name: Frank Elson
Country: UK
Date:: Thu Feb 20 23:06:51 2003
Hi Edwin, I've not been around for some years due to illness... but 'you da man'. I'm looking forward to seeing you perform again. You are what being alive is all about!!!

Name: mick jones
Country: england
Date:: Wed Feb 19 10:01:54 2003
what can i say, edwin starr, the surname, says it all. fantastic, mick jones

Name: scott,
Country: scotland, uk
Date:: Thu Feb 13 14:00:56 2003
good luck in the future to Agent OO Soul !! The best soul man around today, Hope I make Eye to Eye contact with you again real soon, here in Glasgow, Scott, Sam Cooke fan !!

Name: Vicky
Country: uk Oldham
Date:: Mon Jan 27 23:02:04 2003
happy birthday uncle E loves ya loads from Vicky, Mark Kyle and Ethen